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There are a few high-profile folks on this planet who probably won’t be snagging any “Father of the Year” awards anytime soon. Joe Biden is one of them, having sadly raised a degenerate crackhead criminal. The other not-so-stellar dad would likely be George Conway, the Stage 5 TDS lunatic whose misguided hatred for President Trump has wreaked havoc on his life and family.

It’s a tough scene, especially for George Conway’s daughter, Claudia. She’s been struggling for a good part of her young life. We all remember when she had that epic meltdown online, right? Fueled by left-wing reporters, this poor teenager was used to push a twisted political agenda against her mom and Trump advisor, Kellyanne Conway. Unfortunately, this young lady has really gotten the short end of the stick, seemingly lost in the political shuffle. It makes you wonder—if her father, who’s got some of the worst TDS we’ve ever seen, spent half as much time focusing on his daughter as he does on his bizarre anti-Trump crusade, she might be in a much better place. As it stands now, Claudia Conway has decided that her path in life is “sex work,” which probably isn’t every father’s dream for his daughter.

USA Today: 

Claudia Conway is taking “full control of my body and my voice” as a Playboy bunny.

Conway − the 18-year-old daughter of former President Donald Trump’s White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, and attorney George Conway, a fierce Trump critic − announced she joined Playboy’s content creator platform on Tuesday, May 23.

“When I was 15-16, I was exploited by the media, preyed upon, and was forced into portraying myself as something I wasn’t. My body was taken from me,” she wrote on Twitter. “Now, as a young adult, I am aiming to reclaim my womanhood and femininity in a way that is truly mine. I am putting myself out there in a way that is MY OWN and no one else’s.”

Conway continued, “I believe in writing your own narrative, like I’ve said in the past, and taking back what was once unjustly taken from you.”

The social media influencer encouraged her followers to seek their own “autonomy and freedom,” adding, “Don’t let someone capitalize off of your vulnerabilities— reclaim them.”

Apparently, that wasn’t the way to “reclaim her womanhood,” because Claudia ended up deleting much of her content.

Daily Mail:

Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter Claudia has deleted some of her Playboy content which she was charging up to $99 to view.

The 18-year-old launched a subscription page on in late April, presenting it as a way to ‘reclaim’ her ‘womanhood and femininity’.

Claudia, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump’s 2016 counselor Kellyanne and George Conway – an outspoken critic of the former president – used her profile to share images revealing her in a selection of bikinis.

Sadly, poor Claudia, at just 19, believed her biggest contribution to society would be selling bikini pics to strangers for five bucks a month. That can’t be a proud “dad moment.”

And speaking of poor fathering, George Conway’s idea of parenting is, once again, to use his daughter as a political pawn. He feeds his Stage 5 TDS by taking to Twitter to make a mockery of the entire family situation, but more importantly, to bash Trump and his supporters.

George Conway:

Thank you for your support, Victoria. I don’t make personal requests on here often, if ever. But Laura Loomer (whom Trump apparently wanted to hire), along with an online mob of other Trump/MAGA supporters, have been attacking @claudiamcomwayy in the most vile of terms, simply because she noted that Donald Trump is a convicted felon. Please help me report these vile people, and please let these vile people know what you think. Thank you.

There are a few issues with George’s grievance against Laura Loomer. First off, his daughter was the one who turned everything political. She dove headfirst into the political waters when she was young and hasn’t slowed down since. Also, her Playboy “sex work” isn’t exactly a secret—she’s the main one promoting it. Additionally, George might want to be more concerned about the opinions of those strange men who actually see his young daughter online in sexy bikini pictures.

Now, as George Conway ramps up his TDS to new heights and campaigns against President Trump and his supporters, vowing to “deprogram” over half the country, you have to wonder how he plans to do that when he can’t even keep his own daughter from being a young, confused sex worker.

You can watch George’s full video below.

Tragically, George Conway’s life and family have become casualties of his misplaced priorities and his intense obsession with President Trump, who, by most accounts, probably barely gives him a second thought. He’s lost his wife, and his daughter experienced what many would describe as a complete meltdown online, only to “recover” by becoming an internet sex worker. Yet, this is the man who dares to criticize Trump voters and thinks he can lead a nationwide “deprogramming” effort. Maybe it’s time for George to log off social media, skip the appearances on unpopular cable shows, and focus on himself and his family before they spiral further into decay, degeneracy, and madness.