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The US media has become incredibly petty in the Trump era. Any remaining shred of professionalism seems to have vanished, replaced by a severe case of Stage 5 TDS. This condition is warping and twisting reporters’ minds, turning every single news story into another chance to strike at President Trump, all in an effort to soothe their own bitterness and hatred. Thanks to partisan activists disguised as journalists, the “news” has degenerated into a bitter contest to see who can hit President Trump the hardest. These desperate reporters will stoop to the lowest level to undermine him, even in the way they address him. You’ll rarely hear mainstream media hacks respectfully refer to him as “Mr. President.” Mostly, they diminish him with just “Mr. Trump,” revealing their petty way of “resisting” Trump at every turn.

This pathetic form of “journalistic rebellion” is evident everywhere, thanks to the sham court cases President Trump is forced to deal with. The elite propaganda media makes sure he gets a double dose of disrespect by addressing him as if he’s just some two-bit criminal off the street.

Well, one senator has had enough of this and took the fake news media to task for their disrespectful manner of addressing the former president. Senator Tommy Tuberville unloaded on the disgraced media with both barrels: “I keep hearing ‘Mr. Trump… Mr. Trump.’ He is Former President Trump—give him some respect!”

Amen, Senator.

Trial coverage turned into a media circus, with disbarred liar Michael Cohen on the stand. This embarrassing, sloppy mess of a witness is Fat Alvin’s star player. President Trump was geared up for the fight and landed the first knockout blow.

This was the banner flying over the courthouse in Manhattan as shameless liar and convicted felon Michael Cohen was testifying for the prosecution.

Laura Loomer:


As @MichaelCohen212 testifies in the Trump trial today in NYC, this plane banner is currently flying above the court house in Manhattan.


The same banner was flown over the court house during the Trump trial last week as well. #Trump2024


Speaking of the courthouse, here was President Trump, just moments before encountering the disgraced Cohen on the stand, taking selfies and chatting with NYPD officers. Doesn’t this scene just perfectly exemplify what that airplane banner said? We’re all united.

After enduring Cohen’s rehearsed and overly weaponized testimony, President Trump strode out of the courthouse and delivered a profoundly powerful statement.

We all know why Michael Cohen has turned on Trump. It’s a classic tale, one we’ve seen time and again with Trump’s coattail riders who don’t get their way. A few names spring to mind: Judge Napolitano, Omarosa, and George Conway.

Professor Jonathan Turley summed up Cohen’s unserious testimony brilliantly. The man clearly wants a reality show. He’s just trying to cash in, but honestly, nothing he said had any real substance.

Bad Hombre:

Jonathan Turley: “Michael Cohen apparently wants a reality show but, if his testimony Monday is any indication, reality is about to sink in for not just Cohen but the prosecutors and the court.

In stoking interest in his own appearance, the former Trump counsel promised the public that they should be “prepared to be surprised.”

Thus far, however, Cohen has offered nothing new and, more importantly, nothing to make the case for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.”

The only thing Cohen and Daniels managed to reveal on the stand is that they are the real criminals who should be prosecuted, not President Trump.