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At a recent congressional oversight hearing diving into Biden’s controversial Executive Order 14019—which many think is just a tool to help non-US citizens vote—the Office of Management and Budget team was dodging bullets left and right. When grilled about preventing this EO from being used by illegals to vote, one of their top guys just spit out some political mumbo-jumbo and totally side-stepped the question.

Dems whip up complex, controversial election EOs like this beast, but asking for an ID before someone votes is off-limits? Gee, and they wonder why the American people are concerned about the integrity of US elections.

You can read EO #14019 by clicking here.

This exchange should send a chill down the spine of every American. Watching this, it’s easy to worry that 2024 might just be a replay of 2020—or even messier.

Wall Street Apes:

Congress Attempts Oversight Over US Office of Management and Budget For Joe Biden’s Executive Order # 14019 ‘Promoting Access to Voting’

Watch as the Management at Office of Management and Budget REFUSES to Answer how this EO won’t be used to help illegal migrants vote

“What actions are you taking or have you taken in your office to ensure that people residing here illegally are ineligible to vote?”

He then proceeds to ramble the typical Washington garbage that makes no sense and doesn’t answer the question.

He is then asked again:

“It seems to me that on time and time again in this occasion regarding this EO, that the plans remain unavailable to the public, unavailable to Congress. Why would that be?”

He then refuses to answer again. This is shocking and worth watching.

The 2024 election is being rigged right before our eyes.

Executive Order 14019 claims to focus on enhancing the right to vote and supposedly puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of protecting and promoting free and fair elections. To many, especially after the 2020 fiasco, that seems almost laughable. Either way, the EO highlights supposed historical (and ongoing) challenges faced by people of color, disabled people, and Americans living abroad accessing their voting rights due to things like voter registration issues, a lack of election information, and physical obstacles at polling places. The EO then goes on to outline ways to expand voter registration and the availability of election information, like distributing voter registration forms, easy access to online registration systems, and multilingual election information. To many, this sounds like a cheatfest in the making. This isn’t a tinfoil hate conspiracy, because, as you saw from the video, there’s a lot of reason for skepticism. While the EO claims to promote inclusiveness and accessibility in voting, there could and likely would be a lot of misuse, especially when it comes to shenanigans surrounding voter registration (which is already a mess) and illegals taking advantage of and voting in US elections. Let’s be real—this EO spreads voter registration far and wide across federal agencies and services. This makes many Americans rightfully nervous about whether there are enough checks and balances in place to stop abuse and make sure illegals aren’t registering to vote.

Spoiler alert: there aren’t enough checks and balances, and that’s probably by design.

Weaving voter registration into everyday activities at federal agencies is a disaster waiting to happen. Also, the big push for “multilingual support” and reaching out to “minority groups” might sound great to a unicorn liberal, but for the rest of us, it raises a massive red flag, suggesting that pro-illegal groups will pounce. Our already muddled voter rolls will undoubtedly get worse, making it a cinch for illegals to sway our elections.

Again, by design?