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Back in 2020, Dems crafted a clever strategy to install Biden into the White House: a tsunami of mail-in ballots. For 2024, they’ve devised a new tactic: attempting to imprison their political rival. However, it seems that their first plan, involving a flood of questionable and unverified mail-in ballots, was a better election scheme for a number of reasons. First off, the American people are totally tuned out as Democrats weave yet another one of their political webs.

It’s painfully obvious to any American with a shred of common sense that this is not the “American way.” We shouldn’t resemble countries like North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and Iran by imprisoning political dissenters. Our country has sunk to depths previously unimaginable, dragged down by the left’s Marxist agenda. Not to mention, these cases are embarrassingly shoddy. However, the left and their media stooges are banking on the fact that superficial reports on the trials might convince many that they’re legit. Predictably, anti-Trump forces have swallowed the bait, applauding like trained seals.

But one of the biggest problems for the Democrats is that they’ve awakened a sleeping giant: the Trump base. Not since the overturning of Roe v. Wade have we seen such raw fervor from one side, rallying to support their candidate. Right now, the left has a huge problem. They’re dealing with a base that’s frustrated, disinterested, and embarrassed, while these sham trials have lit a fire under the right—pumping them up to rally behind President Trump stronger than ever.

Trump has taken the lead in all swing states with no signs of slowing up, all while dealing with the left’s show trials.

The real goal for the left isn’t just the trials themselves; they’re gunning for a conviction. They think that nailing a conviction against Trump will sink his chances and hand Biden another unearned victory. But here’s where their plan may just implode: a new poll suggests that if Trump is convicted, his base isn’t just going to stick by him—they’re going to rally harder. In fact, the poll shows that Trump’s support could actually surge, with six times as many Trump voters saying they’re more likely to back him if he’s convicted in the New York show trial.

It’s no secret that Quinnipiac is known for leaning left in its polling, so if they’re reporting this, the reality could be even more favorable for President Trump.

Quinnipiac Poll:

Voters were asked how it would impact their vote if Donald Trump were convicted in the New York City criminal trial. If Trump were convicted, 21 percent say they would be less likely to vote for him, 62 percent say it would not make a difference to their vote, and 15 percent say they would be more likely to vote for him.

Five percent of Trump voters say if he were convicted they would be less likely to vote for him, 62 percent say it would not make a difference to their vote, and 31 percent say they would be more likely to vote for him.

The best move for President Trump is to keep hammering home that these trials are not just unjust but are a blatant weaponization of our judicial system and fundamentally un-American. This isn’t how you legitimately defeat an opponent. You don’t throw them in prison or bog them down with show trials to hamper their campaigning. But that’s exactly what the left is resorting to because they’re desperate and know they can’t beat Trump in a fair fight. The silver lining here is that if we stay the course and rally even harder, we stand a great chance of outplaying the left at their own game.