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Americans see Joe Biden’s incredible cognitive decline, which now seems to be accelerating at warp speed, and they understandably suspect the Dems are scheming behind the scenes to replace him. People think that’s why they’re not panicking over his horrendous polling numbers; the truth is, they actually are panicking. But we get it; it makes sense why clear-headed folks would think this way. But for the Democrats, it’s not quite that simple. Our system isn’t designed for easy candidate swaps, even if he’s got mush for brains. Joe Biden, as flawed as he is, has his claws sunk deep into the Democratic Party, and sidelining him now, especially post-primary, is a monumental task.

Even so, well-informed voices believe Joe will be ousted at the convention. They can’t fathom the Democrats sticking with this bewildered zombie. We understand their reasoning. Take Eric Matheny, a lawyer and popular podcaster, who, after seeing a recent damning clip of Biden at the G7, expressed his astonishment—again, we agree—that it’s shocking that anyone would consider running this man for dogcatcher, let alone president of the most powerful country in the world. Eric’s right—the footage of a visibly confused Biden, treated like a frail old granddad by those around him, is shocking. But is it enough to push him out? Revolver has delved deep into this theory, and the answer is likely not.

Trust us, we’ve examined every angle of the “Biden-be-gone” theory, and unless Joe is coerced, threatened, or personally concludes it’s time to step down, he’s likely staying put. According to all indications, he has no intention of leaving voluntarily—just consider what his wife recently said. While her husband aimlessly wanders in circles, she’s portraying Joe as the wise elder statesman.

Is Jill Biden smoking crack with Hunter now?

Revolver took a deep dive into the Dems biggest problem, Joe Biden, and determined that, with all things considered, the powers that be behind the scenes missed their opportunity to “replace” Joe Biden and are basically stuck with him now.


It’s taken almost as a given. Sure, Joe Biden might be clueless, senile, gruesomely unpopular, and at death’s door. Sure, he might be way down in the polls against Donald Trump, trailing like he never did at any point in 2020. Sure, his presidency might look doomed. But Americans can’t really look forward to Biden’s well-earned defeat in a 2024 rematch with Trump for one simple reason: because they won’t let him actually be the Democrat nominee come November.

“They?” Yes, They.

You know, the cabal that lurks behind the Democratic Party, setting its agenda and coordinating all its acts to give the superficial appearance of popular democracy when in fact a tiny elite is very much in control. Those people.

Podcaster Joe Rogan said what millions of ordinary Americans were quietly thinking two weeks ago when he predicted an imminent switcheroo in favor of Gavin Newsom.

There’s no fewer than four “they”s in that minute-long clip. “They” will remove Biden, and “they” will install Gavin Newsom in his place.

On the night of Super Tuesday, Vivek Ramaswamy (a Revolver favorite) argued that “they” are preparing to shove Biden aside after tricking Republicans into fixating on Biden’s particular failures instead of offering an agenda independent of Biden:

It all sounds so easy, but it’s not. Our Revolver piece goes on:

It’s all a tempting thing to believe, not because it’s an attractive prospect in its own right but because it would at least suggest the world makes sense. After all, how could a serious nation be led by an octogenarian with such a manifestly degraded mental condition as to be deemed, like a child, to be cognitively incapable of criminal responsibility? The lamentable truth of it all, of course, is that we are not a serious nation. But wouldn’t a joke nation such as ours, precisely because it has become a joke, at least want a serious-looking figurehead? There is indeed something uncomfortably and improbably honest about the flagrant consonance between the inner and outer appearance of our corroded body politic.

At any rate, the implicit expectation of those cited above is that “they”—that  is, the establishment—will simply get rid of Biden. On a surface level, it would appear that the system has not only the motive but also the means. Recall the remarkable swiftness and efficiency with which the Democrat machine effected a consolidation around Joe Biden in the 2020 Democrat primary. Biden, a two-time failed candidate, took 4th in Iowa and a humiliating 5th in New Hampshire. In Nevada, he finished second but also lost to Bernie Sanders by more than 20 points. But suddenly, after a win in South Carolina, everything almost magically fell into place. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out abruptly and endorsed Biden; the party establishment rallied to him, and suddenly Biden was the overwhelming favorite who proceeded to crush Sanders for the nomination.

In 2020, “they”—Democrat  movers and shakers, operating behind the scenes—anointed Biden. So surely, “they” could do it again, right?

Not so fast. The forces that were able to manipulate the Democratic Party so effectively four years ago have lost their edge in 2024, and whatever hope the party had of replacing Biden has actually been squandered through sheer cowardice and inaction. Simply put, the Democrats have sleepwalked into a disastrous position in which they can’t live with Biden and can’t get rid of him—at least unless he dies or voluntarily steps aside. Otherwise, the regime is stuck with the Old Man.

All jokes about “they” aside, who actually is the “they” that people imagine removing Biden? Some imagine an omniscient but invisible force guiding all of politics, but the truth is more mundane: Politics really is a world where many different interest groups battle it out for influence. Sometimes it’s public, sometimes it’s private, but almost always it’s messy. Sometimes, savvy billionaires can call the shots. More often, they find ways to embarrass themselves and squander a lot of money. Michael Bloomberg blew $500 million to buy Kirk Douglas’s last words and win 51 delegates.

So if Joe Biden is going to be yanked off the ballot in favor of somebody else, some person or some group of anti-Trump political influencers needs to make it happen. Let Revolver succinctly lay out some options, both real and fanciful

We go on to outline a variety of scenarios that could unfold, along with some that probably won’t. You can read the entire insightful piece below:

The Left Has to Replace Biden. Here’s Why They Can’t.

The bottom line is that Joe, despite his wandering, blunders, and confusion, is likely staying put. The last thing the Dems want is a chaotic political brawl at the convention, yanking the old timer out to replace him with someone like Newsom, who hasn’t been prepped. Dems need considerable time and effort to align their media allies to promote a new narrative, and that’s not something they can whip up at the at the last minute. Not to mention the infighting and bickering a convention coup would ignite. So, we’re holding firm to our prediction: unless Joe opts out, he will be the 2024 nominee, befuddled brains and all.