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The FBI is at it again, going after US citizens with a little help from Speaker Johnson and the rest of Congress, who voted to extend the FBI’s 702 FISA powers. Remember, these are the same powers they used illegally against President Trump and his team without ever facing the consequences. Now, they’re back in action, ready to crank up the wiretaps, all thanks to our “captured” lawmakers. As a matter of fact, about 20 minutes before becoming Speaker, Mike Johnson was against the FBI’s warrantless wiretaps. But that stance took a quick turn after the feds got him alone in a locked room and really worked him over.

The Hill:

But as Speaker, Johnson has done a full 180, opposing a new warrant requirement for Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) — and infuriating Judiciary members who feel that requirement is crucial for preventing Justice Department abuses.

“These were views that the Speaker deeply held, like, 20 minutes ago,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said Wednesday shortly before leading an effort to tank a procedural vote that would have kicked off debate on the broader FISA reform bill.

Johnson isn’t disguising the change of tune, saying the reversal is a simple function of learning more about the program as Speaker and deciding it’s vital to national security — and that his earlier criticisms were off target.

“When I was a member of Judiciary, I saw all of the abuses of the FBI — there were terrible abuses, over and over and over,” Johnson told reporters in the Capitol on Wednesday evening.

“And then when I became Speaker, I went to the SCIF and got the confidential briefing from sort of the other perspective on that, to understand the necessity of Section 702 of FISA and how important it is for national security. And it gave me a different perspective,” he continued, using an abbreviation for sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

Now, thanks to Johnson and the rest of the uniparty turncoats in Congress, the FBI is practically drooling over the prospect of spying with impunity on unsuspecting Americans. They’ll likely kick things off with Trump supporters, keep the ball rolling with more Trump supporters, and then really zero in on—guess who?—Trump supporters. You know the drill.

J Michael Waller:

WIRED: New @FBI email revelation shows MORE surveillance planned after Congress extended FISA 702 powers.

“The deputy director’s email seems to show that the FBI is actively pushing for more surveillance of Americans, not out of necessity but as a default,” says @RepZoeLofgren (D-CA). “This directly contradicts earlier assertions from the FBI during the debate over Section 702’s reauthorization.”

The fact that the American people got sold down the river again shouldn’t surprise anyone. Revolver has been on top of this story, shedding light on “congressional capture” and what it really means. In a nutshell, the intel community corners lawmakers in a room and “briefs” them until they fold and back the regime’s agenda.


In a shockingly short period of time, Speaker Johnson went from a MAGA hopeful to a Deep State stooge. This drastic change has many people asking: Was he always a snake in the grass, or did they manage to blackmail him into becoming their dutiful little puppet? Well, it’s likely a very complex issue with many layers, but one thing seems clear: Speaker Johnson likely fell victim to a very coordinated CIA plot. This strategy is often used against our government officials to ensure they toe the line with the uni-party regime. The more we uncover and discuss, the more we realize just how deep these tactics go into manipulating our leaders. The good news is that this topic is gaining traction, with influential voices like conservative cartoonist legend Scott Adams chiming in. We appreciate how Scott Adams has brilliantly managed to break down what the CIA is doing into simple layman’s terms. It’s refreshing and enlightening to have such complex issues made accessible and understandable for everyone quickly. Scott took to X and, in just about five sentences, he summed up decades of CIA covert operations against our lawmakers and the American people.

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The details of this story are all too familiar. It’s as if everything just magically fell into place for the FBI, who desperately needed the 702 program to keep weaponizing their powers against the regime’s political dissidents, and Congress made sure that happened. They’re definitely not working for us, that’s for darn sure.


A top FBI official is encouraging employees to continue to investigate Americans using a warrantless foreign surveillance program in an effort to justify the bureau’s spy powers, according to an internal email obtained by WIRED.

Known as Section 702, the program is controversial for having been misused by the FBI to target US protesters, journalists, and even a sitting member of Congress. US lawmakers, nevertheless, voted to extend the program in April for an additional two years, while codifying a slew of procedures that the FBI claims is working to stop the abuse.

Obtained by WIRED, an April 20 email authored by FBI deputy director Paul Abbate to employees states: “To continue to demonstrate why tools like this are essential to our mission, we need to use them, while also holding ourselves accountable for doing so properly and in compliance with legal requirements.” [Emphasis his.]

Added Abbate: “I urge everyone to continue to look for ways to appropriately use US person queries to advance the mission, with the added confidence that this new pre-approval requirement will help ensure that those queries are fully compliant with the law.”

“The deputy director’s email seems to show that the FBI is actively pushing for more surveillance of Americans, not out of necessity but as a default,” says US representative Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California. “This directly contradicts earlier assertions from the FBI during the debate over Section 702’s reauthorization.”

Mike Benz, author and director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, hit the nail on the head with his scathing assessment of what Congress just did to the American people. He nailed it when he basically said our braindead lawmakers handed the keys to the kingdom to one of the most crooked agencies on the planet.

Here’s a closeup of the images that Mike shared:

Who’s watching the watchmen? Well, thanks to Congress, it looks like the watchmen are the only ones watching themselves. It sounds like a twisted joke, right? Welcome to the US government, where some argue we’re not much different from tyrannical regimes like North Korea, Iran, and even Russia—except we wear a friendly mask and hold our pinky fingers out while we torture, abuse, and trample our citizens, and oddly enough, the majority of American people roll over and take it.