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There’s a lot of buzz online about potential “false flags” on the horizon. It’s not surprising, really, given that it’s an election year and the regime is probably eager to unleash every tactic under the sun to disrupt the 2024 election. Among the strategies likely in play, “false flags” are expected to justify the barrage of wild propaganda the regime and their media goons are throwing out there. What many don’t realize, however, is that the foundation of this false flag, or basically any anti-Trump strategy, is a little something known as stochastic terrorism. This tactic remains one of the primary weapons the regime uses against Trump and his allies, and they’re ramping it up once again, full-force.

Ironically, we covered this issue last year. We were dialed into what the regime was up to and how they were grooming “stochastic terrorism” as their new go-to “catchphrase” in order to label everything and everyone in the Trump universe as a potential terror threat. According to the regime and their media flunkies, our daily political debates aren’t about fact-finding or exchanging ideas; they claim we’re just trying to fan the flames of hate and violence. That’s part of the “stochastic terrorism” contrived pretext that’s weaved throughout so many of their attacks.


Basically, “stochastic terrorism” is the idea that, when somebody on the right criticizes somebody, they aren’t really just making a political argument. Instead, they are trying to “stoke hatred” in the expectation that some random third party will be “radicalized” and then commit political violence on their behalf.

In the modern sense of the phrase, “stochastic terrorism” was first coined by a left-wing blogger in 2011, who used it to describe the nefarious terrorist activities of, er, Sean Hannity:

Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communications to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.  In short, remote-control murder by lone wolf.

This is what occurs when Bin Laden releases a video that stirs random extremists halfway around the globe to commit a bombing or shooting.

This is also the term for what Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, and others do.


The stochastic terrorist is the person who is responsible for the incitement.  For example they go on radio or television and stir up hatred toward a particular person or group.

The random actor, or “lone wolf” as the term is used in law enforcement and intel, is the person who responds to the incitement by carrying out the violent or terrorist act against the target person or group.  For example they shoot someone or detonate a bomb.  While their action may have been statistically predictable (e.g. “given sufficient provocation, someone will probably do such-and-such”), the specific person and the specific act are not yet predictable.

But “stochastic terror” really took off as a favored term with the arrival of Donald Trump and the concomitant conclusion on the left that America was becoming a fascist dystopian hate-hellscape.

A year later, that Revolver piece is even more important because the left has perfected their use of “stochastic terrorism” as an art form. It’s crucial to look back and understand exactly where this started and how it escalated to this level, and it can play a role in everything from possible false flags to gag orders. You can read the full article below:

Behold, the Regime Unveils Its New Catchphrase for All Political Dissent: “Stochastic Terrorism”

Currently, the left’s lawfare agenda against President Trump is speeding straight down Stochastic Terrorism Lane. They’re using this time-tested plot to silence Trump with yet another unconstitutional gag order, courtesy of Jack Smith and his regime cronies. This time, they want to silence him from discussing anything about Smith’s sham “classified docs” case.


Donald Trump’s defense attorney vehemently pushed back against special counsel Jack Smith’s request for a gag order on Monday, telling the judge in the classified documents case that it could be used against Trump during this week’s presidential debate.

If the judge granted the special counsel’s request and Trump said something during the debate that appeared to violate the order, prosecutors “can get an arrest warrant and, if signed, they can arrest him,” Trump defense lawyer Todd Blanche warned during a court hearing.

Smith’s team has asked Judge Aileen Cannon to order Trump to stop falsely claiming that the FBI was authorized to assassinate him and his family when agents searched his Mar-a-Lago estate in 2022. The prosecutors want Cannon to impose the restriction on Trump’s speech through a change to his conditions of pretrial release in the documents case — meaning that if he violated the restriction, he could be sent to jail.

With Smith observing in the courtroom, his deputies said Monday that Trump’s false comments about the search could endanger law enforcement officials.

Cannon, a Trump appointee, appeared skeptical of the prosecution’s position and asked for examples of how Trump’s speech directly led to threats. She asked both sides to submit additional documentation by Wednesday.

During one tense exchange, Cannon reprimanded prosecutor David Harbach when he told her that he hadn’t been able to finish his points because of her questions. She snapped at him that one of the other prosecutors should take his place if he didn’t adjust his tone.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly is on top of what’s happening. She’s pinpointed the regime’s latest bid to silence Trump and the very real possibility that they’ll deploy a “false flag” to justify the supposed “danger” they claim Trump’s words could incite. She even suggests that folks “bookmark” her tweet, predicting it will soon be prophetic.

Julie Kelly:

So my notes from today’s afternoon hearing on Jack Smith’s proposed gag order making Donald Trump’s comments that allegedly pose a “significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger” to law enforcement in the case an arrestable offense.

