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What’s happening with black women in America? Some are rising to power thanks to the DEI movement, which rewards skin color, gender, and sexual preference over merit, experience, or excellence. However, the problem arises once those women who are not qualified are placed in positions of power and leadership, where they often quickly crash and burn. From embezzling $15 million in COVID funds to engaging in shameless plagiarism, these meritless women have demonstrated that they are not up to the task and struggle with the responsibilities they’ve been given. Naturally, they revert to what they know best: lying, cheating, and stealing. The whole situation is unfair to those black women in this country who succeed based on merit, honesty, and hard work to be lumped in with the large mass of meritless DEI incompetents.

“Black women behaving badly” has become a national pastime that can no longer be ignored. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most infamous cases of black women in leadership roles behaving badly.

Big Fani Willis:

The current reigning queen of “black ladies behaving badly” is none other than Big Fani Willis. As the DA out of Fulton County, GA, she has paved the way for other DEI frauds to follow. With a completely stone-faced look on her smug face, she has accused innocent people of fraud and wrongdoing while her own closet is overflowing with dirty deeds. This woman, once hailed by many on the left and in the propaganda media as “Black Girl Magic” for going after President Trump with her sham indictments, has now been dethroned by her own immoral and criminal activities—too foolish to understand how to conduct herself or, at the very least, cover her tracks properly.

Kim Foxx:

Kim Foxx, once the pride of Chicago and another Soros-backed black DA poised to make serious waves, ended up washed up like all the others on this shameful DEI list. Kim foolishly used her power to play politics, aiding a fraud and hoax artist named Jussie Smollett to escape justice. Eventually, Kim’s dirty deeds were exposed, and her career came to a disgraceful end. Yet again, we witness another black woman in power who couldn’t handle the responsibilities her position demanded, succumbing to manipulation by those far smarter than herself.


Rep. Jasmine Crockett:

Texas Rep. Jasmine Crocket is bringing the “hood” to Capitol Hill. She has single-handedly infused “yass queen” vibes into US lawmaking. Gone are the days of respectable decorum and old-fashioned professionalism, now replaced by mile-long fake eyelashes, neon acrylic nails, and a head-bob that screams, “Oh no, you didn’t!”

Wikipedia says Crockett was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Mary Institute, St. Louis Country Day School, and Rosati-Kain, an all-girls Catholic high school in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Rhodes College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. As an undergraduate, Crockett planned to become an anesthesiologist or certified public accountant before deciding to attend law school, which she stated was due to experiencing a hate crime while attending college.

The low-IQ left adores Jasmine’s dumbed-down ‘hoodrat’ act. Meanwhile, the rest of the country watches, confused and concerned. What are we becoming—a nation of fools or fighters?”

Jasmine’s “fabulous ghetto queen” act is either just for show and votes or she’s the real dumbed-down deal and the best example of DEI we’ve ever seen.

Kim Gardner:

Another Soros-backed prosecutor bites the dust. Kim Gardner, infamous for prosecuting the McCloskey couple who defended themselves at their home against an angry BLM mob, was ousted from office in utter disgrace. Once hailed as a strong, heroic black woman, Kim chose not to prosecute violent crimes, instead focusing on political antics to score woke points and boost her PR. Meanwhile, her city spiraled further into decay. Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s “Kim Gardner Report” outlines his successful petition in quo warranto that removed her from office after years of failing to prosecute violent crime in St. Louis.

MJ Truth Ultra:


George Soros Bought and Paid for, Former Prosecutor, Kim Gardner, is Missing (or in Hiding)

• Authorities have been trying to find her for several months now part of an ongoing investigation against her and also to serve her subpoenas, but she has vanished.

Did somebody wack her?
Where is that bish hiding?
I made a nice flyer to help find her.

Kim was yet another budding “Black Magic” woman who behaved badly and fell from grace.

Tiffany Henyard:

Another black woman in power who has fallen shamelessly from grace is Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard. Her extravagant spending sprees are literally bankrupting the city, and she couldn’t give two toots. She looks like an extra in a P. Diddy video as she rolls up with a security detail that makes Trump’s team look like amateurs. Many believe that Tiffany, like so many DEI-promoted black women in high-level leadership roles, saw the money, couldn’t resist, and dipped into the till to enrich herself and play “baller.”

