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Yet another day, yet another disturbing incident involving a black student attacking a white teacher. It’s a worrying pattern that’s becoming all too frequent and alarming. This time, it happened in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School district. A young student felt the need to “educate” his teacher, opting for fists over words—twice, actually. The whole violent scene was caught on camera and has sparked outrage across the internet. Many are questioning why the parents haven’t been held accountable, as it’s clear this behavior is learned. The superintendent is pushing for the expulsion of the Parkland High School student responsible for assaulting the teacher. The incident occurred on Monday, and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office filed charges the next day.

This ignorant-sounding kid hasn’t been paying attention in class, and he’s the one who actually needs an “education.”

Fox 8:

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools officials are investigating a video posted on social media that reportedly shows a teacher being assaulted, according to a WS/FCS spokesperson.

“This behavior will not be tolerated,” WS/FCS Superintendent Tricia McManus said. “At no time is it acceptable for students to put their hands on a teacher in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. My focus now is on making sure that our teacher is taken care of and has the support needed to navigate through the lasting effects of this incident.”

The video is believed to have been filmed inside a Parkland High School classroom.

“This Sheriff’s Office is aware and like many of you, we have seen the video that has made its way around our community today,” said FCSO Bobbie Kimbrough. “Because it involves a juvenile we have not and will not discuss the particulars of this incident, but we will work collaboratively with those parties involved to determine the best course of action. At this point, we are praying for wholeness of the teacher involved and healing for our students who witnessed this deployable act.

PHS Principal Noel Kenner shared the following statement:

Hello Parkland Families, this is Noel Keener, Principal at Parkland High School. I am calling to let you know that earlier today our administration was made aware of a disturbing video of an inappropriate and unsettling interaction between a student and a teacher being circulated on social media. Our administration has started an investigation immediately in conjunction with our law enforcement partners at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. The student involved in the video will face disciplinary action in accordance with district policies and procedures.The student may also face criminal charges.

As you can imagine, people online were outraged at this behavior, but sadly, they were not shocked, as we’ve seen a lot of this type of behavior from the black community. Here’s what folks had to say:

“Remember when actions had consequences?”

“I was just hoping she’d reach around her and pull out a taser….”

“And why do the other students just sit around nonchalant??”

“His “free” education should be over. Let’s skip to the prison industrial complex part of his life cycle.”

“”white supremacy is the greatest threat to society…” is this what white privilege looks like?”

“kids replicate what they see at home.”

“Such a disgusting display of white privilege.”

“That’s a result of restorative justice and demonstrates exactly why it needs to be abolished. If students don’t face serious consequences for that type of behavior, we’re never going to solve the teacher crisis. Learning can’t happen in that environment either. ”

“Just put him in jail, where he’s going anyway….”

“I hope they kick him out of school indefinitely. Disrespectful.”

“What a woeful lack of respect for both an older person and for a lady”

“And somehow the media will make it sound like the teacher asked for it or deserved it for making the student angry.”

Recently, there’s been a concerning rise in violence among young black Americans. It’s becoming alarmingly commonplace, to the point where it’s often overlooked, or people, afraid of being called “racist,” make excuses or cover up the behavior.

Schools in America are becoming violent, third-world hellholes.

The entire classroom started brawling.

Libs of TikTok:

BREAKING: A kid was brutally attacked in Sebastian Middle School in FL. She had her heat beat against the floor while other students stood around barking bizarrely.

The school’s response was telling the 2 students they couldn’t talk to each other. They reportedly failed to inform the teachers and have been trying to shove this under the rug.

Even as violence escalates, our left-leaning media keeps peddling the narrative that it’s white Trump supporters causing all the chaos. But with countless videos showing the truth, it’s getting harder to swallow their shameless spin. Let’s hope this latest violent and hateful troublemaker gets booted from school so learning can happen in peace and teachers can do their jobs without fearing physical assault.