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Well, it’s that time of the year again. President Trump, for the umpteenth time, has to get on his work boots and gloves and drag the useless GOP establishment candidates over the finish line. While President Trump enjoys a comfortable lead over Biden in every single swing state, Democrats lead in every single Senate race. What does that tell you? The Republican establishment is dead and gone, but we’re still having to keep it on life support because these stragglers are clinging to the thinnest thread of life.

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Many on the right are justifiably frustrated and fed up with the useless GOP. Here at Revolver, we’ve consistently argued that the idea of a “two-party” system in the United States is more fantasy than reality. In truth, it simply doesn’t exist. However, until we can get more America First candidates into office, we’re stuck playing the cruddy hand we’ve been dealt. Ousting the establishment RINOs won’t be quick or easy—they’ve rooted themselves so deeply within the party that removing them is a huge undertaking. You might think, “What’s the difference between having an R or a D in that seat? They’re both loyal to the uniparty,” and you wouldn’t be wrong. But there’s a key difference worth remembering: we can occasionally bully a Republican into doing the right thing; we can’t do the same with a Democrat.

Trump is taking the country by storm for the third time.

President Trump is in his best position ever to win the White House, according to common sense and a recent article from Time Magazine.

Six months from the 2024 presidential election, Trump is better positioned to win the White House than at any point in either of his previous campaigns. He leads Joe Biden by slim margins in most polls, including in several of the seven swing states likely to determine the outcome.

Trump has a vision for America, and knowing that he only has one year to do it, he doesn’t plan to waste any time, but the key to making sure his plan comes to fruition is to get as many R butts in congressional seats as humanly possible. The Time piece goes on:

Trump remains the same guy, with the same goals and grievances. But in person, if anything, he appears more assertive and confident. “When I first got to Washington, I knew very few people,” he says. “I had to rely on people.” Now he is in charge. The arranged marriage with the timorous Republican Party stalwarts is over; the old guard is vanquished, and the people who remain are his people. Trump would enter a second term backed by a slew of policy shops staffed by loyalists who have drawn up detailed plans in service of his agenda, which would concentrate the powers of the state in the hands of a man whose appetite for power appears all but insatiable. “I don’t think it’s a big mystery what his agenda would be,” says his close adviser Kellyanne Conway. “But I think people will be surprised at the alacrity with which he will take action.”

So, while this is far from an ideal situation, it’s a reality we must work with and manipulate to fit our agenda as much as possible. The good news? America First has infiltrated the RNC, positioning us to eventually clear out the old guard. But like everything, this overhaul will take time, and we can’t afford to let the Democrats gain total control in the interim. So, do what you can to support President Trump and, yes, vote for these establishment figures one more time. Then, get ready to push hard for the changes we need.