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Let’s not forget that Memorial Day isn’t the only “holiday” this weekend. Hopefully, y’all have your houses decked out and commemorative cards sent off in time, because May 25th marks the anniversary of St. Floyd’s death. You can bet your sweet bippy that our dear, bumbling leader Joe Biden hasn’t forgotten. Sure, Joe might struggle to remember his own name or string a coherent sentence together, but who cares about such trifles on a solemn day of mourning and remembrance? Nothing, not even an avalanche of cognitive decline, can prevent him from honoring the greatest “civil rights” hero of our time—Mr. George Floyd.

The moniker really fits. After all, Floyd’s autopsy report revealed a fatal overdose of fentanyl, hardly a shock given his well-documented struggles with addiction.

But why let facts get in the way of a good political PR stunt, right?

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In what can only be described as a wildly offensive and out-of-touch display, Joe’s handlers lavished praise on a man infamous for sticking a loaded gun in a pregnant woman’s belly and threatening her life, all while his pals ransacked and robbed her home. No one who’s capable of that type of sickening violence deserves to be glorified or idolized. Period. But Biden is right about one thing. Floyd deserved more; his family should have placed him into drug rehabilitation and anger management to try to turn him into a productive member of society. Instead, they dropped the ball, and he chose to pass counterfeit bills, consume dangerous amounts of drugs, and resist arrest; ultimately, his actions killed him and tore this nation apart.

Speaking of the fake 20-dollar bill, Floyd was notorious for spreading counterfeit bills, a fact that was completely glossed over. Prosecutors merely shrugged their shoulders, suggesting Floyd should have just been ticketed and sent on his merry way.

New York Times:

In opening statements, a prosecutor showed jurors a photograph of two $20 bills that had the same serial number, suggesting that they were counterfeit. One of the bills was ripped in two, a sign that the other one may have been the bill that Mr. Floyd used to buy cigarettes, though prosecutors did not discuss the photograph in more detail.

“The police officers could have written him a ticket, and let the courts sort it out,” Jerry W. Blackwell, the prosecutor, told jurors during opening statements.

In all fairness, Floyd might have chosen not to break the law and pass counterfeit money; he might have avoided ingesting enough fentanyl to take down a herd of elephants; and he could have cooperated with the police. There’s a hefty list of “could haves” and “should haves” in this case—enough blame to go around. And all of that, among so many other things, is what makes Biden’s message so incredibly stomach-turning. And right on cue, Biden caught an earful from furious Americans disgusted by his message.

Here’s what folks online had to say about this incredibly insulting message:

“George Floyd was a menace to society.”

“George Floyd died because he had enough fentanyl in his system to kill 2 grown elephants or one Stacey Abrams”

“If he didn’t swallow 3 x the lethal dose of Fentanyl, he would be with us today.. Probably in prison, but would be alive. Close the border and stop unnecessary Fentanyl overdoses.”

“He has two dozen felonies and robbed a pregnant woman at gun point and beat the sh*t out of her with 6 of his buddies.. Hell of a role model Joey..”

“You’re right. If he hadn’t eaten all of his drugs when the police arrived he wouldn’t have died of an overdose. But then you and yours wouldn’t have had an excuse to burn our cities down now would you?”

“George Floyd was a career criminal who died from a massive fentanyl overdose because he was also a drug addict.”

“Hate crimes are up under your administration. Is that how he changed the world?”

“Women are safer without him around.”

“He’d be alive if he didn’t do enough fentanyl and meth to wipe out the population of China that day.”

“Act in his memory? You want us all to be career criminals who OD on fentanyl.”

“How exactly did he change the world? By taking fentanyl? Trying to kill a pregnant lady? Evading the police. I think his world got changed actually or he might be alive to participate in more criminal activity.”

“I lit my methalabra this week in remembrance of Saint Floyd, instead of torching a Walgreeens and a gas station as is customary.”

And speaking of lighting, have you noticed how Team Biden doesn’t light up his social media for innocent, decent Americans who’ve been murdered in cold blood by illegals? Why, you might ask? Because those poor victims don’t fit into his morally reprehensible and twisted political agenda. And despite Biden’s major cognitive issues, he’s still able to act on autopilot when it comes to carrying out his highly divisive, woke politics.

Today doesn’t bring anything remarkable to mark, other than a reminder that Derek Chauvin is locked up on a murder sentence without actually murdering anyone.


Tucker Carlson on Oct 20th: Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd.

A month after this newly released toxicology report confirmed Floyd’s overdose death, Derek Chauvin was nearly Epsteined!

Chauvin’s stabbing was also only a few days after #Scotus denied his appeal request.


On this day, we should also spare a thought for the good people who lost their lives due to the left-wing riots sparked by George Floyd’s criminal life. Also, let’s not forget the countless businesses and homes wrecked in the name of this felon as well.

Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself.