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Yet again, we’re seeing the dangers and failures of radical Democrat policies. With Joe Biden’s horrific border invasion, New York’s insane sanctuary city policies, and their batsh*t crazy “squatter laws,” the Big Apple is turning into a risky and sometimes deadly spot for both tourists and locals. We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding the upside-down squatter laws that are putting law-abiding homeowners in legal and criminal trouble simply because they’re trying to remove “squatters” from their homes.

We recently covered a story about a group of Good Samaritans who are bypassing these crazy laws and getting rid of squatters for desperate homeowners.


A group called “Squatter Squad” has dived headfirst into the mess of squatting that’s sweeping the nation. They believe they have the solution to help desperate homeowners. Many local city officials are backing squatters instead of legal, decent homeowners. Just another day where regular Americans get the short end of the stick and lawlessness seems to be protected and rewarded—a signature move in Biden’s and the Democrats’ playbook. Things have spiraled so out of control that homeowners, trying to reclaim their spaces from these filthy trespassers, end up in cuffs themselves, while the real criminals go unscathed and get to stay in the house. Case in point: a homeowner in Queens, New York, recently found herself on the wrong side of the law trying to remove a squatter.

In a twist that’s almost too bizarre to be true, it ended up being the homeowner who got arrested, not the squatter.

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And speaking of New York City’s insane squatter laws, here’s a story that probably won’t hit the mainstream news—it’s a real jaw-dropper that doesn’t fit their narrative about how illegals are warm and cuddly doctors and scientists just looking for a better life. On the contrary, seven heavily armed squatters, all part of Biden’s border invasion, who were loaded with weapons, including one suspected of attempted murder, were holed up in a Bronx basement. They’ve been living there, even though the homeowner was desperate to get them out.

Here’s the scoop from the popular X account “I Meme Therefore I Am” on this disturbing case:

BREAKING: 7 ILLEGAL ALIENS, one with PRIOR ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES were arrested in the basement of a Bronx home with GUNS and DRUGS.

Hector Desousa Villata (24) and Javier Alborno (22) who were trying to flee with guns were apprehended and arrested with 5 others.

The police found in the house, located across a school, 7 year-old child and more loaded guns, three loaded extended magazines, ammunition, and a bag of ketamine mixed with cocaine.

Villalta was already charged with attempted murder for shooting another person in the leg during an argument in Yonkers.

Several of the suspects are under investigation for other robberies, including a pattern in Bergen County.

You didn’t hear about it because it didn’t fit the narrative.

Here’s another video from Trending Politics co-founder Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Suspected Venezuelan illegals found squatting in the basement of a home in the Bronx.

Police found multiple loaded guns, three extended magazines, ammo, ketamine mixed with cocaine and a 7-year old child.

One of the migrants had previously been charged with attempted murder for shooting someone in the leg.

The police were called after one of the men was spotted with a gun next to a school.

A neighbor said the owner of the home had been trying to get them out for the “longest period of time” but couldn’t thanks to New York’s squatting laws.

The men were charged with “criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of controlled substance and acting in a manner injurious to a child.” (ABC7)

All of the men except for two were released without bail.

This is what the left votes for.

The warm welcome once extended to illegal migrants, mainly from the left, has vanished and is now overshadowed by worries over citizen safety as they face violence from thugs, rapists, and others. Where’s the cavalry? What happened to law and order? It’s gone under Joe Biden. But this is happening everywhere that globalists rule. It’s gotten so bad that in Frankfurt, Germany, new data suggests that all serious sexual assault cases are being attributed to migrants.

If we’re not careful and we don’t end this invasion at the southern border, it looks like we might be heading down the same path, inching closer to a grim reality we definitely don’t want to share with them. The consensus now is that Democrats are orchestrating this invasion and downfall on purpose. So, the only way to stop it is to vote wisely in November.