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There’s no denying that RFK Jr. deserves kudos for his bold stance on the COVID vaccine. He really put himself on the line, speaking up for the unvaccinated during a time when they were being vilified by the propaganda media and political uniparty machine. However, that’s about where his commendable actions end. For conservatives still cheering for RFK Jr., it might be time for a reality check, especially after his recent statements supporting gender reassignment and chemical castration for children.

Additionally, RFK Jr. seems to think that people from red states are more likely to “murder you.” We’re not sure if that theory holds up, especially considering the crime statistics from liberal-run cities. However, this line of thinking shows you where his head is, and it’s not in a place that would support the America First agenda.

Another blow for Team RFK Jr. is his choice of a progressive running mate—Nicole Shanahan—a true blue Silicon Valley mouthpiece. She’s not just all talk; she’s also loaded with cash, likely funneling heaps into RFK Jr.’s campaign to keep it going. And that’s okay because every poll suggests she’s doing more damage to Biden than to President Trump, especially as RFK continues his leftward drift. Shanahan is now locked in a fierce brawl with Team Biden, accusing them of unleashing fiery Dem pundit James Carville to handle their dirty work.

The likely reason Team Biden is pulling out all the stops against RFK Jr. is clear: he’s digging deep into his progressive roots, and as a result, he’s eroding Biden’s already shaky support from the far left. They’re abandoning Biden in droves, angered by his weak stance on Gaza amid the Israel/Palestine dustup. When asked about AOC’s disastrous Green New Deal, which she’s feverishly trying to reboot, RFK Jr. went all-in with his full support.

It’s important to remember that AOC’s Green New Deal spells disaster for the middle class and the US economy and is a key element of the globalist “Great Reset.” It’s a blueprint we must dodge at all costs.

RFK Jr. also just revealed a ghoulish new abortion stance, supporting the practice up right until the moment of birth, according to

At first, Team Biden probably saw the RFK Jr. candidacy as a strategic weapon to siphon votes from President Trump. They figured his stance on the vaccine might win over many on the right. And while that might have been true at first, the bottom line is that RFK Jr. remains a die-hard progressive. His views on COVID and the vaccine were on point, but beyond that, he’s a staunch progressive. Any conservative with a shred of integrity would find it hard to support him in good faith, no matter how severe their Trump Derangement Syndrome might be.