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A Chicago police officer was murdered in the line of duty by yet another worthless thug.

It’s becoming an all-too-familiar story in America. Thanks to anti-cop Dems, police officers are often painted as villains, while the actual bad guys are celebrated. So, of course, criminals feel emboldened in Joe Biden’s upside-down, dangerous America.

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These days, officers face disrespect, attacks, and even death simply for doing their jobs. This hostile environment is hardly surprising given the “Defund the Police” movement championed by mainstream Democrats and the crooks and frauds from Black Lives Matter. Once again, the anti-cop, left-wing agenda has tragically ended the life of another police officer.

Fox News:

Chicago police have identified a suspect who they believe shot and killed Officer Luis Huesca last week, as the manhunt enters its seventh day on Sunday.

An arrest warrant was issued Friday for Xavier L. Tate Jr., a 22-year-old man who resides in Aurora, the Chicago Police Department said.

Tate faces a first-degree murder charge for the April 21 shooting that unfolded just before 3 a.m. in the 3100 block of West 56th Street in the Gage Park neighborhood.

Tate remains at large and police said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Huesca was driving home, still in uniform, when he was shot multiple times near his family’s home in Gage Park. Sources have told FOX32 Chicago that Huesca was shot nearly 20 times with what is believed to have been a firearm with a “switch” attached to make it an automatic weapon.

Huesca’s vehicle was stolen during the incident and found nearby a short while later, Fox News Digital previously reported, though police would not confirm whether the shooting was part of a carjacking.

The officer’s service weapon and badge were not found at the scene, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Mayor Brandon isn’t exactly delivering the sweeping changes he promised, nor the ones needed to really impact the horrific crime rates plaguing the Windy City.

Clearly, Mayor Johnson has a lot of ground to cover, especially with his unpopular “Defund the Police” background that he attempted to shake off during his campaign. But you know how it goes—once a cop-hating Dem, always a cop-hating Dem.


[…] Johnson did change the way he talked about the push to defund the police, which he once called a “real political goal” during a radio interview. Asked about those remarks during a March 14 forum focused on public safety, Johnson said: “I said it was a political goal. I never said it was mine.”

Now, the family of fallen officer Luis Huesca is fighting back the only way they can: by publicly shaming the politicians they hold responsible for the dangerous crime wave, the rising hatred against cops, and the violent, brutal murder of their beloved Luis.

End Wokeness:

The family of fallen Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca told Mayor Brandon Johnson he is not welcome at the funeral.

Huesca’s family wants to publicly shame the politicians responsible for his death.

One hour before the funeral was set to begin, Johnson abruptly cancelled his planned visit.

Why on earth would the family want an anti-cop Democrat at this beloved police officer’s funeral? Contrary to what ABC 7 might claim, there’s nothing “controversial” about the family’s decision. It’s actually a display of common sense and respect for their loved one, whose murder was influenced in part by the Democrats’ failed policies.

ABC 7:

Mayor Brandon Johnson was among those expressing condolences to the family of fallen Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca on Monday.

But the mayor did not attend the funeral after learning that the officer’s grief-stricken mother said he was not welcome.

This decision by the family caused a bit of a political stir.

On Sunday night, the mayor in his public schedule said he would be attending the funeral despite being told earlier in the evening by two public officials, including Illinois Comptroller Susanna Mendoza, that the family did not want him there. On Monday morning, the mayor relented and stayed away.

Retired police officers and others say they can’t remember a time when the family of a police officer told a Chicago mayor he or she was not welcome at the funeral.

“It’s a powerful message. They’re basically saying that they do not want the most powerful, most prominent, most important member of the city, the mayor of the City of Chicago to participate in this very important event,” said ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington.

“It says that, you know, the appetite right now of the political movement against the police is noticed by citizens noticed by family members,” said 41st Ward Ald. Anthony Napolitano, who is also a former police officer.

This is the way forward, America. We need more public shaming of these corrupt political elites, who face no accountability for their disastrous policies that bring grief, injury, and death to hard-working, decent Americans. God bless this family and all others who bravely stand up and call out these progressive bums for what they truly are: opportunistic political hacks enslaved to the most radical extremists on the left.