Wall Street Apes:

Corruption On A Scale Only Seen In US Government

Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard’s spending sprees added $5 million in debt in just 2 yrs. Armed security protect her from questioning. Investigation finds tax payers are paying $13,000 EACH EVERY 2 WEEKS for her security

“But when we asked Henyard a few months ago about her use of tax dollars, she was quickly hustled out of the room by armed security. And on Facebook, in videos posted by Hanyard herself, we see her being driven around and surrounded by Dalton officers, which got us to wondering, why all the cops?

We weren’t opposed to her having the security detail. We asked how long ark. And how often?

Dalton trustee Brittany Norwood says Hennure began assembling her details shortly after being elected in 2021 using handpicked Dalton police officers. Using a freedom of information request, we obtained the work records for 6 of the officers assigned to Hanyard’s security detail at various times r and showed them to some of Dalton’s trustees. This is a freedom of information request we did to see how much overtime these officers are on her security detail.

Oh, wow. 162 hours. 162. Oh, that’s nothing.

What goes through your mind when you see these numbers?

Our Uh, it it’s it’s disappointing. It’s frustrating.

The officers are paid every 2 weeks, which without overtime is 80 hours. But when they’re put on Hennard’s detail, that 80 hours balloons to well over a 100 hours, sometimes 200 hours. Ark. And in the case of officer Terry Young last May, 303 hours worked over a 2 week period. Our That resulted in a single paycheck of more than $13,000.

How? How does a person put in a 2 armed pay period. 303 hours. That’s impossible. That’s impossible.

It’s 336 hours. Go to sleep?

In fact, there are 336 hours hours total in 2 weeks, meaning Young was not being paid for only 33 hours over that period. Other officers on the security detail are also racking overtime paychecks in the multiple 1,000 of dollars. Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions about your security detail?

Absolutely not.”

This woman is corrupt to the core, previously:

Tiffany A. Henyard, Mayor of Dolton, Illinois denies her salary of $300,000 per year. Proven true by her tax filing

Spent $24k of tax payer money on restaurants in 1 year. Thousands on first class flights, Vegas trips, Vegas strip dining. Frequent trips to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company & Hot and Juicy Crawfish. Thousands on hotel and short term vacation rentals.

The city mayor also just signed for a $149,000 Chevy Tahoe.

How do these people get elected?

Tiffany is not just a DEI mooch but also a tyrant in the making. She acts as if she’s above the law, simply because she’s a relatively unknown mayor from a city most people have never heard of. Chances are, she’ll finally get her name in lights—after she’s convicted of fraud.

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Marilyn Mosby:

This Soros-backed prosecutor was once celebrated as another ‘Black Girl Magic’ triumph—a woman cleaning up the mean streets of Baltimore, targeting not criminals but police officers. Marilyn became a pioneer in the war against the Blue. However, she ultimately found herself in a court of law, arrested, and indicted on fraud charges. Once again, we observe the pattern of black women in leadership roles succumbing to the allure of money. Some can’t resist the pull and often end up caught in a web of cheating, lies, and fraud.


A former Baltimore city prosecutor who achieved a national profile for charging police officers in a Black man’s death was spared prison time in her sentence Thursday for perjury and mortgage fraud.

Democratic former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s sentence includes 12 months of home confinement, 100 hours of community service and three years of supervised release.

After the sentencing hearing, Mosby hugged her supporters, some of whom applauded when the judge announced the sentence.

“I’m just so incredibly grateful,” Mosby told dozens of supporters outside the courthouse. “This is not over, but God was here today.”

Mosby was convicted of lying about her finances to make early withdrawals from retirement funds during the COVID-19 pandemic, and fraudulently claiming that her own $5,000 was a gift from her then-husband as she closed on a Florida condominium.

But the silver lining for Marilyn is that, unlike the rest of us, she got off easy. She won’t face jail time and will serve her sentence from the comfort of her home.

Brenna Morello:

Corrupt former Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby gets to avoid PRISON after being convicted of mortgage fraud & perjury.

Mosby was sentenced to 12 months of home detention.

