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Lately, there have been numerous “wars” happening both in the US and around the world. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, and the situation between Israel and Palestine is causing upheaval in the Middle East and stirring division and animosity domestically, fueled by relentless hate from the left. Beyond these traditional conflicts, there are also countless local battles being waged: the war on Christianity, the war against white men, and the war against traditional values. All these “wars” are being driven by the left, challenging the foundations of society and decency as we know it. And one of the biggest battles is actually taking place in schools all over America, and the targets are young girls who are being sacrificed on the altar of transgenderism so that young mediocre males can dress up as girls and finally achieve “greatness” in sports. We see this happening all over, where males who couldn’t cut it in their sports decided to “identify” as girls, join women’s sports, and soar to greatness.

This is called cheating, by the way.

And speaking of cheating, here’s another troubling story. Five middle school girls took a stand and refused to compete against a male in the shot put event. And predictably, their righteous stand led to severe punishment. In this instance, the boy, now identifying as “Becky,” won the shot put event with a 32-foot throw—an impressive feat in the girls’ category. However, this performance would be considered abysmal in the boys’ category. There’s a clear pattern emerging here. Why is it always the men who are struggling in male sports who plow into girls’ sports, overshadowing the opportunities for girls to excel and achieve greatness?

And why are the feminists who are all about “protecting women’s spaces” dead silent on this issue?

Collin Rugg:

NEW: Five middle schoolers who refused to compete against a biological male in the shot put have been banned from future competitions.

Where are all the outraged feminists?

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is now filing a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on behalf of the banned students.

“I will do everything in my power to defend these brave young girls. This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies,” he said.

On April 18, the 5 girls showed up to the Track and Field Championship and refused to throw.

Transgender Becky Pepper-Jackson ended up winning the shot put competition with a 32-foot throw.

Let the lawsuits fly…

Daily Mail:

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has filed a lawsuit against the Harrison County Board of Education on the student’s behalf after they were banned from future events.

‘I will do everything in my power to defend these brave young girls. This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies,’ Morrisey said on Monday.

The Attorney General posted his tweet in response to Women’s rights activist and former college swimmer Riley Gaines, who has stood by female athletes who have refused to compete against transgender athletes.

‘These girls stood up for what they believed and their coach barred them from competing. Insane,’ Gaines said.

‘It’s dangerous to teach young girls to ignore the threats their eyes and ears are warning them of. How do some call this “progress”?’

It’s unclear why the school or district banned the girls from future events for their recent protest that saw them walk up to the box to throw the shot put before leaving without a toss.

Sadly, the reason behind the school’s tyrannical move is painfully clear. The left is not only intent on promoting the diseased transgender lifestyle but also on punishing anyone who dares to oppose it. They want to make examples out of dissenters, like these five young girls, sending a stark message to anyone else considering the same path: “We will destroy your life and take everything you love and have worked for.” That’s the chilling message this school board is sending loud and clear.

Megyn Kelly has been a relentless voice, pushing back against this cruel and unusual punishment being imposed on young girls and women.

It’s high time that good, decent people stand up and fight back against this twisted, mentally ill movement with every resource at their disposal.