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As you’ve probably heard, the populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot five times by a crazed pro-Ukrainian, radical left-wing activist in a foiled assassination attempt.

In today’s era of violent, pro-war leftists, advocating for peace has become dangerous—and potentially deadly. Fico was vehemently against supporting Ukraine in the dustup with Russia. The Slovakia anti-Ukraine history runs long and deep, as this 2023 article explains.


Slovakia’s new leader Robert Fico made waves during the country’s recent election campaign by warning that he would not send “another bullet” to help Ukraine fend off the Russian invasion.

His dramatic shift from the strongly pro-Ukraine stance of the outgoing government is in part based on Slovakia’s historic sympathy toward Russia, but there is also a very personal reason why Fico dislikes Ukraine.

It all dates back to 2009, when Fico was prime minister of Slovakia. On January 7 of that year, a long-running spat between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas boiled over and Russian gas flows across Ukraine to EU countries stopped — a crisis for Slovakia in the middle of winter.

If you step out of line with the progressive agenda, just watch the chaos erupt. As a matter of fact, the globalists are on a rampage against anyone who gets in their way. Just look at the lagtest assassination attempt on a right-wing Irish MEP.

Thankfully, the Irish MEP is okay, and Slovakia’s PM Robert Fico’s condition, while very serious, is improving.


Slovakia’s prime minister, Robert Fico, is in a stable but serious condition after being shot five times from a close range and undergoing surgery, his deputy said Thursday, an assassination attempt that rocked the central European country and sparked global condemnation.

The 59-year-old populist leader, who returned to power last year and whose controversial reforms have sparked protests in recent weeks, was attacked on Wednesday after an off-site government meeting in the town of Handlova.

The prime minister had approached a small crowd of people waiting to meet him, when the suspected gunman in the crowd lunged forward and shot him five times from across a security barrier. Footage from the scene showed the injured prime minister being bundled into a vehicle by his staff, before it speeds away with him inside.

You won’t be surprised to learn that CNN conveniently left out that Fico’s attacker is a far-left progressive activist and “journalist.” If he were a right-winger, the media would have rented a billboard in Times Square to broadcast it. The CNN piece continues:

Fico was first rushed into a local hospital and then airlifted to a major trauma center in the nearby city of Banská Bystrica, where he spent more than five hours in surgery, according to hospital officials.

Hospital director Miriam Lapuníková is said Thursday Fico was “stabilized but in a very serious condition” and that he would remain in the hospital’s intensive care unit. She added that the hospital had two surgical teams operating on the prime minister.

On Thursday morning, the country’s Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kaliňák said Fico’s condition “has been stabilized overnight, more steps are being taken to better his health. The situation is really serious.”

The pro-Ukraine activist who allegedly attempted to murder PM Fico is just one piece of this very big “globalist” puzzle. As it turns out, Fico may have sealed his fate just one month ago, when he came out against the left’s “Great Replacement Theory.” He flat-out refused to implement the new rules for migrants, and without that, the globalist “reset” isn’t going to catch on and spread like wildfire.

Here’s a closeup of the images that Mike shared:



Now, as PM Fico battles for his life, victim to yet another violent, unhinged progressive, we’re somehow expected to believe that it’s the right-wing movement that poses a threat to global “democracy.”

Given what’s been happening in the world, that’s a pretty hard pill to swallow, isn’t it?

And now, more theories are surfacing about the assassination attempt, with some pointing to Fico’s rejection of the “Pandemic Treaty” as another possible reason he was targeted.

The 1776:

Slovakia’s prime minister, Robert Fico underwent hours of emergency surgery on Wednesday May 15, 2024 after being shot five times is no longer in life-threatening condition.

According to news articles and videos that 👇 guy recently looked up, it appears that the assassination attempt on PM Robert Fico was because he does NOT support the Pandemic treaty and he was critical of the War in Ukraine, etc. These are WEF Agendas that he will not go along with.

Also I added a video of Slovakia’s Prime Minister, Robert Fico wanting to investigate the deaths from COVID “vaccine”: “Under these conditions, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include a commitment in the Government’s Programme Statement to deal with this issue. The Slovak public simply needs an answer. Needs an answer about vaccination. What it actually was? Why people were vaccinated with various experimental vaccines without any tests? Why all sorts of drugs were pushed into people? Why there was statewide testing? Who was buying? Why were they buying? What quantities were being bought? How much money did it cost?…”

Leaders like John Magulfi of Tanzania, Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast, Ambrose Dlamini of Swaziland, Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, Jovenel Moïse of Haiti and Shinzo Abe of Japan were all assassinated because they opposed the Covid-19 “vaccine”. It’s no coincidence that they attempted to assassinate Robert Fico of Slovakia because he also opposed the Covid-19 “vaccine”.

PM Fico has been a formidable force against the entire WEF agenda, from Ukraine to migrants to COVID, and clearly, it nearly cost him his life.