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This week hit the left-wing “internet” hall monitors like a hurricane of karma. Three major players—Stanford, Media Matters, and the SPLC—were toppled in what looked like a karma whirlwind sweeping through the Marxist strongholds, leaving them utterly devastated. The trifecta of evil were leveled and left wondering what the heck happened.

It all kicked off when Stanford’s “Internet Observatory” came crashing down, thanks to Republican lawmakers who stepped up and actually clinched a victory. This “observatory,” allegedly focused on studying “internet abuse,” was actually a clever guise for silencing political dissent and anyone daring to challenge the regime. Typical left-wing shenanigans.


After five years of pioneering research into the abuse of social platforms, the Stanford Internet Observatory is winding down. Its founding director, Alex Stamos, left his position in November. Renee DiResta, its research director, left last week after her contract was not renewed. One other staff member’s contract expired this month, while others have been told to look for jobs elsewhere, sources say.

Some members of the eight-person team might find other jobs at Stanford, and it’s possible that the university will retain the Stanford Internet Observatory branding, according to sources familiar with the matter. But the lab will not conduct research into the 2024 election or other elections in the future.

The shutdown comes amid a sustained and increasingly successful campaign among Republicans to discredit research institutions and discourage academics from investigating political speech and influence campaigns.

SIO and its researchers have been sued three times by conservative groups alleging that its researchers colluded illegally with the federal government to censor speech, forcing Stanford to spend millions of dollars to defend its staff and students.

In parallel, Republican House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and his Orwellian “Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” have subpoenaed documents at Stanford and other universities, selectively leaked fragments of them to friendly conservative outlets, and misrepresented their contents in public statements.

Notably, Stanford did not renew Renee DiResta’s contract. DiResta is one of the worst hall monitor intel operators out there, as Revolver has noted:

Of all the regime scribblers and scribes flooding the internet with glorified blog posts on the awfulness of Elon Musk’s Twitter bid, a piece by Renée DiResta published in the Atlantic stands out from the rest — not because of its force of argument, but because of the largely forgotten scandal behind its author.

Like the now disgraced and jobless Nina Jankowicz, DiResta is a career-girl of the Disinformation Industry — a constellation of NATO and US State Department-funded NGOs and civil society groups that censor inconvenient truths, facts and narratives under the guise of protecting the public from so-called “disinformation.” And like Nina Jankowicz, it turns out that DiResta’s name is closely associated with one of the most explosive and aggressively covered-up influence operations of the century.


Before DiResta was complaining about the threat of Elon Musk’s “free speech absolutism” in the pages of the Atlantic, she worked (among other things) as a research director for a cyber security firm called New Knowledge.

New Knowledge’s purpose was to study the spread of disinformation, “malign narratives” and Russian influence operations. In her capacity as Research Director for New Knowledge, DiResta submitted written testimony to the US Senate drawing attention to the danger of such Russian disinformation and influence operations, including the alleged Russian “troll farm” Internet Research Agency — which every self-respecting disinformation operative knows to puff up as the most malign and consequential political influence operation in modern history.

But there is one very important secretive, malign influence operation that Renée DiResta failed to disclose to the Senate. This influence operation was conducted by her own employer, New Knowledge, to influence the outcome of the 2017 Alabama special Senate contest between populist Roy Moore and Doug Jones. The details of the influence operation are even more scandalous. In what even the head of New Knowledge described as a “false flag” operation, New Knowledge conducted a secret influence operation to make it look like populist candidate Roy Moore was the beneficiary of a secret Russian influence operation!

The New York Times of all places broke the story of this remarkable and now-forgotten scandal[.]

READ THE REST: Disinformation Operative Who Attacked Elon Musk’s Push for “Free Speech” Caught Red-Handed in Secret Influence Operation

So long Renee, and good riddance.

In unrelated news, the Marxist attack dogs over at Media Matters are also feeling the heat, thanks to Elon Musk’s defamation lawsuit, which is bringing the propaganda machine to its knees.


Social media platform X’s lawsuit against media watchdog group Media Matters will head to trial on April 7, 2025, a U.S. District judge ordered on Thursday.

