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Something very interesting happened on “The View.” Sure, there was the moment Bill Maher had to gently explain to Joy Behar that she’d lost all credibility due to her shameless shilling for Biden. But beyond that little tidbit, Behar inadvertently revealed the distorted, bizarre mindset of a Biden voter. She knows Joe isn’t up for the job. She’s aware of his endless issues, but she’s terrified of being honest about his failures and his decrepit “cadaver-like” persona because she doesn’t want to do anything to help President Trump. So, instead of telling the truth, Joy does what nearly all Biden voters do—she buries her head in the sand and lies.

Meanwhile, this is happening in nearly every single poll. The American people aren’t buying the hooey Joy Behar is selling.

At one point during her conversation with Maher, Joy reluctantly admits that Joe may seem “old,” but she’s so knee-deep in self-induced propaganda and denial that she actually claims—with a straight face—that his mind is still sharp.

Does this look like a sharp mind to you?

By the way, it’s well known that loud, unexpected noises are known to frighten Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Joe Biden is not okay, and the American people see it every day, right before their very eyes.

So, what’s going on with legendary liberal Bill Maher? Well, many consider him to be “controlled opposition” because of how effectively he puts a sane/rational spin on the radical, “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” Democrat Party, impresses with his common-sense takes, and his willingness to go against the extreme woke/progressive grain. Maher will spend an hour bashing Democratic lunacy, but no matter how crazy, insane, and downright dangerous things get, he will still stand there and urge his audience to vote for every Democrat that drifts down the pike. He’s not on our side, and he hasn’t been “red-pilled.” Bill is just doing his job—keeping the moderate Dems on the plantation by making them think that not all Dems are stark-raving mad. Remember that next time he says something that makes perfect sense. There’s likely a much deeper method to his own madness, and the same goes for his “gentle” schooling of discredited motormouth Joy Behar.

While Joy shreds her credibility and reputation in a metaphorical woodchipper, the American people aren’t fooled—they know exactly what’s going on, as this picture, shared by James Woods, very clearly shows.

81 million legal votes, eh?