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Another day, another foreign policy disaster from the failed Biden regime. This time around, inept Secretary of State Antony Blinken is praying to whatever “god” will listen to him at this point, hoping the American people don’t discover that Ukrainian officials in Kharkiv have been using US tax dollars to get rich quick by investing in fake companies.

Well, tough luck, Blinky; we’re about to blow the lid off of it…

Now, if the name of that town rings a bell, it’s likely due to recent reports of Russians entering the city and taking it over with barely a struggle. Why, you ask? It’s because officials pocketed the money meant for “defense” and used it to line their own pockets.

This is what happens when you climb into bed with a corrupt country like Ukraine. A commander of the Ukrainian army is now convinced his forces are doomed.


As the Commander of a Ukrainian Special Reconnaissance Unit, he fought in Ukraine’s surprise offensive in Kharkiv in the autumn of 2022, which pushed back an initial Russian invasion all the way back to the border.

But now Denys and his men are facing the prospect of doing the same all over again.

Russian forces have, in recent days, made small but significant gains right along the border in the Kharkiv region.

Their advances are only a few miles deep but have swallowed up around 100km (62 miles) of Ukrainian territory. In the more heavily defended east of Ukraine, it’s taken Russia months to achieve the same.

Russia claims its forces have now entered the border town of Vovchansk, which Ukraine disputes.

The town has come under heavy bombing in recent days, and several thousand residents have been evacuated.

Denys wants to know what happened to Ukraine’s defences.

“There was no first line of defence. We saw it. The Russians just walked in. They just walked in, without any mined fields” he says.

He shows me video from a drone feed taken a few days ago of small columns of Russian troops simply walking across the border, unopposed.

As for “doom” in Ukraine, we couldn’t agree more. Even warmongers like Victoria Nuland feel the same way, which is why she can’t bring herself to declare victory for Zelensky.


Joe Biden isn’t great at much, except raising troubled kids and lining his pockets on the American people’s dime. Let’s just say that nobody’s going to accuse him of being a brilliant thinker or a skilled foreign policy leader. Biden very much seems to be a puppet of the leftover Obama regime, with key figures from those failed days still leaving their ghastly marks today in a twisted and chaotic foreign policy that has left America in the dust once again. One of the former stars of this failed approach was none other than the hulking war lover, Victoria Nuland, who helped stir up all of the antagonism between Russia and Ukraine during Obama’s second term. Nuland’s stint in government actually goes all the way back to the Clinton regime, but her real claim to fame is as an arch-neocon Iraq War enthusiast under Dick Cheney and later an Afghanistan War booster as US Ambassador to NATO during Bush’s second term. Her husband, Robert Kagan, was the co-founder of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century back in 1998. That organization famously dreamed up the Iraq War and planted the seeds for said war during President Bush’s first term.

Nuland recently tucked tail and slithered out of the US State Department as Biden’s foreign policy went up in flames, but don’t think she harbors any shame over her 30-year stint of pushing failed war policy in DC.

You can read the entire piece below:

In exclusive interview, disgraced archneocon Victoria Nuland carefully refuses to hope that Ukraine can win the war…

According to reports, officials in Kharkiv have been using our hard-earned US tax dollars in a get-rich-quick scheme with fictitious companies. But your government is keeping quiet about this. The Biden regime would rather have you believe that Ukraine still stands a chance to win this conflict.

Spoiler alert: They don’t.

Here’s an article from the Ukraine that’s been translated.


Hundreds of millions of hryvnias could probably be stolen during the construction of fortifications in the Kharkiv region, where the RSNA is now actively advancing. Multi-million dollar contracts for the construction of fortifications, for which a total of 7 billion hryvnias were spent there, were transferred by Kharkiv OVA to front companies of avatars.

In particular, the department Housing and communal services (ZhKG) and the fuel and energy complex of the Kharkiv OVA concluded direct contracts for the supply of wood for fortifications with companies with signs of fictitiousness.

For 270 million for wood, information about which is classified, contracts were concluded with FOP Chaus I.O., LLC “Hertz Industry”, LLC “Satisbud”, LLC “ATT BUILD” and LLC “DEREVOOBROBNE PIDPRIEMSTVO VOSHOD”.

They all started making “millions” straight away. The Pravada piece goes on:

All of them started making millions immediately within a few months of signing up. Classic – under direct contracts and without competitive procurement.

It so happened that the department of the Kharkiv OVA for defense procurement chose newly registered noname firms and private enterprises. Moreover, the owners of these firms do not resemble successful businessmen and businesswomen – they have dozens of court cases, from whiskey theft to domestic violence against a husband and mother, some of them are deprived of parental rights and have had enforcement proceedings for bank loans.

Another interesting detail – it seems that these beneficiaries do not even know that they are millionaires. After all, they continue to work in shifts “in the fields” and factories.

Antony Blinken is desperately hoping you don’t find out where your money is actually going in Ukraine, which is probably why he looks like a deer caught in headlights.

This could explain why Blinken just made an unannounced visit to the corrupt little sunflower country.

Probably the next logical question in all of this is: has anybody bothered to look into Antony Blinken’s bank accounts lately?