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Imagine this: You head to Florida to look after a sick family member, only to come back and find squatters have broken into your house, sold all your belongings, and now, unbelievably, are legally considered “tenants.” So now you’re stuck shelling out for a lawyer to get them out. It sounds like a wild story, doesn’t it? But, shockingly, this is the reality for a woman from Texas who left her home to care for her sick mother.

The New York Post:

Squatters turned a Texas woman’s home into a “drug den” and sold her possessions at a yard sale — but police told her they couldn’t do anything about it.

Terri Boyette was in Florida caring for her sick mother when a friend called to tell her someone had squatted her Dallas-area home.

She had previously hired workers to renovate her house, but after she left a painter had broken in and wrecked the place, leaving crack pipes in her oven and needles in a drawer, Boyette told The Post.

It took six months for Boyette to get her home back and now she says her belongings have been either damaged beyond repair or sold, with her bed now situated in the backyard, a bike and scooter in her shower and trash and dirty dishes all over the home.

“All my stuff has been sold through the yard sale and online,” Boyett said, adding: “Apparently he was letting people rent from him.”

Boyette had told the workers to leave before she left for Florida, but the squatter broke in and wouldn’t leave.

Once her friend alerted her to the situation, Boyette called the police to report the break-in, but claims she was told because the squatter had been there for more than ten days she would have to evict him.

Boyette tried to evict the squatter herself with the help of an attorney she hired.

These laws are pure lunacy and need a serious overhaul, fast. Did you see what happened in the Bronx? A violent group of heavily armed illegals were found squatting in a basement. One of them was accused of attempted murder for crying out loud.

I Meme Therefore I Am:

BREAKING: 7 ILLEGAL ALIENS, one with PRIOR ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES were arrested in the basement of a Bronx home with GUNS and DRUGS.

Hector Desousa Villata (24) and Javier Alborno (22) who were trying to flee with guns were apprehended and arrested with 5 others.

The police found in the house, located across a school, 7 year-old child and more loaded guns, three loaded extended magazines, ammunition, and a bag of ketamine mixed with cocaine.

Villalta was already charged with attempted murder for shooting another person in the leg during an argument in Yonkers.

Several of the suspects are under investigation for other robberies, including a pattern in Bergen County.

You didn’t hear about it because it didn’t fit the narrative.

The squatter issue in Biden’s America is becoming a complete and total disaster for law-abiding homeowners all across the nation. You might think this is a blue-state issue, but that’s not the case. Even red states, like Texas, are pushing this left-wing madness.

Here’s what Terri had to say about this nightmare situation during an appearance on Newsmax.

This is just another drop in the bucket of left-wing policy failures that are sweeping the nation, putting honest, hard-working Americans in debt and danger. It’s not surprising, really; after all, the Biden regime seems more worried about protecting criminals through their “Defund the Police” and “Bail Reform” disasters. And now, we’ve got this growing squatter mess. We’re living in an upside-down clown world where career criminals like George Floyd are hailed as heroes while thugs and illegals exploit our unjust laws and punish hardworking American citizens. And through it all, our inept and complacent government is giving them a helping hand. Sickening. This country is in a freefall.