David Harbach, one of Smith’s lead prosecutors, told Judge Cannon that any inquiry into how such an order would violate Trump’s 1A rights wasn’t necessary.

Cannon: So no need to conduct a 1A analysis?

Harbach: Yes your honor.

Harbach said any 1A test is “outside the scope of our concerns.”

Harbach claimed Trump has a history of inciting threats against those involved in the prosecutions against him. “We are not operating off a blank slate or
a vacuum.”

He pointed to gag orders in DC and NY as evidence.

Harbach also alleged that Trump has a “call and response phenomenon” with his supporters.

Meaning Trump posts things on Truth Social and allegedly his “supporters” act accordingly. Keep in mind, DOJ has 2 examples of this–a J6er who “attacked” the Cincinnati FBI field office a few days after MAL raid in August 2022 and some whacko who recently made threatening calls to an FBI agent in Hunter Biden case.

Harbach said Trump possesses a “peculiarly potent tool” in his Truth Social posts.

He is “aware” of his potency and he “brags” about it.

This unaccountable prosecutor went on to explain how he thinks the former president and GOP nominee for 2024 president should use his social media account.

Harbach: You want to say how unfair the MAL raid was? “Knock yourself out.” But it is “over the line” for Trump to use his TS account to promote “false lies” about the FBI coming “to do violence against him and his family.”

“That is out of bounds and should not be tolerated” says unelected unaccountable David Harbach.

Even more telling. Harbach urged Cannon to do something proactively “before something terrible happens.”

Bookmark this.

Many understandably believe the regime has something up their sleeve, knowing they must prove to the world their claims of stochastic terrorism are real.

Julie continues her coverage of the hearing, detailing how Smith’s desperate team became so unhinged that they ended up getting thrown out of court. The desperation is real; no dramatic or harebrained scheme can be taken off the table.

Julie Kelly:

From FLA courthouse: Gag order hearing just ended. Will have details shortly.

Overall, the bad behavior by Jack Smith’s team continues. David Harbach, one of the lead prosecutors, almost got himself tossed out of court this afternoon.

After several minutes of Harbach’s condescending tone–uptalking and slowly speaking as if he were addressing a child–Judge Cannon had had enough.

Cannon: “Mr. Harbach, I don’t appreciate your tone. I expect decorum in my courtroom at all times. If you cannot [act appropriately], one of your colleagues can.”

{Keep in mind there are no electronic devices allowed so I must rely on my scribbled notes but this is very close to what was said.)

He only got marginally better. At the end of his exchange with Cannon, he apologized to her. “I didn’t mean to be unprofessional.”

Ah but he did. He is not just demeaning to her, it’s almost like he’s tempting her to excuse him from the proceedings.

Keep in mind, during the last hearing, Cannon had to ask Harbach to “just calm down” as he was pounding on the podium and have a temper tantrum.

Aren’t you all so glad we are paying these clowns?

The key takeaway from our piece last year on stochastic terrorism is that this tactic extends far beyond gag orders or media “Hitler” references. It’s employed in various forms, even against very legit allegations of election fraud. After all, what better way to silence dissent and quash outrage over questionable “banana republic” elections than by implementing this sophisticated silencing technique? This is not just some random theory—it’s actually happening right now in Virginia, and it’s been used to keep millions of Americans quiet about the 2020 election.

Mario Nawfal:


Poll watchers in Lynchburg, VA, released proof of fraud in Tuesday’s election. They were blocked from observing mail-in ballot processing, found ballot box seals broken, and ballots counted without oversight.

“Election staff confirmed that it had been standard practice to allow the ballot drop box to be stuffed until Friday, which violates Virginia law.”

They also tried to silence the observers at the Friday Election Board Emergency Meeting by telling them not to discuss the events with the media.

“Staff also stated the drop box was emptied Friday morning, but did not produce records documenting access to the drop box until nearly an hour after our observer requested receipts. It is still unclear how many ballots were collected from the drop box, and we may never know how many were stuffed in the drop box after the polls closed.”

Here’s a closeup of the images Mario shared:

The upcoming election could really shake things up, and the deep state might lose its tight grip on power. This has the regime diving into some seriously murky waters. Anything’s possible now. The best thing we can do is to stay sharp, see their schemes for what they are, and understand their playbook. Knowing how they throw around stochastic terrorism as a weapon helps us guess their next moves and call them out early. This isn’t just about being ready; it’s about breaking down their strategies. By staying one step ahead, we might not just soften the blow of any planned false flags—we could even stop them cold.


Understanding how your enemy works is half the battle.