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Of course, if you turn to outlets like Axios for answers, they’ll tell you the bizarre surge in mopeds is just because food delivery drivers are ramping up their efforts. God forbid they dig a little deeper to see if there might be other factors at play. But then again, that’s not what the media is used for these days, right? They’re here solely to cover for the left and set the table for regime-approved narratives.


Suddenly, mopeds are everywhere — and if you follow D.C. social media, everywhere they’re not supposed to be, zipping along bike lanes and through traffic stops.

Why it matters: In the city’s evolving streetscape, where drivers and cyclists battle for road room alongside scooters and e-bikes, mopeds are the latest contenders. They’re a lifeline of inexpensive transport for some and a street scourge to others.

By the numbers: Moped registrations have jumped nearly 165% in the last two years, according to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, which clocked 143 registrations last year, way up from 54 in 2022.

So far, drivers have registered 78 mopeds in 2024.
Between the lines: Part of why mopeds are popular, especially for couriers and food delivery workers, is they hit a sweet street spot: they’re faster than e-bikes but not as expensive or regulated as motorcycles.

Unregistered motorbike drivers are becoming a serious and growing problem in the US, whether they’re here legally or not. But the issue becomes even more concerning when those unfamiliar with our laws or unable to read English are behind the wheel of a motorbike—or any vehicle, for that matter.


More Than a Third of Motorcycle Accidents Involve Unlicensed Drivers
Motorcycle accidents often involve untrained drivers. An estimated 36% of fatal motorcycle accidents involve riders who do not have a valid license to drive a motorcycle.

While state requirements vary with regard to licensure, all states do require a motorcycle endorsement as a supplement to a standard driver’s license.3  Motorcyclists are usually required to pass both written tests and driving tests on a motorcycle to earn this endorsement.

While the “crazy food delivery” theory might seem plausible, it looks like there’s more to the story. In fact, one media outlet really dug into the issue and uncovered a surprising alternative explanation for the surge in mopeds and motorbikes in our nation’s capital. Their investigation shows that a wave of illegals are buying and using unregistered, uninsured motorbikes in broad daylight, and the cops couldn’t care less.

It appears that illegals have discovered yet another US loophole to exploit.

Here’s what Daily Signal reporter Virginia Allen said about her story:


While it’s likely that DC swamp creatures prefer their meals processed and delivered right to their doorstep, we’re skeptical that there’s been a sudden surge in DoorDash demand, especially in Biden’s cruddy economy. The Daily Signal took a deeper dive into this issue, producing a report that wasn’t just concocted in a high-rise overlooking Central Park. Their findings present facts, interviews, and a much more in-depth and plausible explanation for the uptick in moped and motorbike use. However, since their findings don’t align with the preferred narrative of the regime, don’t expect to see this story featured on the evening news anytime soon. Just remember, while you’re being nickeled and dimed for every little thing and held accountable for every move you make, people who are illegally crossing into the United States aren’t held to the same “high” standards and are literally and figuratively getting away with murder.