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As you likely know, Revolver’s own Darren Beattie is a fixture in the January 6th investigative circles. He and his team have worked tirelessly to expose the FBI and the Biden regime’s role in what is likely one of the biggest entrapment cases against the American people. In fact, Beattie coined the now-famous phrase “fedsurrection” in response to the left and media’s claims that J6 was an “insurrection.” As if any legitimate insurrection includes water bottles and fanny packs. Back in 2021, and even to this day, the media gets incensed at any claims that January 6 was a setup by the FBI and Biden regime. However, in the early days, when information was still slowly dripping out, the media was exceptionally angsty and over-the-top. One of the most hysterical figures was former CNN reporter and rumored roid-rager Chris Cuomo, who’s back in the news these days after he started taking Ivermectin, thanks to a likely vaccine injury he suffered after spending years mocking anybody who spoke out against the precious jab or didn’t walk in perfect lockstep with the regime’s COVID narrative.

Chris Cuomo teases brother Andrew with giant test swab

These days, Chris is singing a totally different tune, and true to his egotistical form, he didn’t offer any apology for all the fake news, fear mongering, and mockery he spread with impunity night after night on his low-rated show. Chris claims he has “long COVID,” which many believe doesn’t actually exist; it’s just injuries from the jab he dutifully pushed.

Chief Nerd:

Chris Cuomo Says He Does Not Apologize for Shaming People Who Didn’t Take the Vaccine, Reveals He Is Taking Ivermectin Now

“My doctors say I have ‘Long COVID’. I have the symptoms, they showed me my blood work. It scared the bejesus out of me to see this glowing micro-clot stuff that they see in my blood. So I’m doing all the protocols…I do not fault myself for telling people at the time what the government was giving us as best practices…I am taking a regular dose of Ivermectin…We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is why? Everyone is going to say Joe Rogan was right. Yeah we was right.”

So, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to remind everyone of the time Chris Cuomo was so incredibly triggered by Darren Beattie’s exceptional J6 investigative work that he called him a “dirt bag” on national TV. Chris is always the consummate professional, right?

But don’t worry; Darren didn’t miss a beat. His response to Chris’s attack was pure art. He referenced Chris’s ‘titty ring-wearing’ brother, slammed his trash pedigree, and predicted his destiny as a waiter. Beattie didn’t come to play.

Now, it looks like Chris Cuomo is having yet another change of heart, and he’s delving into the persecution of General Flynn on his new show on News Nation.

He even sat down recently with Tucker Carlson, of all people.

Hey, maybe that ivermectin Chris is taking cured his Stage 5 TDS? It really is a miracle drug! Nah, don’t get your hopes up. Chris Cuomo may have gotten slapped around by his progressive buddies and thrown off the plantation, but he’s a dutiful little soldier and will never break ranks with the left, no matter how many good meds or red pills are pumped into his system. He’s likely a lost cause.