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Those “organic” pro-Palestinian protests aren’t looking so organic after all. It appears a progressive group from New York City has been stirring up trouble, rallying angsty, violent students to channel the infamous “Summer of Love” from 2020. Remember that? During the George Floyd riots, left-wingers set cities ablaze in the name of a career felon and drug addict, leading to 20 tragic deaths. It seems history might be trying to repeat itself, and the same liberal instigators are at it again.

According to a new report, just before a group of aggressive pro-Hamas students charged into a building at Columbia University, they were urged to channel the “Summer of 2020.”

It looks familiar, doesn’t it? Just like Chicago during the “Summer of Love.” It all seems to follow the same script.


This directive supposedly came from a nonprofit based in Manhattan known as “The People’s Forum,” which has received a hefty $12 million from Goldman Sachs’ charity wing. This massive funding can be traced back to a figure named Neville Roy Singham, a man with strong Marxist ties.

Ryan Saavedra:


Anti-Israel Group Encouraged Columbia Protesters To Re-Create ‘The Summer of 2020′ Hours Before Students Stormed a Building

A New York City nonprofit that received more than $12 million from Goldman Sachs’ charitable arm encouraged anti-Israel activists to re-create the violent protests of “the summer of 2020,” just hours before rioters stormed and occupied a building on Columbia University’s campus.

The People’s Forum’s operations are made possible in large part by a $12 million donation from Goldman Sachs’s charitable arm. The source of that money is likely Neville Roy Singham, a communist who has “long admired Maoism.”

Singham, an American businessman who lives in China, reportedly helps finance the Chinese Communist Party’s “propaganda worldwide,” according to the New York Times. His wife, Jodie Evans, is the leader of the activist group Code Pink. Under her leadership, the group has celebrated China as “a defender of the oppressed and a model for economic growth without slavery or war.”

“As with any donor advised fund, the prior donation was made with the client’s money, at the client’s direction,” a Goldman Sachs spokesman told the Free Beacon. “This was not firm money.”

This coordinated effort shouldn’t surprise anyone. There’s always a group lurking in the shadows, just waiting for their “marching orders.” As Mike Benz, the executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, aptly notes, it seems the Biden regime might be employing the CIA’s “rent-a-riot” crew to push forward their Marxist agenda.

It’s essential to understand how these puzzle pieces fit together—seeing the big picture is our first step toward gaining control and outsmarting this machine at its own game. We don’t need to resort to violence or become unhinged to win. Our strategy should be to shine a light on their shadowy operations. These types thrive in darkness, and once exposed, their power significantly diminishes. Let’s reveal their hidden webs for the world to see and strip them of their power.