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All eyes are on President Trump and the city of Manhattan right now, as the sham “hush money” case enters its final phase. Meanwhile, the Biden regime can’t figure out where they went wrong. How did their scheme to brand President Trump as a “criminal” flop so spectacularly? The more they try to demonize him, the higher his poll numbers climb. They just don’t get it because they’re stuck in a 90s time warp; they still think they can control the narrative through the media and their celebrity cronies. Sure, that may have worked back in the old days when Americans didn’t have massive social platforms to connect and share the truth. The game has evolved, but the Biden regime hasn’t. Now, they’re clinging to the desperate hope that the mere “idea” of Trump behind bars will somehow make a walking cadaver who’s bungled everything look appealing. So now, stories about the Secret Service meeting with local jail officials in New York to make preparations for Trump behind bars are going viral.

However, that’s backfiring too. People are either horrified at the idea of jailing a former US President over something so trivial, or they’re finding it makes Trump look “cooler,” like a true rebel battling against “the man.” Clearly, the Biden regime is flailing. They’re at a complete and total loss, as their plan to destroy President Trump through sham trials has fallen off a cliff. Needless to say, the stunt they pulled at the courthouse today was one for the record books. It was tone-deaf and awkward and played out like a political “Benny Hill” sketch—a chaotic, confusing fiasco that was all over the map.

However, Joe Biden is just too cognitively out of the loop to grasp how terrible this all looks for him. While normal people are watching this debacle unfold, horrified and shocked, Joe is just salivating and drooling over himself—nothing new there, but you get the picture…

Just to give you an idea of how off the rails their stunts have been—imagine this: they actually thought it’d be a brilliant move to plant Biden outside the NYC courthouse, rambling about how he’s not prosecuting his political rivals. As if standing there would magically wash away all the political maneuvering. It’s like watching a comedy of errors, but nobody’s laughing.

Biden’s special guest was another dusty old geezer with Stage 5 TDS, Robert De Niro, who wound up in a shouting match (and lost) to a group of Trump supporters who gleefully reminded him just how “washed-up” he is and told him his movies suck.

Greg Price:

Everything about what the Biden campaign did this morning was absolutely hilarious.

They decided it would be great idea to show that Biden isn’t involved in prosecuting his political opponent by having a press conference outside the NYC courtroom where they also got the date wrong on their media advisory.

Their “special guests” were lunatic actor Robert De Niro wearing a mask on an 80 degree spring day four years after covid, one unhinged capitol police officer who lied about everything that happened to him on J6, and another one best known for hitting on 20 year old girls at DC bars.

They spent the whole thing getting drowned out by Trump supporters yelling “FJB” and they had to answer questions such as “is Trump a threat to all these wars Biden has gotten us in.”

Overall a 10/10 morning.

Mr. De Niro is way out of his league. The glory days of “The Godfather” and “Taxi Driver” are just distant memories, and now he resembles a deranged patient who’s wandered off from the nursing home. This was Team Biden’s brilliant strategy: trot out a crusty old relic to drum up support—because that’s really going to impress everyone. Instead of coming across as stoic and powerful, De Niro ended up sounding as old and confused as Biden, like he was yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

Are Trump’s prosecutors trying to throw the game? You have to wonder after sitting through a five-hour closing argument over a trivial “hush money” case. If you need five hours to convince a jury of anything, you’re probably in deep trouble.

Paul Ingrassia:

In his response, Blanche should implore jurors to not get caught up in the details of this case.

The question before them is straightforward: if it takes someone over 4.5 hours to explain how a lawful hush money payment was otherwise an unlawful act of election fraud, there is no case.

We will leave you with a post from the Babylon Bee, who are famous for their hilarious parody articles. This time, however, they actually printed a “joke” that turned out to be today’s real news.

Revolver’s Darren Beattie said it best: The Biden regime was counting on lawfare such as this sham trial to function as the “Covid of”2024″—that is, the X factor that would enable the regime to interfere in and steal the election. What a profound miscalculation! No wonder Biden and his crew are in a panic.

Thanks to the uniparty, justice in America is on life support, and it might just hit rock bottom before there’s any hope of recovery. Keep fighting.