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The big question on everyone’s mind today is why Joe Biden, who can hardly string a coherent sentence together, agreed to debate President Trump, known for his strong debate skills and knack for shredding his opponents. As you likely know, Biden is lagging in the polls behind President Trump. Things are so grim that even the left-leaning Slate admits he’s doomed. Take a look at this doomsday title:

Even left-wing radicals can see the writing on the wall.


New York Times polling freak Nate Cohn (not his official title) published an article Monday about the Times’ latest swing-state surveys, and they found—paraphrasing here—that registered voters, particularly young and nonwhite ones, generally blame Joe Biden, personally, for everything bad that has ever happened or is happening, including inflation and the war in Gaza, and, in some cases, things that are demonstrably not his fault, such as five Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices overturning Roe v. Wade.

Trump led Biden in head-to-head matchups in all five of the key states polled—and, worse yet, the poll did not find that Biden performed any better among likely voters rather than registered voters, or in a three-way race against both Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. That knocks out a major rationalization that Dems have had in circulation, namely that Biden is disproportionately unpopular with Americans who aren’t going to vote anyway or are going to end up voting for RFK Jr. rather than Trump.

Which is to say that, if the question is “How bad is this, really?,” the answer is “Pretty bad!”

“Pretty bad” is an understatement. One of Biden’s biggest issues is that he often sounds like he has dementia—a fact the media has either ignored for years or laughably excused as a “childhood stutter.” Meanwhile, social media is flooded with stories, video clips, and a relentless stream of hilarious memes highlighting Biden’s continuous blunders, mishaps, and “senior moments.”

After Biden’s State of the Union address, President Trump accused him of being “jacked up” on cocaine.


Former President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden of being high on cocaine during his State of the Union speech last month and demanded that the president take a drug test before future debates.

“I think what happened is you know that white stuff that they happened to find, which happened to be cocaine in the White House, I don’t know, I think something’s going on there, because I watched this State of the Union, and he was all jacked up at the beginning,” Trump said during an interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Trump was referencing the discovery last summer of a powdered substance in the White House, which later tested positive for cocaine. The Secret Service was unable to determine who left it there but speculated it was a visitor.

“By the end, he was fading fast,” Trump added. “There’s something going on there.

Honestly, it’s doubtful there are enough “stimulants” on Earth to help Biden get through this.

So, why would a man who struggles to form a coherent thought agree to a debate? The answer might surprise you, though if you’ve been paying attention, you probably saw it coming. Pundits agree that Joe’s strategy to crush President Trump with these sham court trials is backfiring spectacularly. As a result, he’s sinking in the polls, fully exposed, and teetering on the brink of total implosion. Now backed into a corner, he has to debate if he has any hope of some semblance of recovery.

Fox News:

Several media pundits suggested on Wednesday that President Biden’s debate offer to Donald Trump was a badly needed campaign reset, with some likening him to a White House challenger who was “losing” rather than a strong incumbent.

“One of the big questions hanging over this rematch is, are they going to debate? I think if President Biden had his druthers, he may not. He would be a sitting president in a position of strength. Like [Ronald] Reagan only agreed to one debate, but that‘s not the case as we see the polls out there,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny told anchor Jim Acosta.

Biden and Trump are scheduled to debate on June 27 and on Sept. 10, after Biden challenged him to two debates in a video posted to X. The major campaign news came on the heels of a recent survey showing Trump leading Biden by considerable margins in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, and also ahead or just behind in other battleground states that will decide the next president.

Well, by the looks of things, these pundits are likely onto something. The more the regime and uniparty try to silence President Trump, the higher his poll numbers climb. Trump himself pointed this out recently, just before day 18 of the trial.

While it’s appalling, immoral, and unjust what our tyrannical government is doing to President Trump, there’s some satisfaction in seeing their “slam dunk” strategy for his destruction fail so spectacularly. It’s not just a victory for the good guys—it also shows there’s a heck of a lot of hope left in our country and among the American people. So, keep fighting.