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Every once in a while, you listen to someone, and what comes out of their mouth is so raw and real, it makes you wonder if they meant to say it. That’s exactly what many people are saying about comedian Louis C.K. after his recent chat with Joe Rogan about Biden’s devastating border invasion. It was one of those candid moments where he let the beans spill all over the floor, revealing, firstly, that this invasion was planned. He then went on to discuss why the left is determined to see America overrun with uneducated, low-skilled, and often-times criminal illegals.

As Louis C.K. pointed out, he believes it’s simply not “fair” that the US is so much better than everyone else. According to what he expressed, the leftist mindset is that we need to be brought down a few pegs, and the quickest way to do that is by importing low-IQ, low-skilled filth into the country. This isn’t how you create “fairness.” It’s how you topple an entire country from within. And the fact of the matter is, the left knows this and is more than okay with it. Just look at what the left is doing with their twisted and dangerous DEI agenda that promotes people based on charity, not excellence. We’re dumbing down the US at a rate that’s mind-blowing, and it will take decades to recover from this.

The left wants to turn the US into a third-world country, all to satisfy some misguided elite white guilt and even out the playing field.

Will Tanner:

Reminder that the goal of mass migration isn’t “equity” or “justice” or whatever else the people promoting it claim

Rather, it’s about destroying the countries to which the migrants are heading, dragging them down to the level of the rest of the world

Here’s Louis CK admitting as much to Joe Rogan, saying that’s it’s not “fair” that America is so much better off than the rest of the world, so it needs to be destroyed and brought to the same low level as the Third World

This is very revealing, and yes, while they want votes to secure power, in reality, they have even bigger plans. What they’re doing is based on history—just look at what happened to Rome.

The American Tribune:

Ever since Reagan gave amnesty to about three million illegal immigrants, undoing the deterrence posture created by Eisenhower’s massive deportation operation, America has suffered under the weight of an increasingly onerous illegal immigration problem. Even as advances in robotics make unskilled field and factory labor less and less needed, millions upon millions more unskilled, illegal laborers pour into the country. Some presidents, such as Trump, attempt to stop them. Others, like Biden, leave the gate wide open. These illegal immigrants cost the public coffers titanic sums each year, bring crime and third-world horror shows with them, and there are tens of millions of them.

Meanwhile, Americans refuse to procreate. Whether because they’re depressed, something is in the water, it’s just too expensive, or some combination thereof, fertility is falling like a rock and is now well below replacement level. Some groups, such as religious conservatives, are at least close to replacing themselves. But, amongst the petty bourgeoise class, or the college-educated functionary class (think middle managers), fertility is extremely low and somehow getting even lower.

To where will that lead? Unfortunately, probably not a Black Death-like Renaissance created by once overly expensive land becoming cheaper after the population starts to fall; the tidal wave of illegal immigration precludes that. Rather, we have to look forward to experiencing what Rome experienced: foreigners overtaking the “management” class as it fades from existence thanks to low fertility.

Rome had an immigration problem too, and it took them down well before the Gothic mass migration arrived. The American Tribune piece goes on:

Rome’s immigration problem, or at least a general impression of it, is well known. From Marcus Aurelius to the fall of Rome itself, vast hordes of barbarians from beyond the Rhine and Danube poured across the border. They caused the Crisis of the Third Century, composed the horde that weakened the Western Roman Empire for good at Adrianople, and sacked Rome and deposed the last Western Roman Emperor in the late 400s. As Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while remarking on the cost of illegal immigration to Rome in 2021, put it, “When the Roman Empire fell, it was largely as a result of uncontrolled immigration. The empire could no longer control its borders, people came in from the east, all over the place, and we went into a Dark Ages.”

But there’s more to it than just mass migration and “refugees” causing chaos and, eventually, the collapse of a once-omnipotent civilization. The other, related problem, one that was probably more disastrous in the end, is that Rome’s equites class had a miserable fertility rate that nothing could correct, and so that class, one that once composed the officer corps of the legions, gradually withered away and was replaced by freed slaves, men who no longer had the talent or inclination for leading the legions into battle and instead administered the empire corruptly.

We see these examples of “dumbing down” and DEI everywhere. Actually, we recently published an article on how Google Maps allegedly doesn’t want a “scenic route” feature for fear that it would divert people away from poor communities.


The push for DEI has reached the peak of absurdity and danger, folks. We’re now risking life and limb to prove to some phantom source that we’re not racist by trekking through dangerous neighborhoods. Mr. and Mrs. Jones from the suburbs are now tiptoeing down the mean streets of urban America, dodging bullets and beatdowns just to avoid offending “low-income” communities. The hubbub started when Kasey Klimes, a senior UX researcher for Google Maps from 2017 to 2021, wrote a thread on X suggesting it’s racist to offer a “scenic route” option because it would route traffic away from low-income areas, who somehow depend on foot or car traffic from random suburbanites in order to thrive.

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So, essentially, Google Maps would rather have you risk your life trekking through ugly, depressing, and dangerous ‘hoods than allow you to travel through beautiful, safe areas, because of “racism” or something like that. What it boils down to is the dumbing-down of America. Instead of building people up and lifting them out of despair, we’re now expected to jump in with them and normalize the pain and suffering. This is how you topple a country from within, and Democrats know it.

The full piece from the American Tribune is here.