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Democrats are worried. They’re concerned about Biden’s plummeting poll numbers and how radicalized the left has become—like savages in the wild. They’re driving many average Americans away and pushing them closer and closer to President Trump. But it’s not just the chaos on their side of the aisle that scares them. As this left-wing political disaster unfolds, they see the right capitalizing on it with some dazzling and engaging personalities who are preaching common sense and good values in a very clever and effective way.

So, who are they terrified of these days? Well, his name is John McEntee, and they have good reason to be scared—he’s a former top Trump official turned cultural entrepreneur, and he’s taking the country by storm. So much so that Democrat activist Parker Krex recently posted a “deep dive” on John, alerting other left-wingers to his popular movement. Just listen to the fear and loathing in his words. It’ll warm the cockles of your heart.

Such smear campaigns would be disgusting if they didn’t remind us how utterly terrified the regime journos are of effective people like McEntee. The author “Parker” here is clearly nervous, and he has an agenda.

Parker Krex:

This is the crazy true story of how a Trump-appointed election denier went on to start a dating app and is now leading a Christian nationalist project to alter American governance as we know it. This story only gets crazier as it goes on, so strap in.

John McEntee was hired in the early days of the Trump administration to be the President’s body man. He went everywhere Trump did, and was always right by his side. He was even referred to by some as “Deputy President.” However, this came to an abrupt end.

Upon a background check and security clearance review, the Trump White House found out that he was under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for financial crimes. He was quickly fired by then-Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Immediately upon his departure, the Trump campaign swooped him up to be a senior advisor, despite his ongoing financial crime investigation.

In January 2020 he was rehired by the White House to lead the Presidential Personnel Office. PPO is in charge of hiring/firing all political appointees in the administration. McEntee had no management experience.

President Trump tasked McEntee with removing all appointees who were not deemed sufficiently loyal. McEntee turned PPO into a secret police force.

In one instance, an administration official was reprimanded for liking a Taylor Swift photo on Instagram since she was pro-Biden. But McEntee used his position in power for more than just hiring/firing matters…

McEntee led a concentrated effort to convince Mike Pence and his staff that they were able to overturn the election results on January 6th.

McEntee incorrectly asserted that Thomas Jefferson “Used His Position as VP to Win” the 1801 election, which McEntee claimed “proves that the VP has, at a minimum, a substantial discretion to address issues with the electoral process.”

After January 6th and Biden’s inauguration, McEntee focused on starting a tech company. He eventually landed on the idea of “The Right Stuff,” a conservatives-only dating app with the slogan “profiles without pronouns.”

He even obtained huge name investors such as Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and noted Republican donor. Thiel say if as part of a trend for conservatives to create alternative conservative media outlets.

The dating app isn’t doing to well, mainly because not enough women have signed up. McEntee’s marketing for the app consists of various TikToks of “gotcha” arguments against liberals, all of which contain some sort of rhetorical fallacy.

I can’t even explain how crazy some of these TikToks are. You just have to search him up yourself and watch them. In one recent one he says he gives homeless people counterfeit money so that they are arrested when they try to spend it. I wish I was kidding.

Now, McEntee leads a portion of Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s plan to change American governance as we know it if Trump is elected.

McEntee is in charge of Project 2025’s personnel database of Trump loyal government appointees. This is described as “institutionalizing Trumpism” in the federal government for decades to come.

Some of Project 2025’s other goals are to immediately ban abortion, “recognize America as a Christian nation,” repeal all climate portions of the Inflation Reduction Act, and put America back on the gold standard.

If Trump is reelected, McEntee will have an incredible amount of influence upon the administration. He would likely be the man in charge of changing American governance as we know it by filling the government with Trump-aligned employees rather than merit.

The left is so terrified of John that The Atlantic, arguably one of the flagship publications of the establishment regime, even published an outlandish “fear mongering” piece back in 2021 called “THE MAN WHO MADE JANUARY 6 POSSIBLE.” That piece provided the source material for our intrepid friend Parker’s thread cited above.


There’s a very good reason why John has become a TikTok sensation. He’s mastered the art of turning common-sense thoughts into snappy, viral snark. In fact, his success is a fantastic example of why Revolver (like Trump himself) has always thought the conservative attempts to ban Tik Tok have been foolish and misguided. Rather than ban the platform and increase the marketshare of Google and Facebook (far more dangerous and censorious than Tik Tok), why not have more talented people on the right use Tik Tok for good?

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Here’s a sample of some of Johnny’s greatest hits:


US government be like #fyp

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff


College is not for everyone #fyp

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff


Anyone else old fashioned? #fyp

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff


Insurance is a scam #fyp

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff


Salad why #fyp credit: Jimmy Dore

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff


End the wars #fyp extra sprinkles

♬ original sound – Date Right Stuff



The regime has a lot more reason to attack Johnny than just his Tik Tok, however. We mentioned that he was a top official in the first Trump administration, but what is more important is that he was one of the very few who truly believed in and was willing to fight for the agenda Trump ran on in 2016. The establishment media went apoplectic when it came out that Johnny almost single-handedly engineered an end to the Afghanistan war, only to be overruled by war-drunk generals at the last minute.

The irony is that these war-loving snakes likely wouldn’t have been around had Johnny had more time to carry out his agenda within the personnel office of purging the Trump White House of backstabbers and saboteurs working around the clock to subvert the agenda Trump ran on. The media, of course, was scandalized by the fact that, as head of personnel for Trump, Johnny actually expected executive branch employees to like Trump and support his agenda—the horror!

As to this gentleman’s Tik Tok career: The American people are craving common sense and logic to counter the insanity from the left, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the guy serving it up is easy on the eyes and always enjoying a plate of delicious food. After all, with food, good looks, and logic, what’s not to like? If you’d like to learn more about the popular dating app for conservatives and patriots, “The Right Stuff,” please click here:

And with Trump’s poll numbers being as strong as they are and Biden looking as rickety as ever, something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Johnny in the White House either.