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It’s downright shocking to see this latest story unfold, and you will wonder how they get away with such blatant discrimination. Yet here it is, all wrapped up in the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion”—as long as it excludes white people, of course. That’s the newest, racist, and divisive directive out of New York, where white-owned businesses are now barred from even bidding on the new $2.3 billion JFK airport renovation.

For those unsure, let’s take a moment to clearly define what racism actually is:

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial

So, given that definition, what does New York’s latest anti-American or anti-White move seem like to you? It’s crystal clear. What New York is pushing is blatant, unabashed racism in its ugliest form. This isn’t the fabricated, politicized kind that our fake news media peddles or the continuous flow of “Smollett” hoaxes designed to demonize white folks. Yet, even with all that, this move stands out as one of the most severe and unapologetic displays of racism we’ve seen in this country in decades, all thanks, once again, to the left.

You’re probably wondering, “How can this even be legal?” Well, technically, it’s not. But they’ll get away with it until it reaches the Supreme Court. This is a game that the left plays cleverly. Remember when Biden admitted that his vaccine mandates were probably unconstitutional? His bet was that by the time the Supreme Court could rule, the pandemic would mostly be over and it wouldn’t matter anymore.

The left pulls out all the stops to gain ground. They play by no rules, showing zero regard for the US Constitution. They just plow ahead, consequences be damned.

What’s truly appalling is that in a supposedly free country, it’s somehow deemed okay to tax hardworking white folks and then bluntly tell them they’re ineligible for taxpayer-funded grants. Sadly, it’s no surprise that New York would make this kind of move. It’s who they are: elitist, divisive, and obsessed with DEI. It’s their “brand.” And speaking of brands, who can forget when disgraced NYC Mayor Eric Adams boasted that his city has a unique brand?

The New York Post:

New York’s mayor infuriated Midwesterners by claiming that “Kansas doesn’t have a brand” during a news conference at which he discussed his recent visits to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Adams boasted about the positive reaction he got when locals saw him wearing a government-issued polo shirt with the word “Mayor” on the back.

“We have a brand. New York has a brand and when people see it, it means something,” Adams crowed Tuesday.

What’s their brand? Racism and grisly crime?

Alex is right. Maybe the “Big Apple” should change their nickname to the “Big Sh*t Hole.” It seems more fitting, doesn’t it?

We’ve been closely tracking this critical issue: the decline of the US, paralleled by the rise of DEI.


But the heroic age of Americans who actually built infrastructure is long past. The Silver Age of those who could at least maintain it is disappearing as well, like the Elves departing Middle-Earth. The average American utility worker is nearly fifty years old. In the next ten years, as many as fifty percent of these workers will retire. There are plenty of critiques to be made of elderly workers—we published one just the other day—but if there is any industry where experience is truly invaluable, it is in maintaining and managing the enormously complex systems that America’s cities and states use to generate power, supply water, move people, and generally keep everything functioning. These workers started their careers in a very different America: one with a higher-quality working class, which felt far less shame about hiring based on knowledge and ability, even if it produced a workforce that was “too white” or “too male” or too anything. Now, they are passing the baton to a population with different skills and very different values. Is anybody confident we’ll be able to manage the handoff?

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Hopefully, the Supreme Court will put a stop to some of this racist nonsense being perpetuated by black groups and DEI organizations. But be warned, there’s an economic war being waged against white people, and it’s likely only going to get worse. Prepare yourselves accordingly.