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The million-dollar question is: Why won’t Speaker Johnson stop Jack Smith and his political hit job? The only logical answer is that he doesn’t want to. When he had the chance, he balked and, whether inadvertently or on purpose, threw his support behind the regime’s top “assassin.”

This headline should tell you all you need to know about Mike’s agenda.

Mike claims you can’t “wave a wand” and end the special counsel. This is the same guy who fought tooth and nail for Ukraine, against the wishes of the people who elected him. He won’t even lift a finger to fight for something we want, something that would make him a “hero” on the right. So, what does that tell you? It tells you that Mike is more comfortable appeasing the left than he is the right.


Speaker Mike Johnson rejected calls from Republican hard-liners to defund special counsel Jack Smith during an interview with Politico which was broadcast on Thursday.

House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, a committed Donald Trump supporter, has made a number of bids to end funding to Smith, a special counsel for the Department of Justice, over the past year. However in the interview, Johnson claimed you can’t “wave a wand and just eliminate the special counsel.”

Smith is overseeing two of the ongoing criminal cases against Trump, over claims he mishandled classified documents after leaving office in January 2021 and broke the law attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election result. The former president has pleaded not guilty to all counts and claims the charges against him are politically motivated.

Referring to calls for Smith to lose federal funding, in a bid to frustrate his legal actions against Trump, Johnson said: “That’s not something you wave a wand and just eliminate the special counsel as a provision.”

He went on to defend the function of special prosecutors, who are appointed to investigate suspected wrongdoing in a specific case. Johnson commented: “There is a necessity for a function like that because sometimes the Department of Justice, which is an executive branch agency, can’t necessarily, without a conflict of interest investigate or prosecute the president who’s their boss, or the president’s family.”

It would be easy to dismiss this as another misguided “do-gooder” move from a GOP that doesn’t know how to fight. But, let’s be honest, that argument is getting old. It’s looking more like a coordinated behind-the-scenes effort to help oust President Trump. We say this because Speaker Johnson is talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, he calls the attacks against President Trump “weaponizing of the federal government.” On the other hand, he praises the work of special counsels and refuses to defund a clear regime weapon.

These actions are what infuriate lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Real America’s Voice:

Why Won’t Mike Johnson Stop Jack Smith?

@RepMTG (R-GA-14) tells Steve Bannon that it was repulsive to watch House Speaker Mike Johnson complain about a federal government weaponizing against President Trump. Greene said Johnson has done nothing to try to stop Special Counsel Jack Smith. “I have a bill to completely defund the special counsel. If only we had a speaker of the House who had the guts to take it to the floor for a vote,” Greene said. “What he’s concerned about is Republicans not voting for it. I’d love to see those Republicans vote against it. I would love to see these Republicans who are in their primaries right now, who are actually in their general elections, vote against the corrupt special prosecutor.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is on a crusade to shut down Jack Smith at the very heart of his scheme. The only roadblock she faces is Mike Johnson, the guy who’s supposed to be on “our side.”

Many believe that Mike Johnson has been compromised, meaning the Feds got to him through “highly classified briefings” and either scared him into submission or threatened him. We may never know which, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how Mike is working both in front of and behind the cameras to help the left achieve their goals, all while pretending he cares about justice and “weaponizing the government” against President Trump.

The only light at the end of this dark, swampy tunnel is that the pressure may be getting to Speaker Johnson, as he is now “mulling over” the idea of defunding Jack Smith. Although most believe this is nothing more than a strategic soundbite that won’t amount to much.

Fox News:

Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., floated the possibility of defunding the U.S. Office of Special Counsel on Wednesday, the day after he pledged to “rein in” Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into former President Trump.

“There’s a lot of different ideas. People are alarmed that the special counsel, in that capacity, has been abused in recent years,” Johnson said in answer to a Fox News Digital question at his weekly press conference. “How does Congress correct that error and ensure that a special counsel is not abusing their authority? You know, we have oversight, of course, we also have the power of the purse.”

However, knowing this coward’s record, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath. If this guy is as compromised as many believe, he’s just getting started helping the left make their anti-Trump dreams come true.