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President Trump has once again worked his magic, pulling yet another rabbit out of his MAGA hat. This time, he’s scored a massive W for the Republican National Convention with a speaker selection that has left-wing eyebrows going up and jaws hitting the floor. Trump revealed on Truth Social that the President of the Teamsters Union has agreed to speak at the RNC—a feat no other Republican nominee has accomplished. This landmark move further cements Trump’s reputation as the quintessential leader of the working man.

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Who can forget the time Joe Biden got downright nasty with a Michigan autoworker?

It’s logical why the Teamsters president is stepping up to the plate and speaking at the RNC. He’s tuned into his members, and they’re chanting for President Trump.

And it’s not just Teamsters; it’s a lot of union guys who are crying out for Trump’s leadership.


“Scranton Joe” loves Hollywood’s Elite. Another fundraiser in California. Illegals flood every city, but what does Biden know about how bad it is? He’s totally out of touch.

🔥Steamfitters Local 638 Union members love Trump!

“Most guys support Trump because he does the right thing. He puts America First. The illegals coming in, these are the guys taking our jobs for $10 an hour – cash. They’re not putting it back into the system – we are. People are tired of paying for high gas prices, the foods out the roof, the interest rates are so high people can’t afford to buy a house!

🔥“Everyone has Trump stickers on their hats. They see Trump as a passionate president for the country. It’s undeniable how much he cares about the country – it’s not even a question.”

These union workers understand that another failed term under Biden, bogged down by Marxist green policies, could send them all to the poor house. On the flip side, President Trump is all about boosting business and paving the way for all Americans to grow and prosper. The choice in November should be a no-brainer.

The New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump boasted Friday that Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien has accepted his invitation to speak at next month’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

It’s a big get for Trump, who is edging ahead of President Biden in polling with groups that have traditionally backed Democrats for decades, including union members.

One survey this year found Biden and Trump tied at 47% among union members in the six closest swing states Biden won in 2020, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It’s worth noting that Sean O’Brien hasn’t thrown his support behind Biden for president; he has refused to endorse him, which really stings for the Democrats. But this could be a massive win for Trump, who’s all about pulling the Republican Party further into “working man” territory. With the International Brotherhood of Teamsters boasting over 1.3 million members and ranking as one of the world’s largest unions, Trump swaying these union members could mean Biden’s goose will be cooked way sooner than many of us hope.

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The top negotiator in the business is at it again. Trump is masterfully crafting the art of the deal on a grand scale.