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Well, it looks like Jordan Peterson has finally cracked the code on “wokeness.” Based on his research, we now have insight into the type of person who easily succumbs to this twisted and warped way of thinking.

The truth is, leftist tactics are pretty slick—they love to play word games. They throw around phrases like “Across state lines,” “My Body, My Choice,” and “No Human is Illegal” that all sound really good but are just verbal tricks designed to pull the wool over your eyes. These clever catchphrases easily snag folks who don’t dig deeper into what they’re actually hearing. See, the richer and more vast your vocabulary, the better you can sort through smokescreens and propaganda and recognize when words are being twisted to fool you. For example, slogans like “silence is violence” and “words are violence” try to stretch the meaning of actual “violence” to include just about anything, including what you say or don’t say. But here’s the thing: folks who really get the true meaning of words won’t fall for this trick. They know violence involves physical force, not just speaking up or keeping quiet. So, these catchphrases, which try to make everyday actions seem dangerous, just don’t stick with people who understand how language is being manipulated. But many do fall for it, and that’s why this obsession with reshaping language to suit their agenda is a common strategy on the left.

Wokeness breaks everything down into simple terms of good or bad—blacks = good, whites = bad; men = bad, women = good; and anything like patriarchy or racism = super duper bad. This simplicity only works for people who lack verbal smarts. These low-IQ, often criminal-minded people can only understand simple slogans and mental models, and the communist left is all too happy to supply them.

This leads to two additional problems. First, there’s confirmation bias, which is living in your own personal echo chamber. It means you ignore any facts or opinions that challenge your beliefs and only pay attention to those that support what you already think. Second, there’s a kind of fear, or cowardice, involved. It’s the fear of facing anything that might truly challenge or threaten your views. So, instead of confronting or considering different perspectives, people shut down and stick to their comfort zones.

Another trick the left uses to control the story is by throwing together confusing word salads. Take the gender confusion debate—it’s just a tangled mess of words that skirts around actual science and refuses to take any real responsibility. A person of modest intelligence simply doesn’t have the brainpower to discern that these word salads have no real meaning; they are easily bamboozled. The left-wing thought leaders are word artists who spin their words in the worst possible way, which ultimately hampers the ability of many of the simpler leftists to think clearly and critically.

This is where Jordan Peterson’s research comes into play. Peterson says his research into “wokeness” found that the biggest indicator is low verbal intelligence. After that, it’s being female or having a feminine personality, and finally, taking at least one woke college course.

So, basically, wokeness is for a combination of dummies and those led by the emotions.


Low verbal intelligence predicts social justice beliefs at a high correlation.

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Dr. Peterson is definitely onto something here. Polling from 2022 reveals that bitter, childless women have become a significant “woke” voting bloc.


Soccer Moms are giving way to Single Woke Females — the new “SWFs” — as one of the most potent voting blocs in American politics.

Unmarried women without children have been moving toward the Democratic Party for several years, but the 2022 midterms may have been their electoral coming-out party, as they proved the chief break on the predicted Republican wave. While married men, women and unmarried men broke for the GOP, CNN exit polls found that 68% of unmarried women voted for Democrats.

The Supreme Court’s August decision overturning Roe v. Wade was certainly a special factor in the midterms, but longer-term trends show that single, childless women are joining African Americans as the Democrats’ most reliable supporters.

Their power is growing thanks to the demographic winds. The number of never-married women has grown from about 20% in 1950 to more than 30% in 2022, while the percentage of married women has declined from almost 70% in 1950 to under 50% today. Overall, the percentage of married households without children has declined from 37% in 1976 to 21% today.

A new Institute for Family Studies analysis  of 2020 Census data found that one in six women do not have children by the time they reach the end of their childbearing years, up from one in 10 in 1990. Single adult women now total some 42 million, comparable to the key African American voting bloc (46 million), while vastly larger than key groups like labor union members (14 million) or college students (20 million).

Sadly, many of these women are likely drunk on boxed wine, too hysterical and confused to realize the verbal manipulation being unleashed on them.

However, Professor Peterson isn’t the only one who’s unraveled the “woke” movement. Tucker delivered one of the best takes ever. He suggests that the “woke” are talentless hacks who destroy everything in their path because they’re incapable of creativity and beauty. Scott Adams elaborated on Tucker’s theory.

In addition, Revolver’s own Darren Beattie joined forces with Richard Hanania for a fascinating deep dive into the murky waters of wokeness, and what they discovered is an eyeopener.

The bottom line is that the woke movement, like all leftist plots, is reinforced with slick marketing, clever wordplay, and the knack for making the idiot participants feel empowered and enlightened. This strategy ultimately creates a vast army of easily controlled, low-information dullards—exactly what the Dems aim to turn America into. Everything is unfolding just as they planned.