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So, it turns out that the majority of Muslim migrants aren’t the massive group of hard-core workhorses we had hoped for. Quite the opposite, actually. Data stretching back to 2011 reveals that this group of migrants and refugees isn’t doing much to give back to their host countries or contribute positively to society. Are you shocked? This data from 2011 highlights the full-time work habits of Muslim males aged 16–74 in the UK, and the picture it paints isn’t too flattering. If they’re not working, it’s the taxpayers who end up footing the bill. Yet, the propaganda peddlers at The Guardian would have us believe this is all due to “Islamophobia”—never considering maybe this wave of immigrants is just taking advantage of the system.

However, the UK stats, while older, are backed up by 2021 data from the Danes. This newer data shows that Middle Eastern men in Denmark aren’t contributors either.

Here’s a closeup of the image:

The Economist calls this issue “complicated,” but it’s really not. It’s pretty straightforward, and most people are catching on to the scam. In fact, the Danish, along with other European communities, are totally fed up with the left’s failed “diversity is our strength” mantra. They’re now scrambling for the quickest, cleanest exit strategy.

The Economist: 

Mette Frederiksen, Denmark’s prime minister, has set a goal of “zero asylum-seekers”. On December 13th a Danish court sentenced Inger Stoejberg, who was immigration minister in an earlier centre-right government, to 60 days in jail for ordering unlawfully that married asylum-seekers younger than 18 be housed separately from their spouses. She says the policy’s intent was to discourage child marriage. Anti-immigrant parties hail her as a martyr.

Denmark is hardly the only country to pull up the drawbridge. Europe suffered political convulsions after an influx of refugees in 2015; most governments are eager to avoid a repeat. But in some ways Denmark stands out. Unlike their counterparts in Hungary, say, its politicians do not denounce immigrants to distract attention from their own failings. Denmark differs from neighbouring Sweden, which in 2015 took in more Syrian asylum-seekers as a share of its population than any other European country except Turkey. Sweden “cherishes multiculturalism”, says Tina Gudrun Jensen, an anthropologist at Malmo University. “In Denmark multiculturalism is really a negative word.”

You can’t blame the Danish (and others) for their frustration. Resources in the country are being drained by Muslim migrants who either refuse to work or are unable to work and positively contribute to society for whatever reason.

The countries welcoming these so-called refugees and migrants, including the US, aren’t attracting the best and brightest. More often than not, we’re dealing with economic charity cases—people lured by tales of easy “free money” from the West, eager to cash in.

Realistically, we’re not bringing in wayward migrants who are so thankful for safety that they’re determined to work hard and give back to society as a “thank you” for the welcome.

Heck, here in the US, the “migrants” who storm our border just keep demanding more and more freebies.

Besides that, there’s the whole rape issue that nobody wants to talk about.

Sure, occasionally, you find some grateful, hardworking folks who illegally cross borders, searching for safety and a better life, but it’s definitely not the norm these days, as this disturbing data clearly shows.