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You have to wonder, why is our government—left and right—so hell-bent on making sure DEI is the cornerstone of our country? Even after the Supreme Court struck down race-focused admissions, Congress is quietly trying to put DEI back into colleges and every other aspect of American life.


When the Supreme Court put the brakes on Harvard’s race-based admissions practices, the backlash from the left was loud. What else is new? However, the bulk of the American people agree with the Supreme Court, and while the left is very loud, they’re actually a vocal minority, convinced they have some moral authority to dictate the rules the rest of us live by. Despite how unpopular the DEI movement is, the left is pushing to reinstate this unfair practice in college and all over the US with a sneaky legislative move. A bill currently slithering its way through Congress will embed racial, gender, and religious quotas into nearly every part of American life—housing, employment, healthcare, insurance, and credit decisions are all on the chopping block—and is set to become battlegrounds for DEI if this new bill passes.

But here’s the kicker: this push is disguised as a bipartisan “victory” for privacy rights. It’s not at all. But it’s so cleverly disguised that once again, Republicans have been duped into believing they’re championing a long-overdue resolution to privacy disputes and have already thrown their support behind it.

Typical GOP move. Nobody actually reads these massive bills, do they? However, what the GOP—and much of the public—fail to realize is that the “American Privacy Act of 2024” is nothing but a Trojan horse, sneakily reintroducing massive DEI quotas under the radar. It’s a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario, where what’s being promoted as privacy protection is actually drastically reshaping society under the banner of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, our lawmakers, media, and left-wing activists are pushing hard to implement DEI across the nation. Why? Because there’s no easier way to control a massive group of people than by positioning themselves as smarter and more powerful than the so-called experts.

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The woman running admissions at the UCLA School of Medicine is clearly way out of her league. So, what’s the solution to that problem? Just dumb down the entire school, so she and her counterparts feel right at home.

Free Beacon:

Long considered one of the best medical schools in the world, the University of California, Los Angeles’s David Geffen School of Medicine receives as many as 14,000 applications a year. Of those, it accepted just 173 students in the 2023 admissions cycle, a record-low acceptance rate of 1.3 percent. The median matriculant took difficult science courses in college, earned a 3.8 GPA, and scored in the 88th percentile on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

Without those stellar stats, some doctors at the school say, students can struggle to keep pace with the demanding curriculum.

So when it came time for the admissions committee to consider one such student in November 2021—a black applicant with grades and test scores far below the UCLA average—some members of the committee felt that this particular candidate, based on the available evidence, was not the best fit for the top-tier medical school, according to two people present for the committee’s meeting.

Their reservations were not well-received.

When an admissions officer voiced concern about the candidate, the two people said, the dean of admissions, Jennifer Lucero, exploded in anger.

“Did you not know African-American women are dying at a higher rate than everybody else?” Lucero asked the admissions officer, these people said. The candidate’s scores shouldn’t matter, she continued,  because “we need people like this in the medical school.”

Here’s a photo of Ms. Lucero:

Jennifer Lucero, MD, MA: Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Efforts in Anesthesiology - Anesthesiology | UCLA Health

An underwhelming DEI employee like Jennifer is more concerned with appearing woke and progressive than with the damage they’re causing. By pushing through mediocre and subpar candidates, just like themselves, they’re literally destroying everything they touch. Our “experts” are already on very shaky ground, but if this hiring and admissions agenda continues, things are bound to get much worse down the road. The Free Beacon piece goes on:

Since Lucero took over medical school admissions in June 2020, several of her colleagues have asked the same question. In interviews with the Free Beacon and complaints to UCLA officials, including investigators in the university’s Discrimination Prevention Office, faculty members with firsthand knowledge of the admissions process say it has prioritized diversity over merit, resulting in progressively less qualified classes that are now struggling to succeed.

Race-based admissions have turned UCLA into a “failed medical school,” said one former member of the admissions staff. “We want racial diversity so badly, we’re willing to cut corners to get it.”

How does this make you feel? At this rate, a medical degree from the UC system will be viewed as garbage. Consider this: one of the so-called “best” medical schools in the United States is now deliberately advancing subpar candidates, all to score “woke” points and soothe the guilty consciences of white liberals—at our expense. You’re the poor schlep who will wind up with this inept doctor someday down the road, and who knows how that will impact your life? The sad truth is that we’ve traded excellence for charity, and now we’re left wondering why we’re stuck with cruddy, ineffective vaccines, students who struggle with basic math, and airplanes that are literally falling out of the sky.

This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts because its implications are incredibly serious and could have far-reaching, horrific outcomes. We’ve published a slew of stories on the dangers of DEI, which are definitely worth checking out. You’ll see exactly how this doomsday movement, with its focus on mediocrity, is literally destroying what made America great—our striving for excellence.


The aggressive substitution of merit in favor of diversity has led to a so-called competency crisis, jeopardizing not only our ability to generate innovative technology but, in a more dire sense, our ability to simply maintain the proper functioning of various complex systems vital to our existence as a first-world civilization. Despite the superficiality of “diversity” as a matter of rhetoric, the reality of diversity as an ideological, cultural, and legal imperative is not merely cosmetic—far from it.

While a full treatment of this topic would run far outside the scope of this article, we have discussed elsewhere the manner and extent to which the affirmative action regime is embedded deeply into the law, economy, and every major institution in the country.

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And now, with the changes unfolding at UCLA, there’s no doubt—it’s not a coincidence. This is a direct result of ineptitude and celebrating subpar performers.


This abrupt change in hiring practices for the sake of affirmative action left nearly 3,000 aspiring ATCs suddenly ineligible for employment because they did not fit the FAA’s new preferred racial profile. Andrew Brigida was one such student who spent forty thousand dollars and four years on his degree, achieved the highest possible score on the FAA’s aptitude test, and was still filtered out for being white. He is now leading a class-action lawsuit against the FAA.

As it turns out, the new hiring criteria indeed worked like a charm—quality be damned—but it produced fewer whites and more diversity, and that’s what really matters. A subsequent analysis of these policies observed that racial diversity indeed increased as a direct consequence of removing the aptitude tests administered by AT-CTI school and explicitly selecting for race. How surprising! More than ten years later, the nation faces an extremely elevated risk of an aviation disaster. What a deal!

You can read the entire piece below:

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety

Aaron Siberian, the reporter from Free Beacon, highlights another point from a leading civil rights legal scholar, Professor David Bernstein. If even a fraction of what they say about the UCLA School of Medicine is true, they’re in deep, deep legal trouble.

Here’s the professor’s full tweet:

You’d have to go pretty far for me to say that a medical school should either be sued entirely out of existence or denied any additional federal funds, which would amount to the same thing. But if even half the allegations in this article are true, UCLA Medical School should cease to exist, and should be replaced by a new institution that (a) obeys the law; and (b) cares about the competence of the students it graduates.

America has plummeted to depths some of us never thought possible, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. We’re now at the point where the color of someone’s skin, their gender, or their sexual preference now trumps quality work and excellence. But hey, when that UCLA School of Medicine doctor accidentally leaves a scalpel in your stomach, don’t worry—you can die happy knowing she was a black lesbian. And in the end, that’s all that really matters, right?