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You probably won’t be surprised to learn that yet another woman has apparently been spinning tales online and lying through her teeth, according to people in the know. It all began when a so-called ‘single mother’ filmed herself in tears while baking her own birthday cake. The struggle is real, right? In some parts of the world, women can’t even drive a car and risk being stoned to death for leaving their house without an escort. Yet, here in the US, we have women crying into batter because they have to bake their own cake. How embarrassing. Needless to say, the US feminists, who know nothing about real suffering, pounced all over this story, elevating this young woman to sainthood faster than you could say strawberry shortcake.

However, things didn’t pan out as they had hoped. But before we delve into that, let’s look at the original story that emerged about this so-called struggling single mom.

Independent UK:

A single mother has received support online after she filmed herself crying over making her own birthday cake.

In a video posted to TikTok this week, user Elizabeth (@morethanelizabeth) shared footage from her kitchen, where she was baking cupcakes. The mother cried as she poured flour into a bowl, and wiped away tears after filling the baking sheet.

“Being a single mom is making your own birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you,” Elizabeth wrote over the video, which was set to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. In her caption, the mother added: “Geez I’m tired of hurting.”

Since it was posted earlier this week, her video has received more than 37m views on TikTok. However, not everyone was sympathetic toward Elizabeth’s struggle as a single mom.

That was the sappy, dramatic narrative we were all sold, and feminists devoured it like boxed wine and cookie dough. However, as we all know by now, every story has two sides, and what you see online is rarely the real story. Elizabeth’s former husband has weighed in on the viral video, offering a completely different and rather disturbing perspective on what kind of person and parent Elizabeth truly is—and he brought receipts.

The clip on the left is the original “cake baking” video. The clip on the right showcases the ex-husband’s version of events.

It’s truly amazing how easy it is to twist the truth just to make a buck or two. We see a lot of that from our politicians and media. What’s equally impressive is how many people will swallow a fake story, hook, line, and sinker, as long as it feeds their sense of virtue and supports the favored left-wing agenda. Right now, it’s very ‘in’ for women, who claim to be as strong as men, to portray themselves as helpless victims. Yes, it’s a really confusing and convoluted message that makes no sense. On one hand, you’re a ‘girl boss’ who can run the world better than any man. On the other hand, you’re an emotional wreck, bawling into your cake batter. Ladies, pick a lane and stay in it.