X, which is owned by billionaire Elon Musk, sued Media Matters in November, accusing the group of defamation after it published a report that said ads had appeared next to posts on X praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

“Media Matters stands behind its reporting and looks forward to winning in court,” Media Matters President Angelo Carusone said at the time.

Media Matters has been forced to lay off a good chunk of their activist staff, thanks to Elon’s lawsuit. We covered this incredible story and featured the ironic layoff of one of the Media Matters activists, who actually cheered and celebrated when Tucker left Fox News.


Nothing warms the cockles of our hearts more than witnessing a good old-fashioned karma butt-kicking. And the fact that it’s happening to the regime propaganda artists over at Media Matters is just the icing on the cake. Media Matters is on the skids, laying off some of their most die-hard comrades. As if that weren’t juicy enough, we’re now learning that one of those Marxist maniacs—a woman who routinely “celebrated” Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, even giggling and cheering online about the anniversary of his firing—has just been let go. The woman, Kat Abu, is no longer with Media Matters, and that is just karma perfection.

To add insult to injury, Katherine Abughazaleh found herself resorting to e-begging for donations:

Media Matters employee who celebrated Tucker’s firing was just laid off and is now begging for handouts…

In other news this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center was critically weakened. Remember, the SPLC was the group that branded parents’ rights organizations as ‘extremist’ for advocating for their children and opposing perverse left-wing policies. Moreover, the SPLC faced criticism for its stance on Hamas following the October terror attack in Israel. Now, they’ve seen a massive 25% of their activists unceremoniously kicked out the door—an absolutely devastating setback.


A heavy round of layoffs at a major legal advocacy organization “gutted” its staff by 25%, according to its employees’ union.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) focuses on legal issues regarding racism and civil rights. In a statement posted to X late Wednesday, the SPLC Union decried a recent move by its employer to offload much of its staff.

“Today, @splcenter- an organization with nearly a billion dollars in reserves, given an F rating by CharityWatch for ‘hoarding’ donations – gutted its staff by a quarter,” the union wrote. “SPLC’s decision has a catastrophic impact on the organization’s work in support of immigrants seeking justice and its mission to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance human rights through support of educators.”

The union explained many of the layoffs were in the “Learning for Justice” department and the “Southern Immigrant Freedom Initiative.” The group’s leaders allegedly justified the changes as allowing them to have a “greater ‘focus’ on racial justice.”

“This shameful decision comes in a critical period of time for people struggling in the Southeast.,” the union wrote. “Make no mistake – laying off dozens of employees, many of whom were Union activists, less than a year before we will bargain our second contract was no coincidence.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee cheered the news via X.

“Far-left propaganda group SPLC is tanking,” Huckabee said. “About time! They lost their way years ago. Sat on big bank account of millions & pretended to be fighting for ‘little guys.’ They are a hate group that labels others ‘hate group.’”

This devastation couldn’t have hit a more deserving bunch of anti-American tyrants. Revolver recently spotlighted a bombshell report revealing how the SPLC and ACLU joined forces in a failed attempt to block President Trump from the ballot.


If you want to talk about “insurrection,” just look at what the left is doing with their attempts to keep President Trump off the ballot, trying to disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans who support him and his America First movement. Doesn’t that seem more outrageous than strolling through the US Capitol, chatting with police officers?

The latest Marxist to join the cause to steal the vote again is Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, who wasn’t elected by the people but instead by the state legislature. She’s decided, based on her own personal feelings, that President Trump is not legally allowed to be on Maine’s ballot. She claims, without any evidence whatsoever, that President Trump incited an “insurrection” and decided that makes him ineligible to be on the ballot. However, there’s even more to the story, as Ms. Bellows admits in the clip below. According to her, there is a cabal of former SPLC and ACLU alumni leading the charge to remove Trump from ballots all over the country.

The ACLU and SPLC orchestrated a ‘RICO’ move to strike President Trump from the ballot—as if that’s how you safeguard the left’s precious “democracy.” These organizations, along with a slew of other regime henchmen, are being stripped of their phony covers, exposing them as the anti-American despots they truly are. The masks are coming off, giving Americans a front-row seat to see the regime’s true colors—they are the tyrants our Founding Fathers warned us about. The downfall of these heavyweights should be celebrated by every patriotic, freedom-loving American, and we’re hoping this is just the beginning.