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RFK Jr. is on a mission to shift as far left as humanly possible in record time. It’s a rather shocking sight for many, especially the Never-Trump Republicans, who once saw him as a viable alternative to Trump. Boy, were they wrong. While RFK has had some really commendable views on vaccines and has criticized the financial dealings in Ukraine, he still remains a Kennedy at heart—a detail many overlooked or let slide during the COVID jab debates. Lately, however, he’s been on a roll, dropping one radical bomb after another. From pushing for children to lob off their body parts to pushing a “Green New Deal” on steroids, RFK Jr. is checking all the progressive boxes. In fact, his latest move is so extreme that it might just erase his chances in Texas entirely.

Yep, if you think Biden’s a climate nut, buckle up, because you ain’t seen nothing yet…

The New York Post:

But make no mistake: On energy — one of the core issues that has defined the Biden presidency from its outset — Kennedy is an extremist.

His policies would go even further than Joe Biden’s, even though the president’s have weakened our security, slammed middle-class families’ budgets and set our nation backward.

A quick check of the tape reveals startling similarities between the two.

Biden declared climate change, the “only existential threat humanity faces.” Kennedy labels global warming “the biggest crisis we face globally.”

Biden vowed to “end fossil fuel.” Kennedy has bemoaned “our longtime deadly addiction to coal and oil.”

Kennedy would ban exports of liquefied natural gas. He has praised the Green New Deal, the brainchild of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He once denigrated those dubious of some climate warnings as “traitors.”

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, RFK Jr. actually denounced the environmental impact of hog producers as a “greater threat to the United States and US democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network.”

Comments that egregious would have tanked most politicians, but US politics in the pre-social-media age were very different than today.

Kennedy rose to prominence as an attorney for the National Resources Defense Council, one of the nation’s best-funded environmental activist groups — and one that’s faced criticism for its coziness with the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s not forget that while RFK Jr. did speak out against the COVID jab, he’s also the same guy who praised the disastrous lockdowns for their “environmental benefits.” Meaning the fewer humans, the better. It sounds like the Bill Gates theory. And as if that weren’t troubling enough, RFK Jr. just dropped another bombshell with a chilling left-wing stance on abortion that is bound to rock any so-called “conservatives” still clinging to the hope that he might be their guy.

Slay News:

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared that abortions should be freely available up until birth without any laws or restrictions imposed by federal or state governments.

Kennedy argues that “we should leave it to the woman” to choose whether to have an abortion, “even if it’s full term.”

“We shouldn’t have the government involved,” RFK Jr. insists.

The comment from Kennedy is the latest radical statement from the former Democrat presidential candidate.

While running in the Democrat primary, Kennedy pitched himself as a more centrist option than President Joe Biden, who many feel has gone too far left.

It’s going to be really difficult for even the most anti-Trump “Republican” to support RKF Jr. at this point.

The Babylon Bee jumped into the abortion fray with this humdinger of a tweet:

With RFK Jr.’s campaign taking what might be the sharpest left turn in political history, it’s clear he’s strategically playing to the audience where he can drum up the most support. He knows Trump has the right locked down tight, and there’s little chance he can siphon off much there. However, with Biden flailing, especially among young radicals, RFK Jr. could significantly gain by swinging to the extreme left, a place where he appears to be rather comfortable.

This should remind everyone of one crucial fact: RFK Jr. is a progressive who, despite his common-sense stance on COVID and the vaccine, remains a radical at heart—making Biden look downright “tame” by comparison.