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In the never-ending circus we call our judicial system, another scandal has burst onto the scene. This time, it’s involving an activist judge attempting to take down President Trump. Enter Judge Engoron…

Now, a hotshot lawyer turned accidental “whistleblower” has called him out for being so incredibly unprofessional that he ought to be de-robed and tossed off the bench by the scruff of his neck. It turns out that Judge Arthur Engoron is now under investigation for allegedly taking “unsolicited advice” from this high-priced real estate lawyer. This so-called “hotshot advice” came right before the Engoron ruled against Trump in the New York City case, which starred Trump-hating prosecutor Letitia James. You’ll recall that Engoron ordered Trump and his company to pay $354 million in fines—a figure that balloons to $453.5 million with all the extras factored in.

It was this video that sparked everything. This controversial anti-Trump hotshot lawyer was so eager to see the president go down that he offered the judge “unsolicited advice” just before the ruling was made. In case you didn’t know, that’s a big legal no-no.

Just like all the other sham cases against President Trump, this case should have been tossed out of court a long time ago.

The Independent:

The judge in Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial is now under investigation after a hotshot New York real estate attorney claimed he gave him unsolicited advice ahead of the hotly-anticipated multi-million-dollar ruling, according to a report.

Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey told NBC New York that he spoke to Judge Arthur Engoron three weeks before he made his final judgment in the former president’s case, where he found Mr Trump, his two oldest sons, as well as their Trump Organization associates and properties liable for $464m for falsely inflating his assets.

“I actually had the ability to speak to him three weeks ago,” Mr Bailey told the outlet on February 16, the date of the judge’s decision.

“I saw him in the corner [near the courthouse] and I told my client, ‘I need to go.’ And I walked over and we started talking … I wanted him to know what I think and why…I really want him to get it right.”

This claim prompted the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct to launch an investigation into the alleged interaction, NBC News reported. The commission’s administrator Robert Tembeckjian declined to comment on behalf of the judicial body, saying it “is constrained by a strict confidentiality statute.”

A spokesperson for the New York State’s Office of Court Administration has rejected Mr Bailey’s claim that he gave Judge Engoron advice.

Everyone knows Engoron is a corrupt activist judge, more obsessed with taking down a political enemy of the regime than actually upholding justice. As a matter of fact, Engoron’s entire team is anti-Trump, even his top clerk.


Meet disgusting slob Allison Greenfield – corrupt judge Arthur Engoron’s top clerk. She’s the heifer behind all the gag orders to protect her flaming anti-Trump bias. She passes notes to Engoron all day during proceedings, improperly influencing his decisions. She has also violated judicial rules preventing officers of the court from making excessive political donations. In 2022 alone, Greenfield gave thousands of dollars in political donations to radical Democrat causes that exceeded a $500 threshold for court officials in aggregate donations for a calendar year.

Clearly, Trump Derangement Syndrome has hit the judicial community like a ton of bricks. Now, let’s see if anyone steps up to address this sideshow involving Engoron, holding the activist judge accountable, and finally tossing him and the case out of court.