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America has witnessed many dark moments in her history, and, sadly, we’ve just added another. A politically motivated kangaroo court recently sprang into action and convicted a former president, who is also the popular front-runner for 2024, of a felony in one of the most egregious sham trials ever. The uniparty got exactly what they wanted—a “conviction” of Trump. Now, they can spend the next several months parroting this phrase around the clock:

Ironically, the only president who truly cared for the American people and worked for free is now branded a “felon.” Meanwhile, the corrupt career politicians who have ravaged this country, decimated the middle class, and obliterated our traditions roam free, without a care in the world.

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Sadly, in the US, you don’t even have to guess or wonder about the extent of our corruption; it’s paraded right in front of us by shameless crooks. And to make matters worse, it’s like an archaeological dig, with more corruption unearthed every day. This latest revelation is a real doozy, especially following the sham “conviction” of President Trump. Once again, this latest episode of campaign corruption is courtesy of the Biden Boys—Joe and Hunter, the two-man wrecking crew who have steamrolled over the American people, reducing us to dust to line their own pockets.

This latest incident goes all the way back to the 1990s, a real heyday for Biden’s corruption schemes, involving layers of crimes with MBNA, one of Biden’s biggest campaign contributors at the time. The dog-and-pony show between Biden and MBNA is one for the record books—a true example of what actual crime and corruption look like. And, of course, nothing happened to Joe or Hunter, and they were free to keep scheming from the American people for decades to come.


Want to see some actual crime and corruption? This is what true campaign finance malfeasance looks like.

In the 90’s MBNA was Biden’s biggest campaign contributor. In addition, executives would send memos out “encouraging” employees to donate to Biden. The company hired Hunter Biden and continued paying him even AFTER HE LEFT the company. An MBNA executive bought Biden’s house for full asking price and then MBNA reimbursed that executive for a portion of the purchase price. It’s all true.

In return Biden would go on the Senate floor and fight for the rights of the credit card companies over the rights of the American people. This is what our politicians get away with.

Watch the video:

This isn’t shocking to anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to Joe Biden’s lengthy history of crime and politics. He’s always been known as one of the dumbest politicians in DC, but also one of the biggest opportunists. When you consider the entire picture, it all makes sense. Who’s a better puppet “president” than the guy with so many skeletons in his closet he could build a bone army? Biden is protected because he is a product of the Swamp, used repeatedly to achieve goals and defeat political enemies. When he’s no longer useful, he’ll be discarded. His days are numbered, but this sham “conviction” against Trump may have just bought him some time, but not much.