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Please, fellow Republicans, tread cautiously and don’t fall prey to yet another cleverly-crafted left-wing trap. The timing is suspiciously perfect. As Biden continues to flail and his numbers plummet in poll after poll, we’re suddenly handed what appears to be a “smoking gun” against him, courtesy of former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer. Now, as Biden’s political career is hanging by a thread, making him totally vulnerable and near his political demise, we find the “goods” on him? It seems suspicious. So, we must ask ourselves—is this really the outcome we want? Let’s think strategically for a moment. Removing Biden now could open the door for a more formidable, dynamic Democratic contender to step forward—someone who could rally the base and present a bigger challenge in the upcoming election—or at least give them the ability to cheat again. Right now, with the timing of this latest bombshell, we need to consider if we’re inadvertently setting the stage for a tougher fight than we’re prepared for down the road.

The latest hubbub centers around Archer and the discovery of new Biden family bank accounts—accounts that appear to have been used for money laundering from funds received in China, Romania, and Russia, of all places. This latest twist adds more mystery to the ongoing drama around the Biden family’s financial shenanigans. This looks like a real spider web of international money moves, probably designed to blur where all that cash is coming from and where it’s going.

These documents are a total bombshell—never seen before by anybody—and they’re set to answer a ton of outstanding questions. But maybe, just maybe, we should hold off on digging into these until President Trump is back in the White House, where he belongs.

Jeff Carlson:

Devin Archer turned over “3.7 million documents never before been seen by any of the IRS investigators, the securities & exchange investigators.”

These documents will “answer pretty much every question we’ve had about the source of these shady transactions” and Biden’s role.

“We believe we’ve found new accounts”

“The evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden was involved… Joe Biden was a central figure.”

“If you were paying the Biden Family for the Biden Brand you were buying Joe Biden.”

That’s great. Biden and his crooked family should be held accountable for every illegal thing they’ve done. However, tossing Joe out of the race now will be a clear win for the left, not for us. Bill Maher and others are scrambling to get the Dems to replace this decrepit dud with someone who actually has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. At this late stage, the only way that could happen is if crusty old Biden steps down—and that would only happen if his dirty deeds were about to spill out all over the place.

Vigilant Fox:

🚨 NEW: Bill Maher says Democrats need “to get off their keister” and replace Biden now before it’s too late.

“After the last election, it [seemed like] Trump is finished… And now it seems like the consensus is almost Biden can’t win and he is losing in all the swing states.”

“In these states where Biden is losing, it’s interesting. The Democratic Senate candidate is not losing. So it just says something which is, it’s not the party necessarily… but it’s the guy.”

We’ve discussed this issue at length.


It’s taken almost as a given. Sure, Joe Biden might be clueless, senile, gruesomely unpopular, and at death’s door. Sure, he might be way down in the polls against Donald Trump, trailing like he never did at any point in 2020. Sure, his presidency might look doomed. But Americans can’t really look forward to Biden’s well-earned defeat in a 2024 rematch with Trump for one simple reason: because they won’t let him actually be the Democrat nominee come November.

“They?” Yes, They.

You know, the cabal that lurks behind the Democratic Party, setting its agenda and coordinating all its acts to give the superficial appearance of popular democracy when in fact a tiny elite is very much in control. Those people.

Podcaster Joe Rogan said what millions of ordinary Americans were quietly thinking two weeks ago when he predicted an imminent switcheroo in favor of Gavin Newsom.

You can read the entire article below:

The Left Has to Replace Biden. Here’s Why They Can’t.

Meanwhile, the timing of this latest revelation almost makes you wonder if it’s a left-wing hit job on Joe. It’s as though all the puzzle pieces are falling into place just in time to take out the worst political candidate of all time. Ironically, that’s probably the last thing we want to see happen.

Patrick Webb:

BREAKING: New bank accounts of the Biden family have been found which were used with the sole purpose of receiving money being laundered from China, Romania, and Russia as a result of the family’s influence peddling while Joe was Vice President, with over $240,000 in checks being directly wired to Joe Biden with no explanation of what services were provided in exchange for the payments.

Over $24 million has been linked to bank accounts associated with the Biden family through dozens of LLCs with no citing of what services were provided as a result of payments received.

James Comer alleges that the Biden family was engaged in bribery, money laundering, influence peddling, according to new report from the House Oversight Committee and bank subpoenas.

Biden is a bruised and battered candidate, lugging around a highly unpopular agenda. President Trump already beat him once and can definitely do it again. But with Biden in the race, it’s almost impossible for the Dems to cheat—he’s just that disliked. Now, throw someone like Gavin Newsom into the mix—sure, the guy’s got some twisted and failed progressive policies under his belt, but love him or hate him, he’s got a fan base on the left and could stir up excitement that Biden can’t even dream of. It’s likely in our best interest to hold off on pushing Biden out and raking him over the hot coals until after the election.