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How did illegal immigration skyrocket to a top election issue in 2024? Simple. Joe Biden deliberately triggered a massive invasion at the border, turning the US into a dangerous free-for-all.


Fox News and Harvard/Harris each just released their latest polls, and they reveal immigration is shaping up to be the main issue in the 2024 election, when all 435 House seats, 33 Senate seats, and most saliently, the White House are all up for grabs. The only real question is which party will be able to seize the issue — because right now, disgruntled voters are blaming everybody.

The Fox News poll was conducted by Braun Research, Inc. between March 22 and 25 under the direction of Beacon Research (a Democratic shop) and Shaw & Company Research (a GOP one). It included 1,094 registered voters, and the margin of error is +/- three percentage points.

The Harvard/Harris poll was conducted by The Harris Poll and Harris X for the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University between March 20 and 21 and surveyed 2,111 registered voters.

President Biden’s Handling of Immigration. Respondents to the Fox News poll were first asked whether they approved or disapproved of the president’s handling of immigration, and the results were not good for the incumbent.

Two-thirds of those polled, 67 percent, disapproved of Biden’s handling of immigration, compared to just 30 percent who were happy with the job the president is doing on the issue. That 30 percent approval rating is Biden’s lowest on this issue in the 35 months Fox News has been polling on this question; conversely, the 67 percent disapproval rating is the president’s worst on immigration ever.

The American people watched in shock as unvetted illegal border crossers flooded in with impunity, while Americans faced harsh scrutiny under unconstitutional and unjust vaccine mandates and were punished for even the smallest sham legal infractions. Meanwhile, criminals, traffickers, drug dealers, and other ne’er-do-wells freely violate our laws by crossing the border without any consequences. This isn’t the behavior of a country that’s strong, safe, and smart. The American people know it, and they’re demanding change, and this is putting Democrats in a very tight spot.

For instance, according to a new CBS poll, the majority of Hispanic voters actually support deporting illegal immigrants. And why wouldn’t they? These individuals or their family members likely paid the money and did the hard work to immigrate here legally, and they are now contributing something worthwhile to society. So, why would they support fraudsters cheating the system who are sneaking in to make a quick buck under the guise of “refugee” status?

Data like this really complicates things for the Dems. After all, how can they label these Hispanic voters “racist”? Without that disgusting and disingenuous label to throw around, what else do they have?

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And the news just keeps getting worse for the Dems, who have literally turned America into a third-world cesspool. Crime is skyrocketing, drugs are at an epidemic level, and our borders are wide open to anyone who wants to waltz right in. How can we justify this level of danger and irresponsibility when, at the same time, Biden and the uniparty regime are demanding that we fork over billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to protect Ukraine’s borders? It doesn’t make sense. That’s why, now that a vast majority of Americans are so angry and fed up, they’re demanding mass deportation squads to round up Biden’s illegal border crossers and send them packing.

Meanwhile, while the left-wing propaganda media frets over Trump’s messaging, they’re careful not to label him an outright ‘racist’ like they did in the past. This change in tune is because the polls show a vast majority of Americans fully agree with President Trump.

The Washington Post:

A woman who identified herself as a naturalized citizen who immigrated from Nicaragua endorsed Donald Trump at his rally Sunday, telling the crowd she no longer believed in Democrats’ promises for the Latino community and comparing the United States to a house taking in rule-breaking strangers.

An hour later, Trump took the stage and railed against what he called an “invasion” at the Southern border, declaring that undocumented immigrants are “changing the fabric of our country,” turning it into a “dumping ground” and “fighting our families.”

“We’re not going to let them destroy our country,” Trump said.

Trump often uses dehumanizing language and hyperbolic claims to bash undocumented immigrants. He claims, without evidence, that foreign countries all over the world are emptying their prisons and mental institutions in a deliberate effort to offload people into the United States. He details gruesome crimes for which police have arrested undocumented suspects and, while discussing accusations of violence, has said some migrants are “animals” and “not people.” He says migrants are fueling a crime wave and literally hail from “the dungeons of the Third World,” even though the rise in illegal border crossing during Joe Biden’s presidency has coincided with a decrease in violent crime.

At the same time, Trump is courting Latinos, who are less likely than voters as whole to support Trump’s calls for a border crackdown. Recent polling suggests that his strategy might work.

Look, the people are rising up. However, battling the powerful globalist agenda isn’t easy, but change is on the horizon again for the US. And it’s not just here—this movement is stretching beyond our borders to other places around the world that have been ravaged by the left’s “Diversity is our strength” lie. Just look at France, a country literally overtaken by the dark forces of “cultural enrichment.”

And Americans are spot on—the only way to really start fixing things is by rounding everyone up with massive deportation squads. Are you listening, France? You need to do the same to take back your country as well.