She was facing 40 years in prison.

The judge overseeing her case was a Biden-appointee.

The judge also ordered Mosby to forfeit her Florida vacation house, though Mosby will get back her down payment and 10% of the appreciated value.

Folks, that’s called dem privilege!


Marilyn went from “rockstar” to “convicted felon” in record time.

Shelitha Robertson:

The latest black woman behaving badly is none other than former Atlanta prosecutor Shelitha Robertson—a woman who embezzled 15 million bucks from US taxpayers to fund her MTV video “baller” lifestyle, complete with a Rolls Royce and 10 karat diamonds.


Hey gurl, that’s a lotta bling on a prosecutor’s salary, don’t cha think?


Former Democrat Atlanta City Attorney Shelitha Robertson is sentenced to 7 years in prison for frauding the taxpayer out of $15 million in COVID relief funds, including:

• Rolls Royce
• 10 karat diamond ring
• Donated $1000 to Fani Willis’ campaign

Isn’t it shocking how democrats feel entitled to government funds paid for by the taxpayer?

This is the same woman who once vowed never to degrade herself for a “dolla.” It seems like 15 million “dollas” was a totally different story, though…

Collin Rugg:

NEW: Atlanta prosecutor who is shown on a podcast talking about integrity, has been jailed for 7 years for stealing $15 million in COV*D relief loans.


Shelitha Robertson, who said she would never degrade herself “for a dolla,” used the PPP loans to buy a Rolls Royce, a 10-carat diamond ring, and a motorbike.

Robertson submitted a false loan application claiming she needed money for her four businesses.

She also transferred funds to family members.

“Motivated by greed, Robertson deceptively obtained funds that were designated to provide emergency financial relief to struggling small businesses during the COV*D-19 pandemic, said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan.

While appearing on her daughter’s podcast, Robertson talked about integrity.

“I choose integrity and whatever else it brings. I don’t choose selling your soul. Because that would mean I am willing to belittle myself and degrade myself for the love of what? Of a dolla,” she said.

“How my kids view me and respect me, means more to me than earning a quick dollar for me to be something that I’m not.”

Typically, the people who talk the loudest about how good they are, are actually the worst people.

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Claudine Gay:

Harvard University, which has been proudly pushing DEI by elevating black women to leadership positions, has been hit hardest by the national trend of “black women behaving badly.” It turns out that many of the black women Harvard promoted reached their positions by lying. Even their former president was forced to resign after her history of shameless plagiarism was revealed.

The Guardian:

Claudine Gay’s days as Harvard president may well have been numbered from the moment she appeared to equivocate on whether theoretical calls for violence against Jewish people violated Harvard’s rules while testifying before Congress last month. But it was allegations of plagiarism that ultimately led to her resignation on Wednesday.

Investigations by the Washington Free Beacon and the New York Post, at least partially instigated by the conservative activist Christopher Rufo and his crusade to chase “wokeism” and diversity initiatives from all corners of society, turned up nearly 50 instances of alleged plagiarism in Gay’s academic writing.

Claudine has become the poster queen for DEI. An unqualified black woman who landed the presidency of an esteemed university simply because of her skin color. Ironically, everyone knows it, which is exactly why her supporters are the loudest champions of DEI, as you can clearly hear for yourself.

Harvard went all-in on DEI, prioritizing skin color and gender over excellence and merit. This bad decision will likely haunt them for decades to come.God knows it’s already dragging their once-stellar reputation through the mud.

Christina J. Cross:

Unfortunately, there are many more black women in leadership roles at Harvard accused of plagiarism. What’s truly troubling is how the left is more outraged by these women being exposed for their mediocrity and cheating than upset that they’re subpar frauds. The next “strong black woman” accused of cheating is Christian Cross. She’s a professor at Harvard facing 16 allegations of plagiarism.

Black Women PhDs - Dr. Christina J. Cross has a doctorate in Public Policy and Sociology from the University of Michigan and will be joining the faculty of the Harvard Sociology Department

The Crimson:

Harvard Sociology assistant professor Christina J. Cross was accused of plagiarism in an anonymous complaint to Harvard’s Office of Research Integrity, conservative activist Christopher F. Rufo reported in the City Journal — the fourth Black woman at Harvard who studies race or social justice to be accused of plagiarism.

