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Never forget the wild ride the so-called “experts” and elites took us on during the COVID pandemic—all in the name of safety and health. They scared everyone half to death and had us doing the most absurd things, making us look like fools. Remember the COVID “crop circles”? As if sitting six feet apart could magically save you from an airborne virus. It’s unbelievable that so many people bought into this nonsense, but they did—and in droves.

Source: Reuters

And then there were those “arrows” in grocery stores, implying that if you just followed the direction, you’d magically dodge the virus. People actually followed these, thinking it would somehow keep them safe. How do you even begin to reason with folks who buy into this kind of hooey? This is the kind of stuff our “experts” pushed as public safety, and the propaganda puppets in the media didn’t question any of it; they just reported whatever they were told to say by the regime, no questions asked.

Thanks to COVID, Americans have woken up to the fact that our “experts” are just paper tigers. They’re not the intellectual giants we thought they were. Nope. They’re mediocre minds, easily bought and sold by politicians pushing their agendas, ready to sacrifice their reputations at the drop of a hat.


During the pandemic years, Americans’ trust in scientists fell, according to a Pew poll released this month. In 2019, only 13% of Americans were distrustful enough to say they weren’t confident in scientists to act in the public’s best interest. Now that figure is 27% — despite recent triumphs in astronomy, cancer research, genetics and other fields.

It’s reasonable to assume the problem stems from Covid-era public health missteps. Some public health agencies took years to admit what had quickly become obvious: that the virus was airborne. Others suggested precautions, closing playgrounds and beaches, where any benefit would have been minimal. Some promoted policies, like sustained social isolation, that were hard to implement and endure — even for the prominent epidemiologists promoting them.

Americans learned the hard way that blindly following “experts” without doing your own research can lead to serious injuries, or worse, death.

Which leads us to the latest viral post by Mr. James Woods. He just shared a chilling clip where Joe Biden is seen losing patience with the unvaccinated and threatening those who refuse to get the jab. Now, with all the reports of sudden deaths and numerous studies pointing to very serious—even deadly—vaccine risks, it’s becoming clear that Biden’s mandates and threats could land him in the hot seat. In all honesty, this ghoulish man and many others should be put on trial for pushing this shot onto the American people.

James admitted that he lost a lot, thanks to the COVID flu and all the misinformation the people in charge shoveled like manure.

Recently, Bill Maher just unleashed a scathing rebuke of the “experts” who sold us a bill of goods and then never had the decency to admit their mistakes or apologize for all the harm they caused with their censorship, fake news, and politicizing a flu bug.

While RFK Jr.’s politics are a progressive mess, his stance on COVID and the vaccine was dead-on. RFK Jr., along with many others, faced horrific backlash for daring to stand up and speak out. A lot of good people got “canceled” because “experts” claimed they were kooks and Q-anon weirdos.

The truth is, the “kooks” were spot on—a helluva lot more than the so-called experts were. Here’s the takeaway: Do your own research. Don’t just lean on the government, “experts,” and elites for anything that affects your health, safety, or overall wellbeing. Make sure to do your due diligence and gather perspectives from unbiased sources. That’s the only way to make sure we never fall for a COVID/vaccine scam again.