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What’s happening to Biden’s Gaza project really puts a spin on “pier pressure.” It’s clear that the Biden administration could give the Keystone Cops a run for their money. It seems everything these bumbling nitwits touch turns to absolute disaster, and the Biden “Gaza Pier” is no exception. Social media is buzzing with photos and videos of the pier seemingly sinking into the sea.

The Biden regime has been working on this debacle since March.


Afloating pier on the shores of the Gaza Strip, set up to provide a lifeline to the Palestinian territory, has faced a rocky start, with one report claiming that it was “sinking.”

President Joe Biden announced the project in March to help transport supplies to the territory, which has been hit by Israel’s bombardment, as it fights a war against Hamas prompted by the militant group’s surprise October 7 attack on southern Israel.

Amid international calls for the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow more humanitarian assistance into the territory, aid groups have started using the pier to distribute aid, but use of the facility has not gone smoothly.

$320 million in US tax dollars is also going down the tubes, which is about twice what was initially projected for the project.

Watercraft are now reportedly coming aground in both Gaza and Israel.

It appears as if there’s a chunk of the pier ashore in Israel. At the beach end of Trident Pier, there’s a heavy presence of vehicles and equipment running aground. Experts point out the challenges of operating in such an exposed “maritime” environment—dealing with the wild seas and wind, all without any protective cover.

Sal Mercogliano

Sure, we get it, it’s challenging, but, you’d think Team Biden would have figured out a way to handle these basic issues before they turned into a catastrophe. But no, this level of bumbling ineptitude is par for the course with the Biden regime. And unsurprisingly, the pier “rescue” mission isn’t going much better.

Not surprisingly, the US media has been eerily quiet about this mess so far. How long can they hold off?


High seas caused issues with the pier off of Gaza built at President Joe Biden’s command on Saturday, two days after a service member was critically injured on the pier.

Biden ordered the pier to be built to send more aid into Gaza, where hunger has emerged as an issue for the civilian population while Israel roots out Hamas terrorists there.

CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond reported two U.S. military vessels ran aground on the beach.

“The tug boat was transporting the floating pier off of Gaza back to the port of Ashdod due to poor sea conditions when it got disconnected & beached here. LCM went in for rescue and also got beached,” Diamond posted on X.

But that’s not even the worst part of this debacle. It turns out the pier failed to accomplish its intended purpose before it started sinking and drifting across God’s green earth.

For starters, according to Yahoo News, hardly any “aid” has gotten from point A to point B.

With the crisis in Gaza worsening, a private humanitarian group staffed with former military and intelligence officials stumbled upon a surprising hurdle in its efforts to help the United States government rush supplies to Palestinian residents by boat: For several weeks, there was little to no aid ready to move.

Fogbow, an independent outfit, said it had expected there would be large-scale donations of food, medicine and other supplies piling up at a port in Cyprus, where aid was supposed to be staged and screened by the Israelis before being shipped to the Gaza coast via a U.S.-built pier known as JLOTs, or the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore capability.

When that aid didn’t materialize, Fogbow officials knocked on the doors of several local flour mills in Cyprus — eventually purchasing nearly 2.5 million pounds of flour that it now plans to ship in early June.

“It’s not the capacity of JLOTs,” said Mick Mulroy, an ABC News contributor and former assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East who’s one of the co-founders of Fogbow. “It’s that there’s not enough aid” to move, he said.

This pathetic photo of a sinking, adrift $420 million pier perfectly encapsulates the entire failed Biden regime.

The only thing that could make this photo even better would be Mayor Pete standing in the middle of the pier as it sinks. Glub, glub.