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Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that the invasion at the US border is no accident. Right off the bat, Biden scrapped all the effective border policies that President Trump had implemented to safeguard Americans and the country. Why would he do that, if not to swing the doors wide open and let millions of illegal border crossers flood into the United States?

The regime assumes most Americans are too clueless to catch on. Fortunately, that’s not the case—polling shows the border invasion is a top election issue—but unfortunately, the damage is already done.

The good news? When President Trump wins back the presidency (for the third time), he’s going to wipe the slate clean of all of Biden’s destructive, failed policies.

That sounds promising, and most Americans are eager to see all of President Trump’s successful policies reinstated. But there’s a big hitch. As mentioned earlier, it might already be too late. The Dems may have pulled another fast one, crafting a “2020-style” scheme right under our noses. That’s exactly what the Alabama Secretary of State is sounding the alarm about. He’s claiming to have evidence that illegal migrants are being signed up to vote in the 2024 election.

Wall Street Apes:

HERE WE GO 🚨 Proof Illegal Migrants Signed Up To Vote

“After inviting millions of illegals into this country over three and a half years, the Alabama Secretary of State says he’s got evidence that the Biden Admin is working to now sign these people up to vote in his State”

“Color me shocked. Saying Biden’s current federal policies mandate that anyone who comes into contact with certain state agencies be provided with voter registration information.

This policy mandates that noncitizens receive information regarding registering to vote in Alabama and registration forms required to register to vote.

He continued on Biden’s attempt to take advantage of the crisis he created at the border by tying the hands of agencies such as Medicaid and forcing them to enact his scheme is disgraceful. Now this follows a very clear pattern that we have seen since really 2020, if not longer.

The Biden administration is just cultivating the grounds to make it easier to subvert our elections, to subvert this republic. They know the far left of their party, sitting in all these little NGOs, is going to do anything that they can to get power, to retain power. They know that these Marxists don’t care about the rules, and that includes bending them, breaking them to upend any election and voting integrity measures.

Now they’re making it very easy for illegals to register to vote if they so please, and then they’re letting their radical left NGOs take care of the rest. That’s how this works.

Alabama secretary of state, Wes Allen, joins us tonight. And, sir, it’s good to have you on. So I want you to explain for us as clear as you can exactly what you’re seeing, how how this is working.

—What we saw, uh, is we got a complaint about a deceased a relative of a deceased individual that received a voter registration form. And so that caused alarm bells obviously to go off in my mind. And so we started asking some questions, um, for where this voter registration card came from, but it led us down another path to to basically, uh, discover that anyone that comes in contact with certain state agencies, uh, whether or not they receive benefits or not, uh, receive a voter registration form in the mail and we just find that appalling.

And, it’s because of the National Voter Registration Act that was passed back in 1993. And, uh, you know, the state agency’s hands are tied because they’re following, uh, federal law, but it goes right along with Biden’s executive order that he, uh, that he signed back in 2021 that really weaponizes and mobilizes the entire federal government apparatus to be voter registration agencies. And so, uh, we’re just, uh, shocked at at what we found and, you know, we wanted to alert and expose this and to make sure that, uh, the public knows about it.

So, the next time a leftist tries to brush off the “Great Replacement Theory” as just a crazy conspiracy, point them to this unfolding master plan.

The Vigilant Fox:

Alex Jones tells Tucker Carlson, “The earth is being put into a countdown collapse” and “They want to bring the world population down to 500 million.”

“Elon Musk is right. And as a hero for pointing out … If a country doesn’t have 2.1 or 2.2 replacement rate, then you don’t have people to take care of the old folks and society collapses.”

Is this 2024’s answer to “mail-in ballots”? Is this the next Dem scheme we won’t catch until Biden once again falsely claims victory? We can see it now; days later, it’ll become clear: millions of illegal votes will have swept Biden into office as a silent “thank you” for a free ride over to the US. And when the proof spills out, the regime media will repeat their 2020 performance—calling us liars and Q-kooks, ignoring the evidence, and demonizing anyone who dares to question the sacred and perfect 2024 election.

Can you see this scenario playing out? Of course, you can. Let’s keep it on our radar and stop it now, not later, when it’s too late.