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Reddit has turned into a real free-for-all—a breeding ground for bizarre freaks and angsty, lying liberals. That said, every once in a while, you stumble upon a post that’s so shamelessly humiliating, you can’t help but think it could actually be real. That’s exactly what we found recently, and it was just too good not to share with you.

The poster, a grown man dressed up in women’s clothes, claims he was recently humiliated at a bus stop by a group of high school girls who weren’t exactly impressed with his “fashion.” He titled his post “Just got laughed at by highschoolers.” He describes how he was standing at the bus stop, decked out in a sassy outfit, fancy hair, and spiffy nails—apparently, all the things that supposedly make someone a “woman.” That’s when a group of actual females walked up, gave him a once-over, and burst out laughing.


I was at the bus stop and a group of high school girls walked up. One of them noticed me, pointed, and quietly said something to the rest, then they all started laughing. I just got home and I feel like I want to die. I really thought that I was passing and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about outfits, hair, nails, etc recently. All that confidence is just gone now.

There is a small chance that she just said something completely innocuous, maybe they happened to be talking about the type of boots I was wearing before they walked up or something. I don’t think that really matters now though, I’m never going to actually believe that. I just saw a bunch of people point and laugh at me, and that memory is going to stick for a long long time.

Honestly, we don’t see the problem. It sounds like a very raw and truthful moment this man experienced.

Here’s the entire post:


Actually, that’s the perfect response for any man who’s dressed up as a woman. Good job, girls.

Here are some of the Reddit responses to the post:

“As a high school girl I can confirm that high schoolers are rude for no reason, they probably had no grounds to stand on, they just like to say thing, I’ve seen girls at school literally mumble and point just to get in peoples heads THEY WERNT EVEN SAYING ANYTHING !!! I’m sure you look great, don’t let it get to you <3”

“Two things. High School girls are vicious. They will group ridicule everyone. That’s the power of pretty privilege. There are zero repercussions. Secondly, fuck them and all haters. Why let anyone, especially strangers that you will probably never see again dictate your emotions.  No one gets to rent space in my head free of charge.  You are a strong beautiful woman. ”

“I’m very sorry this happened to you. Thats awful. Try not to take it personally because it certainly wasn’t actually you, it was just them.

I had this happen to me at the mall a few weeks ago. They called me an “N word in a dress” and tried to follow me around saying slurs. First time I’d actually had anyone confront me or be an asshole about me being trans. I was in a beautiful dress, makeup was on point, etc.

Kids are assholes. They’re good at pointing out exactly what makes you uncomfortable. Don’t take it to mean anything past they were looking for a victim and you happened to be nearby.

Good people don’t point and laugh at someone. Like ever.”

These are the kinds of “supportive” comments from complete strangers that maintain the protective bubble for these deluded and mentally ill individuals. Yet, this bubble inevitably bursts when they step into the real world and realize not everyone is a like-minded progressive, nor do we have to accept or admire freaky fetishes. In addition, laughing and eye-rolling are not “hate crimes,” nor are they indicators of a decaying society. Some would argue that the real signs of decay are gender confusion and lopping off your private parts.