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There’s nobody more powerful and effective than a jolly warrior. This is the major difference between the right and left and also explains why right-wingers can meme while Marxists can’t. Here’s the breakdown: those on the right, though committed to winning this spiritual war, still manage to have fun and find humor even in these crazy, dark, progressive times. Meanwhile, the left wallows in a constant state of angsty bitterness, perpetually offended by everything. These self-proclaimed victims can’t find humor in anything, which over time makes them completely unrelatable and isolates them within a bubble of tyrannical victimhood that eventually leads to all this “clown world” insanity. The complete opposite of this bitter victim is someone like “Lectern Guy.” His name is Adam Johnson, and he’s one of the most famous non-violent J6 political prisoners. He’s the legendary guy who casually strolled out with Pelosi’s lectern, all while wearing a Trump hat and giving a jovial wave. The man is a patriot and a hero.

A very stupid idea': Florida man who carried Pelosi's podium in viral photo sentenced – Action News Jax

Adam Johnson faced charges for entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and received a sentence of 75 days in jail with a $5,000 fine. Now, he’s served his time and is not just free—he’s out there living his best life. In fact, he’s free enough to attend the pre-trial criminal hearing of his former prosecutor, who’s now in hot water himself. This prosecutor was caught on camera in a road rage meltdown, violently stabbing at drivers. That’s right, the tables have turned in what can only be described as poetic justice. The very person who tried to ruin Adam’s life is now entangled in the same court system he once used as a political weapon.

How’s that for juicy and delicious karma? The guy seeking to lock up non-violent Americans can be seen below stabbing somebody during a road rage incident.

The irony here is that the violent former prosecutor got a better bail deal than the non-violent J6 political prisoners who he tried to destroy. Decent Americans like Lecturn Guy were railroaded, while this unhinged stabber walked off with a better bail deal. More proof of our clownish injustice system that now exists solely to punish anybody who mocks or goes against the regime.


A former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted U.S. Capitol rioters got better bail than some of the accused in the January 6 case after he allegedly stabbed a driver in a fit of road rage on Tuesday.

The number of protesters facing federal charges has surpassed 1,100, with more than half pleading guilty. Over 100 have been convicted on all charges, but many still face trial, and some are held without bail.

Meanwhile, former assistant U.S. attorney Patrick Scruggs—who prosecuted some of those accused of storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021—has been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and armed burglary. Scruggs, who spent 10 years with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, posted $65,000 bail the same day he was arrested in Tampa, Florida.

He is accused of breaking the window of a vehicle that hit his sedan on Interstate 275 on Tuesday morning and stabbing the driver, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Scruggs also allegedly attempted to stab a couple who stopped to help the victim and then fled the scene. He was apprehended by police shortly after and arrested on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and armed burglary. The victim was hospitalized for serious injuries.

Scruggs was released from the Pinellas County Jail on Tuesday evening after posting the $65,000 bail. He posted it before an advisory hearing so his bond doesn’t include any conditions, but it’s possible a motion will be filed to add conditions at a later date.

Alleged U.S. Capitol rioters weren’t granted the same liberty as Scruggs, as some were held without bail as they awaited their trials. Most rioters who were arrested received some form of bail, but those who engaged in the most “violent acts” were detained without bond, D.C. news station WUSA 9 reported.

Here’s his mugshot:

The best part of this saga is that Adam is now a voice for all the J6 political prisoners who got railroaded by regime hacks like Patrick Scruggs. And he’s doing it in his signature “jolly warrior” style. But make no mistake, Adam is one of the most savage and effective fighters out there.

He’s making a real difference—not just calling out these regime puppets but also holding them accountable, with a beautiful play-by-play, to boot.

Adam gave everybody an update after the hearing. Just look at that smiling face!

While Adam is a constant presence at Scruggs’ criminal hearings, calling out the real villains, he’s also staying under the radar. He’s keeping a “low profile” to avoid getting banned from the big court trial. We can’t thank Adam enough for everything he’s doing for the country, for J6 political prisoners, and for shining a light on the current state of injustice in the United States of America. We’ve devolved into a kangaroo court system in a banana republic, all thanks to the uniparty regime. They’re so scared of an outsider returning to the White House that they’re literally setting fire to our most cherished systems in order to cling to power.