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The Biden Regime was angling for a bloodbath at Mar-a-Lago. Why else would Merrick Garland authorize the use of deadly force against a former US president? Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the American people have discovered just how macabre and sinister this regime truly is and how desperate they are to get rid of Trump, the left-wing janitorial crew is scrambling to clean up. They’re claiming what went down at Mar-a-Lago was just ‘business as usual. If you buy that, you probably also believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election with 81 million “legal” votes, and you’re beyond help. Actually, conservative pundit and podcaster Charlie Kirk said it best:

If you are dumb enough to believe it’s standard operating procedure for the FBI to:

– Raid a former president’s home
– Authorize lethal force against “FPOTUS” and staff
– Prepare to confront US Secret Service
– War game possible casualties with a medic on standby
– Because of a documents dispute…

Than you are an enemy of America.

Let’s not forget that Merrick Garland himself authorized the search. This wasn’t just any routine operation, and the American people know it. Bannon believes Biden’s grubby fingerprints are all over this. He points to Trump’s declassification of the classified documents that could send Obama and his cronies down the river.

This regime plot to storm Mar-a-Lago with deadly force was so over the top that even senior FBI agents knew it was an absolutely crazy idea, and they fought against it but ultimately lost out.

Ironically, as this horrific nightmare plays out before the American public, the left is actually whining that if Trump wins, he will kill his political enemies. You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s a closeup of the image Mollie shared:

As we know, the regime’s prosecutors eventually won out, getting their chance for a showdown at the Mar-a-Lago corral, which would have been the cherry on top of their political sundae. This would give their media stooges something to report on 24/7. The narrative would likely have gone something like this:

“Criminal former president and his security team open fire on patriotic FBI agents entering Mar-a-Lago to save democracy.”

The Washington Post:

Prosecutors ultimately prevailed in that dispute, one of several previously unreported clashes in a tense tug of war between two arms of the Justice Department over how aggressively to pursue a criminal investigation of a former president. The FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on Aug. 8, recovering more than 100 classified items, among them a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities.

Starting in May, FBI agents in the Washington field office had sought to slow the probe, urging caution given its extraordinary sensitivity, the people said.
Some of those field agents wanted to shutter the criminal investigation altogether in early June, after Trump’s legal team asserted a diligent search had been conducted and all classified records had been turned over, according to some people with knowledge of the discussions.

The idea of closing the probe was not something that was discussed or considered by FBI leadership and would not have been approved, a senior law enforcement official said.

This account reveals for the first time the degree of tension among law enforcement officials and behind-the-scenes deliberations as they wrestled with a national security case that has potentially far-reaching political consequences.

The disagreements stemmed in large part from worries among officials that whatever steps they took in investigating a former president would face intense scrutiny and second-guessing by people inside and outside the government.

The very same people who call this insane behavior “normal” in the United States would absolutely fall to pieces if something even remotely similar happened to Obama. However, when it comes to President Trump, the masses on the left adopt a warped mindset where nothing is off limits—by any means necessary—and the end justifies the means. This unbalanced, twisted nonsense is all based around a nearly decade-long hoax cooked up by regime politicians and their media cronies, which claims that President Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and must be stopped at all costs—no matter how extreme or how “un-American” it seems.

As you can imagine, the left is furious that Trump-appointed Judge Cannon peeled back the mask on the DOJ.

To these left-wing zealots, what they’re doing is saving America and humanity from the darkest form of evil. What they fail to see is that they’re actually dismantling everything our Founding Fathers worked so hard to build. They simply don’t care. They’re programmed to hate and fear Trump.

Remember when Biden openly said in 2022 he was going to make sure Trump “will not take power”?

Is this why Merrick Garland overruled the FBI and told them to use deadly force if necessary when raiding President Trump’s home?

Make no mistake – this was all planned in the Oval Office

Just like when Biden, Obama, and the CIA spied on Trump’s campaign and office in 2016

And they call Trump the dictator


The truth is, these Democrat Marxists see themselves as heroes, so naturally, calling on the FBI to storm the home of a former US president with “deadly force” orders seems like the right thing to do. And in case you ever wonder how tyrants rise to power and entire free countries crumble and fall, it’s thanks to sick and twisted mindsets like this.