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President Trump has truly found his groove as the “People’s President.” His 2016 policies already cemented his reputation as the working man’s leader, but he’s since built on that anti-globalist agenda. Now, he’s firmly established himself as the blue-collar president, tirelessly working for the middle class to steer this country back on track after the disastrous economic failures of both Obama and Biden. Biden’s economy is an epic failure, with inflation soaring and wages flatlining. One of his biggest blunders, aside from simply not knowing what he’s doing, is trying to convince struggling Americans—those who were thriving under President Trump—that this is the greatest economy ever, and we’re just too “stupid” to realize it.

That lie was just a bit too hard for Americans to swallow, and they turned their gaze back to four years ago, when President Trump had his economy running like a fine-oiled machine. They want more of that, which is why Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise.

But it’s not just Biden spreading this economic hogwash. His filthy rich surrogates in Hollywood are also telling struggling Americans how blessed they are.

Post Millenial: 

Actor John Leguizamo took aim at Latinos who support Donald Trump over Joe Biden in a recent interview, suggesting those who side with the former president just don’t understand how great his successor has been for the economy.

During the interview with Salon, Leguizamo also blamed Democrats for failing to do enough to win over the Latino vote, and warned that unless they step up, American democracy “is in grave danger.”

When asked why Trump was polling better with Latinos than Biden, Leguizamo said it was because “they’re blaming [Biden] for the economy, which they shouldn’t be because COVID was the culprit and Trump not handling COVID was the culprit in damaging our economy.”

He went on to suggest that “our economy is doing great,” placing the blame on inflation for “messing up everybody’s paycheck.” He did not, however, explain what caused that inflation in the first place.

It’s no wonder Biden’s economic policies are faltering. He’s surrounded himself with some truly clueless people.

Even Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, recognizes that Biden’s economy and policies are toast, and President Trump has got what it takes, and that’s why so many American voters support him.

And President Trump’s latest policy move has just flipped more voters—he just announced it. Expect a landslide of voters, especially in hospitality-based cities like Las Vegas, to change their minds when they hear that Trump wants to end the tax on tips. Folks in the food industry will be dancing on the salad bars over this one.

Folks are already eager to change their vote and get Trump—the job creator—back in the White House.

The restaurant industry in the US is struggling under the inept, half-asleep watch of Joe Biden. Any news that brings relief to these folks is warmly welcomed.

Zero Hedge:

You can get a really good idea how the U.S. economy is doing by watching restaurants in your area.  When the economy is booming, restaurant parking lots are full and chains are feverishly establishing new locations.  But when the economy is struggling, restaurants get a lot less traffic and poor performing locations get shut down.  Sadly, in 2024 it appears that a “restaurant apocalypse” has started to sweep across America.  Most people have very little discretionary income to spend as a result of our cost of living crisis, and that is particularly true for our young adults.  Americans under the age of 40 love to eat out, but these days most of them are experiencing financial stress, and this is having an enormous impact on the restaurant industry.

In 2023, visits to sit-down restaurants dropped by about five percent compared to 2022…

Americans are eating out less as inflation weakens the dollars in their pocket, which is leading to some harsh consequences for restaurants across the country.

Visits to sit-down restaurants were down nearly five percent in 2023 from the year prior, according to location analytics firm
So this is a trend that has stretched on for over a year.

People just aren’t eating out as much as they once did.

As a result, we are seeing a wave of closures all over the country.  Even in the Big Apple, large numbers of restaurants are being shut down…

Even big metropolitan areas in the US known for their great dining spots are struggling to maintain an environment where it’s profitable to run a restaurant.

Eater NY reported that over 40 bars and restaurants closed in New York City from December 2023 to January 2024, with some of the owners saying business simply never picked up after the COVID lockdowns in 2020.

When times get tough, difficult decisions need to be made.

This was a brilliant and strategic move that will help a lot of struggling Americans dig out of the godforsaken economic hellhole Joe Biden has created.