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Revolver’s had a laundry list of viral hits, from January 6th investigative reports to DEI deep dives. Yet, one of our most popular pieces ever was a mini dossier on neocon warmonger and regime globalist, Nikki Haley. The piece, which is titled “Here’s the Never-Ending List of Why Nikki Haley Would Suck as President,” provided keen insights into her next moves and the reasons behind them. Its popularity soared because, until then, Nikki had been masquerading as an America First ally. After all, she was considered a trusted member of the Trump administration, right? That’s what she wanted you to think, but the reality was far different, wasn’t it?


Haley sure has come a long way, baby! From saying that Donald Trump’s speeches would cause mass murder, to delivering a speech pushing his reelection. But conservatives should not be won over. Haley has backers, powerful backers, and for some reason she seems to just never go away. It’s not because Haley is a great leader, a political visionary, or a populist. Instead, it’s because she is a favorite choice of the Republican old guard to reclaim “their party,” and keep making the same mistakes of the past.

Here are just a few of the myriad reasons she should never set foot in D.C. ever again.

1. Haley is a Bush-era neocon relic.

It took an iconoclast like Donald Trump in 2016 to say what should have been obvious ten years prior: America’s fetish for invading foreign countries has been catastrophic for our national well-being. The Iraq War was a $2 trillion waste that achieved none of its long-term objectives. The Afghan War has continued for 19 years despite no clear objective at all. These two catastrophic wars are the single biggest indictment of Nikki Haley and the forces supporting her, and the only way to remove that taint from the party is to follow President Trump’s leads and oppose starting new wars.

But Nikki Haley can’t even get that part right.

As U.N. ambassador, Haley stoked conflict with Iran, declaring that it was essential to support Saudi Arabia’s war effort in Yemen because the “fight against Iranian aggression is the world’s fight.” Well no, Nikki, it’s not. It is, at best, Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s fight. The only threat Iran poses to US security interests is the possible risk that we might permanently lose our superpower status fighting a ridiculous and unnecessary war against them.

And speaking of Haley predictions, Roger Stone was also on his “A-game.” At the beginning of this year, Stone nailed it. He said that Haley was fiercely vying for that VP spot, and that was the only reason she was hanging on for dear life.

Well, if you thought you had heard the last of Nikki Haley after she slithered out of the campaign, tired of being humiliated by the American people over and over, you were sadly mistaken. She’s back, or better yet, according to Revolver’s Darren Beattie, she never actually left. She’s just regrouping for her next big 2024 move. That’s what Darren and WarRoom’s Steve Bannon discussed in depth when they uncovered what Nikki is up to with her next sneaky 2024 move and all the people lining up to fund her and her latest schemes.


Thanks to all the rumors and backlash, President Trump has made it clear that Nikki Haley will not be his VP. But promises made to supporters and keeping your word are foreign concepts to someone like Nikki Haley. This is a woman driven by blind ambition, much like her hero, Hillary Clinton, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. That’s not to say Trump will roll over and succumb to Haley, but he should be aware that she’s not going anywhere yet. Chances are, she’s just getting started.