The allegations against Cross mark the fourth in a rapid series of anonymous plagiarism complaints of varying severity lodged against Black women at Harvard amid a growing right-wing attack against diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education.


The allegations against Cross include 11 instances in her dissertation and five instances in a 2018 paper in the journal Population Studies in which she is accused of lifting language from other scholars. These instances include descriptions of datasets and methodology, as well as cases in which Cross uses identical language to scholars whom she cites but does not quote.

The defense for Ms. Cross hinges on the claim that of all the complaints, hers are the ‘weakest’—an argument that fits all too well into the typical DEI narrative, right? She’s the least dumb of them all—not exactly a badge of honor to wear.

Sherri A. Charleston:

The plagiarism problems at Harvard keep rolling along, with another black woman facing 40 allegations of plagiarism regarding her doctoral dissertation and a 2014 article in the Journal of Negro Education. Sherry A. Charleston, who serves as Harvard’s first Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, adds a real layer of irony to this troubling pattern.

The Crimson:

Harvard’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sherri A. Charleston faced 40 allegations of plagiarism in an anonymous complaint filed with the University on Monday.

The complaint, first reported by the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday, alleged 28 instances of plagiarism in Charleston’s doctoral dissertation at the University of Michigan and 12 allegations against a 2014 article in the Journal of Negro Education, co-authored with her husband LaVar J. Charleston and Michigan State University College of Education Dean Jerlando F.L. Jackson.

Complaints were also filed to the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Charleston co-wrote the 2014 paper, according to the Free Beacon.

The complaint alleged that the “results” described in the 2014 article were “practically identical” to the “major findings” of a 2012 article paper by LaVar Charleston — the UW-Madison deputy vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion — in the Journal of Diversity of Higher Education.

The two articles contain nearly identical descriptions of interviewee demographics. While the 2014 article repeatedly cites LaVar Charleston’s 2012 article, it does not attribute the interviews to the 2012 article or cite it in the passages in question.

Harvard's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sherri A. Charleston faced 40 allegations of plagiarism.

But sadly, there’s more…

Shirley R. Greene:

Shirley Greene, a Harvard Extension School Administrator, has been accused of plagiarism—42 counts, to be exact—in her University of Michigan dissertation. Once again, we see a black woman in leadership who likely does not merit her position based on expertise or achievements. Instead, it appears she was granted this role because of her skin color.

The Crimson:

Harvard Extension School administrator Shirley R. Greene was accused of 42 instances of plagiarism in her 2008 University of Michigan dissertation in a complaint sent to the University Friday — the latest in a string of anonymous plagiarism complaints against Black Harvard officials.

All three anonymous complaints — against former University President Claudine Gay, Harvard Chief Diversity Officer Sherri A. Charleston, and now Greene, who handles Title IX complaints at the Extension School — were leveled at Black women who hold or held leadership positions at the University.

Unlike Gay, Charleston and Greene are administrators and do not hold academic appointments at Harvard.

The complaint was submitted anonymously to the chair of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ professional conduct committee Friday afternoon and obtained by The Crimson.

The allegations ranged from “plain silly” to “especially worrisome,” according to plagiarism expert Jonathan Bailey, who runs the blog Plagiarism Today and independently reviewed the complaint at The Crimson’s request.

Bailey wrote in an email that the contents of the complaint were “definitely enough” to “warrant a thorough review of this dissertation,” though he added that many of the allegations “either don’t prove plagiarism or only point to very minor errors.”

Yet Another Harvard University Official Accused of Plagiarism | The Ohio Star

Clearly, a pattern is emerging among these black women in power: many are in their positions not through merit but by charity. This gives them a fundamentally different approach to excellence. When you’re handed something on a silver platter, you’re likely to treat it less seriously than if you had to earn it through hard work and sacrifice. This mentality of instant gratification, fostered by DEI, is dangerous and won’t lead to enduring greatness. It’s all about garnering a few woke points to flaunt to friends and stay off the mob’s cancellation list, and as a result of that twisted agenda, the entire country suffers.