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Blinken’s sudden and surprise trip to Ukraine got off to a rocky start. It turns out, much to his dismay, that officials in Ukraine have been pocketing our tax dollars—funds meant for their defense—while cities fall to Russia. That’s right, you’re in a country with its own border issues, paying 23 bucks for a pack of chicken, just so your hard-earned tax dollars can go to securing Ukraine’s borders and lining the pockets of their elites.

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Blinken also caught a lot of flak for “rocking out” in a so-called “war zone.” The budding musician jammed “Rockin’ in the Free World” in a country that canceled its elections—a move Blinken embraced.

But believe it or not, things got even worse for Tony. The US Secretary of State popped into a pizza joint for a cozy dinner, only to find out he was breaking bread with a war criminal in a restaurant plastered with Nazi symbols and prideful references to the Odessa Trade Union Massacre, which took place in 2014. For those who aren’t aware of that stain on history, here’s some background below.

The House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine, burns on May 2, 2014.

People’s World:

On May 2, 2014, heavily-armed fascist militia forces attacked the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine. Trapped inside were demonstrators opposed to the right-wing government in Kiev that had been put in place in a U.S.-orchestrated coup just weeks earlier.

The new government had been established in the wake of the February 2014 “Euromaidan” protests that overthrew the corrupt albeit democratically-elected administration of President Viktor Yanukovych. Trying to play Russia and the EU off one another to get the best economic deal for Ukraine when he was in charge, Yanukovych became the target of Western-backed business interests in Ukraine and ultra-nationalist groups. The latter joined together, with U.S. support, to carry out a coup and sent Yanukovych running for Moscow.

In the wake of that coup, labor unions and left-wing parties were severely repressed in Ukraine, and activists of the Communist Party of Ukraine and other groups were forced underground. Across the country, a campaign of ethnic erasure was launched against Russian-speaking Ukrainians, with the Russian language being banned from public life.

In the mostly Russian regions of eastern Ukraine, a violent war ensued between the Kiev government and separatists. By the end of 2021, it had taken over 15,000 lives. Commanders from openly neo-Nazi and fascist groups like the Azov Battalion were integrated to become brigades of the official Ukrainian Armed Forces and given free rein in the Donbass.

So, by the time that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to invade Ukraine in February 2022, war had already been raging for years in eastern Ukraine. Chances for peace—both before and after the invasion—were repeatedly scuttled, often at the insistence of Kiev’s allies in Washington.

The Odessa trade union massacre was one of the earliest of many atrocities committed in the war in Ukraine. The Right Sector militia celebrated the mass murder that happened that day, calling it “yet another bright page in our fatherland’s history.” None of the perpetrators were ever brought to justice, and some of the massacre’s coordinators even ended up as members of parliament.

While civilized folks would view that massacre as a dark chapter in history, Ukraine has taken a different path by celebrating that and their Nazi past. Remarkably, this takes place in a pizzeria where one of America’s top officials recently had a cozy dinner with a war criminal.

Those people were burned alive in the Odessa Trade Union building. As the building burned, chilling chants of ‘Slava Ukraini’—a slogan often used by disgraced former US Congressman Adam Kinzinger—were proudly sung by the crowd. Tragically, some of the victims were minors. By the end of this dark day, 42 people were burned alive and six were shot dead.

And you won’t be surprised to hear that this massacre has been largely overlooked by Western media, swept under the rug in the global narrative, and everyone celebrates Ukraine.

It was a horrific day marked by death and torture, yet Blinken dines and makes merry in a restaurant that celebrates it.

Typical Biden regime bonehead move, right?

The symbols are easy to spot, but of course, our media won’t spill the beans because it messes with their narrative. They don’t want you to realize they’re actually cheering for neo-Nazis.

Here’s a closeup of the images:

Ukraine has a problem here.


Everyone’s clued in about the Nazi issue, and the only reason the US media has started talking about it is because it’s gotten so blatant it’s nearly impossible to ignore. Nazi symbols are popping up everywhere, just like this pizzeria.

NBC News: 

But even though Putin is engaging in propaganda, it’s also true that Ukraine has a genuine Nazi problem — both past and present. Putin’s destructive actions — among them the devastation of Jewish communities — make clear that he’s lying when he says his goal is to ensure anyone’s welfare. But important as it is to defend the yellow-and-blue flag against the Kremlin’s brutal aggression, it would be a dangerous oversight to deny Ukraine’s antisemitic history and collaboration with Hitler’s Nazis, as well as the latter-day embrace of neo-Nazi factions in some quarters.

On the eve of World War II, Ukraine was home to one the largest Jewish communities in Europe, with estimates as high as 2.7 million, a remarkable number considering the territory’s long record of antisemitism and pogroms. By the end, more than half would perish. When German troops took control of Kyiv in 1941, they were welcomed by “Heil Hitler” banners. Soon after, nearly 34,000 Jews — along with Roma and other “undesirables” — were rounded up and marched to fields outside the city on the pretext of resettlement only to be massacred in what became known as the “Holocaust by bullets.”

However, Ukraine’s affinity for Nazism isn’t just a relic of history. It’s still going on today, which is why Zelensky (who is Jewish) has faced global criticism for his support of the Nazi-affiliated Azov battalion. One time, during a speech where Zelensky appeared alongside a member of Azov, Greek lawmakers in attendance actually walked out in protest.

Fox News even confronted Zelensky about the Nazi battalion.

The irony is thick, and I’m sure you’ve caught it too. For years, we’ve been bombarded with claims that Trump is “literally Hitler” and his supporters are just a reboot of the Third Reich. Meanwhile, the left is proudly waving Ukraine flags and hailing Zelensky as a “war hero.” This is the same guy leading one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, complete with a not-so-secret Nazi fetish.