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It’s practically criminal that we’re stuck dealing with the left’s mail-in ballot election scheme. Once again, they’ve managed to weasel their way in, this time under the guise of a so-called “pandemic,” setting up their confusing, chaotic, and unchecked system of ballots and drop boxes. This setup practically cements their “ballot harvesting” strategy for decades to come. At this point, we’re left with two options: either end mail-in ballots altogether, except for military, expats, and the disabled—which seems unlikely this far into the game—or we find ways to outsmart them and tighten the rules to make it harder for them to rig and cheat the system anymore than they already have. And the best way to tackle this in the interim is by tightening the reins on their sketchy ballot tactics. We need to implement so many rules and regulations that it becomes virtually impossible for them to ever replicate that absurd “81 million” vote count again.

That’s exactly what went down in Pennsylvania, where lawmakers created rules to ensure that only properly cast mail-in ballots would be counted. For starters, each ballot must be signed and dated—common sense, right? Well, not so fast. The left, led by none other than Mark Elias, the kingpin lawyer of the Russia Hoax, challenged these regulations. Elias even declared this one of the most important cases of the year. So you can just imagine his surprise when the 3rd Circuit Court shot him down and kept the Pennsylvania rules intact.

It was a significant blow to those hoping to loosen voting safeguards and cheat their way to victory.

Here is a link to the court decision.

The vote was decisive and will definitely send a clear message and set a precedent for stricter rules and future rulings. Democrats are well aware of its significance, which is why Elias, known for his involvement in various controversies, dubbed it one of the most important cases of the year. He must be devastated.

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In a resounding affirmation of election integrity, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled on a significant voting case, impacting the handling of absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. On a decisive 9-4 vote, the court denied an en banc review of a prior decision that upheld the enforceability of the date requirement on absentee ballots. The ruling confirms that absentee ballots missing proper dates will not be counted, marking a substantial victory for those advocating for stringent election standards.

The case, involving various voter advocacy groups including the Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP branches and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, challenged the dismissal of absentee ballots that were not dated correctly according to state laws. The appellants, including the Secretary of the Commonwealth and several county boards of elections, argued that the date requirement was a necessary measure to maintain the sanctity and order of the voting process.

Absentee ballots missing dates or having incorrect information can be a significant issue in elections. The problem can lead to ballots being disqualified if they do not meet the specific legal requirements, which often include a postmark date or a voter’s signature and date on an inner envelope. The rules tend to vary by state and locality.

“The provision does not apply to rules, like the date requirement, that govern how a qualified voter must cast his ballot for it to be counted,” the court wrote. “Accordingly, we reverse the District Court’s decision and remand for further consideration of the pending equal protection claim.”

With this huge victory ruling, Pennsylvania is now in line with several other states that have set strict guidelines for absentee ballots.

Here are some of the positive changes that have been made.

Maga Polling:

Election Integrity | Update Thread

There has been changes since 2020, many States have improved their election processes for this year but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Here are some updates in the swing states.

AZ – Court upholds proof of Citizenship voting laws. Tracking Dropped-Off Mail in Ballots are still being argued.

GA – Ballot Trafficking rules have tighten. Drop Boxes must be inside now so it can be monitored. Absentee Ballot rules have also tighten and will have plenty…of observers. Implementing watermarked ballots, banning QR code voting and other processes have been improved upon. PA – Bidenbucks is still being argued in court. Voter Rolls have been cleaned up a little. (ALL States need to/can improve on maintaining their voter…rolls accurately. Mail-in-ballots can be rejected now if dates are not written accurately. Automatic voter registration by the Governor has backfired – Rep are outpacing Dems. NC – Legislative approved bill provides more safeguards for absentee voting process…

More poll watchers and ballots cannot be counted if its late to polling places.

WI – The voters approve of banning Zuckerbucks. Supreme Court banned Ballot Drop Boxes. Absentee Ballots counting have been improved on – they can remove ballots from Mail and be ready to count after polls close. Should know the results by that night. And other election processes have been improved upon. 2020 – Trump knew what Dems were up to and how they were going to use Covid as cover. Trump pleaded to Rep to volunteer to be a poll watcher and to help out. Big Media obviously suppressed Trumps concerns. Rep were complacent, didn’t see Trumps plea, or just ignored because they didn’t believe. If you don’t want this to happen again – go volunteer and help in your area if you can.

These rules are crucial for preventing the massive voter fraud we’ve seen in the past and adding back some semblance of trust in our very shaky electoral system. This decision bolsters the legal safeguards that we must have in order to conduct fair elections. However, due to opportunistic maneuvers by some Democrats, we’re still dealing with “banana republic”-type scenarios at the polls, and it’s shameful.