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It probably won’t shock you to learn that while crime soars in the DC Swamp, Biden’s favored prosecutor, Matthew Graves, is fixated on rounding up J6 grannies and grandpas. That’s what the data shows. So, while Graves busies himself keeping America safe from non-violent Americans who merely wandered around the Capitol with a police escort, hardened violent criminals are snagging sweet deals and hitting the streets again.

DC Crime Facts:

DC’s unelected prosecutor: – Declined to prosecute 1/3 of gun cases – Dropped 37% of charged cases – Reduced 50% of convictions to just misdemeanors, usually by offering generous “golden ticket” plea bargains If we want to tackle gun violence, we need a new U.S. Attorney. (1/

Here’s a closeup of the image:

I have refrained from calling for USA Graves’ removal until now. This new gun prosecution data was the breaking point. Compared to 2018, the USAO is securing less than half as many felony convictions for Carrying a Pistol Without a License. This is a policy choice. (2/

You can easily read the entire compelling thread by clicking here.

Graves has a horrid reputation for being soft on real crime.


Washington D.C. ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in America. This is hardly surprising, considering the Democrat DA, Matthew Graves, seems to be sidestepping actual crime to focus on the political persecution of non-violent January 6th participants. In the meantime, innocent civilians are being attacked by emboldened criminals — many of whom are specifically targeting white people, including white toddlers, as in this recent case involving a black thug named Gregory Gibson, who told a 4-year-old white child to sit down and that he was going to kill him.

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The real kicker here is the “why.” Why is Graves so hell-bent on imprisoning “grannies” that he’s letting serious crimes slide? Sure, it seems obvious; he’s on a “MAGA hunt,” but it goes a bit deeper than that.

It’s a question that begs for an answer. Well, investigative reporter Julie Kelly has hit the nail on the head about what Prosecutor Matthew Graves is up to and why. It’s election season, and Joe Biden needs more than just Trump behind bars—he needs a “domestic terrorist” narrative. To sell that narrative, he needs data proving MAGA is the biggest threat to his precious democracy. Enter Graves, who’s busy rounding up J6 grannies and pressuring defendants to plead guilty. Julie points out that the DOJ is desperate to inflate their domestic terrorist statistics before the 2024 election.

This is all about the DOJ padding their stats for Biden. Once again, we’re seeing election interference, a game the left is becoming really skilled at.

The Swamp is a murky pool of like-minded, well-connected political insiders. Think of it as one big elitist bash where we, the peasants, are definitely not on the guest list. And no one is a better example of this “club” than Matthew Graves and his wife. Revolver was quick and early to dive into this story, uncovering a very disturbing pattern and painting a troubling picture of bipartisan weaponization on a grand scale.


[…] Graves’ wife, Fatima Goss Graves, just happens to be a black female lawyer and radical feminist activist who has an “all-access pass” to the White House and runs a $100 million dollar progressive nonprofit slush fund promotes industrial-scale abortion, the transgender ideology, universal basic income, universal healthcare, and racial “equity”.

READ MORE: DC black gunman scores Matthew Graves plea deal after threatening man and son, allegedly saying “sit down, white boy, I’m gonna end you”…

Here’s some more:

The D.C. Swamp is quite the scene. It’s like an elusive country club filled with “lizard people” where decent, regular folks like us are not welcomed. Not that we’re missing out on much. It’s an unappetizing cocktail of the swampiest dregs of humanity who are masquerading as the “good guys. The DC elites have a knack for putting on a show, posing as virtuous saviors, when they’re actually undermining the very foundations our country was built upon. They throw around the word “democracy” like they actually know what it means.

A perfect example of this members only lizard club is a woman named Fatima Goss Graves who has one of the worst Valley Girl vocal fries we’ve ever heard. Chances are you’ve never heard of her, but she’s actually a pretty big player in the D.C. swamp. She’s a hardcore radical left-wing feminist, a CNN contributor, an activist who runs a $100 million dollar progressive nonprofit, and she just so happens to be the wife of Matthew Graves, the D.C. U.S. attorney who is on a feverish witch hunt to imprison American citizens who attended the January 6th rally.

Behold, Mrs. Goss Graves:

Of course, the wife of the man rounding up non-violent J6’ers has full access to the White House. Why wouldn’t she? Again, it’s a members-only party.

You can read the entire compelling Revolver piece by clicking below:

More January 6 dots are connected and a radical woman named Fatima Goss Graves has emerged…

And if, after all of this, you’re still scratching your head wondering why actual gun violence is so incredibly rampant in the liberal Swamp, look no further than the United States Attorney’s Office. They’re not exactly putting up a fierce fight against “gun crime,” despite the propaganda they spew. Just look at the number of cases they’ve dismissed or pled down. Their real focus appears to be locking up non-violent J6 protesters and demonizing decent law-abiding gun owners while the true criminals roam free. This is the new Biden “injustice system,” which seems to favor hardcore criminals. No wonder the US is a violent cesspool.

As you can see, between the “beefing up” of the DOJ’s domestic terror list and radical progressive spouses coordinating with the White House, this appears to be yet another full-throttle attempt by the Dems to employ propaganda, smoke and mirrors, and an assortment of other dirty tricks from their bag to sway a national election in favor of the unpopular, bewildered Joe Biden.